by sextails

“You still watching that movie?” He said, biting my neck and sucking hard. His hips were already grinding against my arse and I laid staring at the  TV.

“Yes thanks”. I concentrated hard as he sat up behind me. Lifting up my dress and running his hand over my arse and cunt. He ran his fingers along my knickers, feeling my lips and clit through the lace.

Slowly he unbuttoned his jeans. I stared back at him as he whipped me with his belt.  Once. Twice.  Groaning at me. I turned my head back to the TV as he stroked my butt. Kissing my hip and thighs. Suddenly he spanked me. Hard. And again. Bright red and white welts raised showing two distinctive handprints on my arse.  “Am I supposed to react to that?” I smiled.


He took off his jeans as I went to sit up to pleasure him. He pushed me back down.  “Where are you going? Stay put. I’m in control”. I felt myself getting wetter as I tried to look nonchalant as he ran his cock up and down my arse. He spat on his hand, running it round his cock and thrust into me. Lifting my leg round his back.

I groaned. He worked me slowly. Leaning forward to kiss me.  Feeling my cunt throbbing around him.  “You’re so tight… I fucking love that” he groaned in his deep south American accent.  He fucked me harder. His cock  stroking my g spot as he pushed my arse and legs up and back. Watching his cock go in and out of me, my cum running down my leg.

“Can I have two minutes to pleasure you?” I asked. Desperate to taste him. To taste me all over him. “Do you know what I want? ” he said leaning down on me.  Pinching my nipples through my dress and biting my neck. “You want me to cum” I cooed. Grinning and gripping him tighter.  “Good” he smiled.  Sitting up and fucking me harder and harder. I bit the pillow resting under my head. Feeling each exquisite thrust. Rocking my hips in time with him. I felt my cunt tense, the hot sensation of climax looming. I moaned for the first time staring up at him, feeling my breathing heavier, groaning louder and louder until… finally I came.  My cunt welcoming his cock as she pulsed for him. Squirming slightly as he hammered deeper.

“Now you can taste” He grinned standing up and pulling my dress over my arms and head. I sucked his cock eagerly.  Smelling my musky scent. The sweetness of my cum on him. I licked his balls. Sucked them as my hand massaged his bellend. I spat on him, letting my cum run down to his bollocks as I stared up at him. Wanking his shaft. His hands pulled my waist length hair up behind my head as I sucked him. Fucking him with my mouth. Sucking hard. My piercings resting against his shaft.

He sits down. My turn.  I straddle him. Holding the base of my cock and running it down from my clit until I sit on him. He groans.  Feeling me tighten around him as I start to grind on him. My clit rubbing on his groin. Rocking myself, grinding backwards and forwards, harder and harder. Feeling his cock rubbing my g spot again and again. I start to cum. Feeling my cunt throbbing. Cum squirting all over me, covering his chest and legs. I pant, unable to move. Screaming out with pleasure. I ride him again harder. Up and down using my cunt to keep stroking his cock. “Ready?” he grins. I jump up and turn round as he shoots his load over my face. My tongue out greedily. I lick the cum from my lips. My chest.  Taking his cock down my throat to enjoy every last drop. “Good girl” he smiles.