Tales to excite, arouse and titillate…

Month: August, 2012




It’d been a gorgeous day, glorious in fact. We’d decided to go camping, a few friends and I one weekend. The weather had been great and so off we went, tents, beer and bundles in tow, and made for the nearest spot; a lake on the outskirts of town .

We’d been up drinking most of the day, pratting about talking, swimming and sunbathing, enjoying the good weather. The camp fire was lit in the evening and a BBQ set out, marshmallows on sticks and all for us to enjoy. It was somewhat Idyllic, our tents in a little circle by the lakeside; the water lapping against the shoreline behind us, our faces lit gently by firelight, shadows dancing on the sand.

A walk was decided on and we headed into the dense woodland for a stroll, following stream and mud paths, darting between the trees and boggy marshland, following whatever trail we were on. Suddenly, as is the English weather, the skies had opened and it had began to pour. Not rain, but pour, the rain hurt as it hit our skin and soaked us to the bone.

We ran laughing back along the trail, mud splashing the backs of our legs, our hair dripping water down our faces. At the tent we stripped boots and muddy soaked clothes, diving into the small two man, ‘beach wind protector’ we’d brought as our shelter. Everyone had disappeared inside in the commotion and laughing could be heard all around our little site.

The rain bounced from the roof, water ran down the inside of the thin sheet and we laughed as we curled up close, two wet, naked bodies, panting in our little nest.  I rolled over, my wet breasts pressing against his torso, ‘well that was unexpected’.

His eyes stared at me intently, glanced over my body, looking me all over as I lay on my side, my head on my arm, curled up on the sleeping bag beneath us. I watched as he observed me, ran his hand through my hair, down my cheek, across my lips and kissed me, softly.

I pushed my body into his, wrapping my leg over him, feeling his hardening cock pressing against my stomach. I kissed him eagerly, nibbled his ear, bit his neck; running my hands over his back, his arse, digging my nails into his skin.

He pulled me on top and I rocked gently on him, running my cunt along his hard shaft, feeling his skin roll over his bellend with each thrust. I tried to sit up, my head hitting the top of the tent, water droplets spitting on us both as we laughed, him pulling me back down, his hands on my breasts.

I moved as he held his cock tall and I slid onto him, feeling the whole length of him inside me, pressing against my g spot; filling me entirely. I leant down, kissing his nose, pulling him against me, as I moved slowly up and down his shaft, feeling my wetness run down his balls and my legs.

He moaned and groaned, breathing heavily, whispering fuck as he laid his head back against our bedding, and gripped my arse with his hands, I bounced more enthusiastically, working his whole length, enjoying the feeling of him inside me, rocking my hips back and forth working him hard.

He rolled me onto my back, my legs pressing against the edges of the wet tent, feeling cold against my skin, he pulled my legs over his shoulders and thrust into me deeper, faster, unrelentingly. Gripping my arse, I pulled my legs hard against him, holding him tight to me, gripped his arse with my fingers and rocked on my back to pound his cock into me harder.

We were panting, wet, hot, the tent dripping with rain and condensation. I wanted to scream out, his cock brushing my favourite spot over and over, biting my arm and holding my breath, my eyes stared at hi with longing and horniness, I felt him start to swell more, seeing me enjoying myself, I bit his neck, whispered to him to cum for me, and he pounded me harder and harder,

His cock throbbed, he slid out of me and grabbing his cock in my hand I wanked him hard, a tight grip on his cock, all fingers wrapped around him tightening with each stroke over his bellend and aimed at my tits. He began to shudder, swore and came over me, dripping his juices all over my stomach and tits. He sat back on his haunches panting, I ran my hands over myself, rubbing his cum into me, collecting it on my fingers and licking it off, grinning at him.

The rain had stopped; we heard voices outside swearing at heavens for putting the fire out, people running about trying to find dry firewood, and a few comments about the pile of wet clothes, just outside our tent… 




It’d been a long day. Trawling galleries, art museums, those little shops we all love and dart into glancing around hoping no one sees. The canals glistened in the sun, the city a buzz with the sense of autumn, the leaves falling on the paths, café’s full of people wrapped up in jumpers and scarfs, hot drinks, smoking, that scent we all know so well, so distinguishable…

We’d walked down the district, staring into the windows, at the girls, the lights, the cinemas, the live shows – a sense of sex, of tension, of openness crackling in the air around us. The girls were hot, stupidly hot, clad in underwear, suspenders, done up to the nines, and posing in their windows, staring with eyes full of desire, with mouths pursed and pouting – cock hungry.

His hand grazed my arse as we walked along the streets, slid between my legs in the theatre, watching girls cavort in front of us, his mouth finding mine kissing me hard, his eyes giving me that, “come here” stare. We practically skipped back to the hotel; River front, looking out over the houseboats, the endless bridges and street lamps. We darted past the concierge, kissed in the lift, his hand sliding under my shirt to my naked breasts, nipping my nipples between his fingers. I laid my head back against the mirror, took his hand and ran down the corridor.

We struggled with the key in the lock, his hard on pressed against my arse as I bent over the lock, trying desperately to get in. As soon as the door closed he was on me, pushing me against the wall, kissing me, pulling my shirt off, desperate to have me.

I kissed him back, removed his shirt, struggled with his belt, tearing his jeans down, his cock straining against his boxers. I pushed him off towards the bed, and slipped my jeans off -slowly and sensually staring at him. Taking out my pony tail, my hair falling down my shoulders, covering my face, staring under out under my fringe with lust. I undid my bra, caressed my breasts, turned around bent over for him, watched as his hand hurriedly removed his boxers, took himself in hand, staring rubbing himself slowly. I bent over, touched my toes and stared between my legs; my pink cunt on display, my arse skyward, ready for him. I stood up, glancing towards the window, and grinned, striding across the room.

I walked onto the balcony. The evening was cold, the crisp autumn wind making my nipples stand to attention, caressing my skin, causing gently goose bumps to appear all over me. I leant on the balcony, stared out at the river, at the people walking past below. A guy looked up and smiled, holding hands with his girlfriend, an old woman ‘tutted’ and turned her face to the ground.

Then I felt it – Him behind me, his cock rubbing up and down my arse, glancing over my cunt, feeling my wetness. I bent forward further, my tits pressed against the cold metal railings; his hand grabbed my hair, his other guiding him into me – slowly entering my tight cunt, filling me entirely.

He pulled my head back further, his hand on my hip, pulling me onto him, up to the hilt; he whispered in my ear, “what a dirty little slut” his breath on my ear and neck, catching his wide grin in my sideways glance. He started slowly, rhythmically fucking me, deep and slow, hitting hard at the end of the thrust. I gasped, moaned quietly, grabbed the railings to steady myself, spread my legs further, arched my back higher – pushed myself onto him.

People walking past shouted, pointed, I grinned screaming louder loving the attention. He started pounding me harder, quicker, deeper, his balls slamming into my arse and cunt – my cum running down my legs. His cock filled me entirely, glanced my g spot with each deep thrust; his fingers around my tits, gripping my nipples hard, stretching them in front of me.

I started to moan louder still, screaming out “Fuck, yes, ah, yes, yes…” feeling his cock swelling, the eagerness of his thrusts – his sweat on me. I pushed back into him harder, bouncing on the end of his cock, feeling his hands slide up around my neck. I pulled my head backwards, his hands closing around my throat, my cunt throbbing, swelling – desperate for climax.

He ravaged me, pounded me unrelentingly. I screamed out, my cries echoing off the buildings across the street, our bodies lit by the glow of the hotel lights, my cunt got hotter, wetter tightening around his cock, gripping him deep inside me, I threw my head back, pressed my neck against his hand, struggled to breath, felt the head rush and finally, the release. The cum poured from my cunt, he groaned behind me, fucking me harder, his cock throbbing inside me, his spunk filling me. He released his grip, my body shook, my legs quivered, I screamed for him, running my dripping cunt along his cock, milking him. He leant against me, his chest on my back – his arms around my chest pulling me close. “Fuck” he whispered.

I stared out down the river, to the café lights in the distance, to the houseboats and their occupants eating dinner, to the stars above and the wind rustling the trees on the sidewalk. “Unbelievable,” I replied.


“I believe in honesty. I believe in a good time. I believe in good food. I believe in sex.” – Bertrand Russell




She’d given me that look. That was all it took – a knowing look, full of lust, of cheek, of want. I grinned a wide smile and winked. She glanced over her shoulder at the rows of desks and computers, towards shelve after shelve of books 6 foot high. My eyes followed her gaze, staring towards the back of the floor, the exposed brick work, the dim lighting, the darkness corners beyond.

She logged of her computer, shoving her bag deep under the desk and casually picked up a book, bending over in front of me, sticking her arse out, pert tight, clad in black leggings, slightly see through showing her black thong. She glanced back at me and slowly sauntered off, disappearing between the books.  It was late, dark outside, the darkness outside the window showing nothing but a cold night and my reflection as I glanced towards each old window.

I hurriedly logged off, my hands shaking with anticipation, my eyes darting around at those sitting nearby, faces full of concentration absorbed in essays, dissertations – working till the wee hours. I picked up the nearest book I’d taken and dashed down an aisle. Walking up the centre aisle I glanced left and right desperate to see her picture perfect arse and slim figure swaying ahead of me. I reached the end of the floor, the last row of books. The lights were far away and it was dimly lit, I walked slowly quietly behind the books, before I saw her step out of a small nook in the wall, a gap between two pillars. I walked over, dropping the book and pressed her against the wall. She kissed me back hard, pushing her hips against mine, her hands up under my top, clawing my back.

Her tongue was soft, massaging mine with each deep caress, her lips pressed hard against mine, moist. I pulled away, talking her chin in my fingers. Her eyes stayed closed, her lips parted, pink from kissing, slightly wet, pouting and quivering desperate for another kiss. I ran my finger over them, feeling her moan, she sucked my fingers, opened her eyes and gazed deep into mine, running her hand down my leg…

I pressed back into her, kissing her neck, her mouth, hearing her groan deep in her throat, her breath on my hair, on my face my neck. My hands caressed her tits through her hoody, gripped them hard, she collapsed into, throwing her head back against the wall, her nails digging in my sides. My hand ran under the top, across her stomach, following the line of her leggings. She groaned, gripped me harder – grabbed my hand with hers. I took both wrists with one hand and pressed them against the wall. She grinned panting harder, as my fingers slipped under her leggings, under the top of her knickers, feeling her smooth cunt softly. They slid lower, feeling the curve of her cunt, her swollen lips – her swollen clit.

I pushed my hand under her, feeling her moist cunt with my fingertips. Touching her softly, stroking her lips, running my fingers up and down her slit, and darting one or two fingers just inside. She bit my neck as I leant into her, begged me to finger her – begged me to finger her.

I rammed my fingers deep in her cunt, curving them upwards to her g spot, pressing it hard. I worked her, in a ‘come hither’ motion, fast and deep, twisting my fingers and knuckles in her cunt with each stroke, her cum running over my hand, her legs shaking. She spread herself wider, as I darted my fingers in and out faster and faster, the palm of my hand slamming into her pubic bone. Her body tensed;  She moaned, bit her lip, held her breath trying not to scream as her cunt gripped my fingers, her orgasm took over, the cum flooding my hand, soaking her thong, throbbing and pulsing with each hard release. Her body relaxed against me, she breathed into my neck, I kissed her, panting slightly with the exertion, with the thrill of my hand in-between her legs, of her soft cunt around my fingers. She kissed me, softly, her lips barely glancing my skin.

We both looked at each other, looked around, at the books, at the cameras on the wall further along, at the quiet library and heard the patter of keyboards in the distance. A midnight finger I’d not forget.




The beach was hot, a perfectly clear day; the sun glistening off the water. The boulders and rocks dotted along the beach. The wind was calm and I waded in the water, holding my sun dress high up around my bum and waist, enjoying the cool water on my legs.

I stared at him sat up on the bank amongst the long grasses; his head was on its side. He was giving me that look; Eying me up and down. I walked out of the water towards him, and up the bank to him. I glanced left and right. The beach was deserted. I ran my hands through my hair, down my sides, grabbing the bottom of my sun dress, pulling it over my head. I stood ankle deep in the sea, totally exposed. My breasts bare, the sun on my pale skin. He sat up, looking around, as I walked towards him, up the bank.

I straddled him, pushing him down amongst the grasses, my tits pressed against him. “Let’s have some fun” I grinned, running my hands round the back of his neck. His face lit up, a mix of fear, of exposure, of delight. I kissed him hard, my tongue running gently over his lips, finding his tongue, massaging mine with his. I dug my nails in his neck, pulled him harder towards him, started to grind on his cock. I could feel his hard on through his jeans. I pulled his top up, running my hands over his chest, kissing down his neck, nibbling, sucking gently. My tongue found his nipple. I circled it slowly, feeling it get harder, watched his face as his head fell back against the sand. I took it between my lips, using my teeth to gently nibble, sucking hard. His cock strained against his trousers, against my cunt.

I sat back, undoing his jeans. He went to say something and I kissed him hard on the mouth, as my hands pulled his boxers down releasing his cock. It stood up tall between my legs. I grinned with pleasure, loving seeing him so hot for me – desperate to have me on him.

My hands glanced over him, touching him oh so lightly, feeling his cock straighten and strain. I ran my lips over it, soft and gently, kissing lightly. He gasped, his hands running through my hair. I ran my nipple piercings over it, teasing him, running my fingers over his balls. I sat back, staring at him, leaning over it again and spat hard on his cock – the spit falling from my lips over him. I ran my tongue the length of him, all over, spat on his balls, and using my finger tips, started tickling his balls as my lips wrapped around his bell end. I sucked gently, taking it just inside my mouth, just the very tip. His head was back, his eyes shut, that look of urgency on his face. I slid my tongue over the head, flicked it, ran it over his special spot on the underside, before opening my mouth wide, sticking out my tongue and taking him down my throat. He gasped. I sucked hard, feeling him fill my throat, pressed my tongue against him….

He was so hard. I started to move my head up and down slowly, his whole cock in my mouth, glancing the back of my throat with each stroke. I moved back to his head, sucking harder and began to work him, the length of him, still tickling his balls, my fingers finding the spot between his arse and balls, pressing slightly, tickling him.  I kept the tension in my mouth, flicked my tongue on the underside of his cock with each stroke. His hands pulled my hair, urging me on. I pulled back, moved up towards him, taking him in my hand. I wanked him hard.

Fast, heavy on his head, feeling is foreskin roll over his bell end and back. He gasped, shaking as I worked him harder, gripping tight, kissing him, my tongue working his, staring deep into his eyes. He shut his, he gasped. He shuddered. I could feel him getting close, his balls swelling, his head jerking backwards. I took him once again my mouth, my hand working his shaft in a sharp tight twist as I sucked his bell end, feeling it slip in and out of my mouth, my lips stroking him.

He came hard, harder than I expected; his stomach muscles tensing, raising his cock up. I took his whole cock in my mouth, sucking slowly, milking every last drop from his cock – swallowing each delicious salty drop. I sat up, running my fingers lightly over him, wiping the spit from my lips and chin from the back of hand.

The sun was shining; a dog was nearby, sniffing some grass, his owners walking along the beach, strolling in the afternoon rays. I lay back on the grass, pulling my sun dress over me, covering my bare breasts once more – staring up at the sky. I listened to the waves gently rolling on the shore, felt his heart beating in his chest, the rise and fall of his chest under my head, and smiled – another perfect day.