Tales to excite, arouse and titillate…

Month: July, 2016


“You still watching that movie?” He said, biting my neck and sucking hard. His hips were already grinding against my arse and I laid staring at the  TV.

“Yes thanks”. I concentrated hard as he sat up behind me. Lifting up my dress and running his hand over my arse and cunt. He ran his fingers along my knickerson, feeling my lips and clit through the lace.

Slowly he unbuttoned his jeans. I stared back at him as he whipped me with his belt.  Once. Twide.  Groaning at me. I turned my head back to the TV as he stroked my butt. Kissing my hip and thighs. Suddenly he spanked me. Hard. Once.  And again. Bright red and white welts raised showing two distinctive handprints on my arse.  “Am I supposed to react to that” I smiled.


He took off his jeans as I went to sit up to pleasure him. He pushed me back down.  “Where are you going? Stay put. I’m in control”. I felt myself getting wetter as I tried to look nonchalant as he ran his cock up.and down my arse. He spat on his hand and thrust into me. Lifting my leg round his back.

I groaned. He worked me slowly. Leaning forward to kiss me.  Feeling my cunt throbbing around him.  “You’re so tight… I fucking love that” he groaned in his deep south American accent.  He fucked me harder. His cock  stroking my g spot as he pushed my arse and legs up and back. Watching his cock go in and out of me. the cum running down my leg.

“Can I have two minutes to pleasure you?” I asked. Desperate to taste him. To taste me all over him. “Do you know what I want” he said leaning down on me.  Pinching my nippleso through my dress and biting my neck. “You want me to cum” I cooed. Grinning and gripping him tighter.  “Good” he smiled.  Sitting up and fucking me harder and harder. I bit the pillow resting under my head. Feeling each exquisite thrust. Rocking my hips in time with him. I felt my cunt tense, the hot sensation climax looming. I moaned for the first time staring up at him, feeling my breathing heavier, groaning louder and louder until… finally I came.  My cunt welcoming his cock as she pulsed for him.

“Now you can taste”.  He grinned standing up and pulling my dress over my arms. I sucked his cock eagerly.  Smelling my musky scent. The sweetness of my cum on him. I licked his balls. Sucked them as my hand massaged his bellend. I spat on him. Letting my cum run down to his bullocks as I stared up at him. Walking his shaft. His hands pulled my waist length hair up behind my head as I sucked him. Fucking him with my mouth. Sucking hard. My piercings resting against his shaft.

He sits down. My turn.  I straddle him. Holding thr base of my cock and run it down from my clit until I sit on him. He groans.  Feeling me tighten around him as I start to grind on him. My clit rubbing on his groin. Rocking myself me, grinding backwards and forwards harder and harder. Feeling his cock rubbing my g spot again and again. I start to cum. Feeling my cunt throbbing. Cum squirting all over me, covering his chest and legs. I panted, unable to move. Screaming out with pleasure. I ride him again harder. Up and down using my cunt to keep stroking his cock. “Ready?” I jump up and turn round as he shoots his load over my face. My tongue out greedily. I lick thethe cum from my lips. My chest.  Taking his cock down my throat to enjoy every last drop. “Good girl” he smiles.


She smudges her lipstick with her fingers stating at me with that look. the look only a woman can give you. Deep. Penetrating and intoxicating. I can feel my cunt throb as she flicks her hair from her face and smiles. A wry side smile. A smile I know all to well.

We keep talking. As I stare at her mouth. Feeling every word she says.  Her voice dancing off the walls. Her hands casting shadows round the room.   She pauses and laughs raising her eyebrows and a look of ‘what’ dances in her eyes.

I smile.  I slide closer to her on the sofa. Our knees touching as I inch closer. Her eyes glance downwards to my chest as I move within an inch of her. She bristles her eyes staring at my red lipstick as I run one hand up her leg.

A kiss. A deep longing kiss. Her eyes close as my lips graze hers. Her mouth open as I suck gently on her bottom lip before kissing her. Her tongue finding mine. Dancing round my tongue pieracing. She let’s out a little groan as my hand slides around her neck and moves her hair to one side. Pulling her closer.

Our lips are wet. Her body responding. She arches her back pushing her tits against me as I start to nibble her neck. Gentle kisses that make her shiver. Biting her ear gently. Three words.  I want you whispered barely audible into her ear.

My hand stroke down her side the other cradling her neck. Kissing her shoulders. Her collarbones. More groans. My cunt throbbing for her. To feel her. Taste her.  Have her riding me.  I slide my hand up her back and undo her bra. Her eyes open in shock but that stare is still there. I’m not stopping and neither is she me.

My fingers find her breast. Tracing the 4 outline of her full cups as I graze them gently across her nipple. Her head goes back.  Leaning on the sofa. Mouth open. She’s never looked so sexy. Instinctively she leans forward as I pull her top offloor and she opens her legs welcomingly grinding her hips gently.

I take her breasts in my hands  pushing them together. Rolling her buds between my fingers and kissing her ribcage. My lips find her. Gently caressing each nipples.  My tongue dancing gently.  Fleetingly over them.  Her fingers clench gripping the cushions beside her. I sucked.  Harder.  More determined. Flicking my tongue repeatedly across one, between her breasts and to the other. Hearing her gasp again and again.

She pulls me up and towards her. I stare deeply into her blue eyes begging she doesn’t stop before she grins. Kissing me hard. Biting my lip. And unbuttons her jeans. I grin. She’s ready.  I slide back down her. Undoing my bra and pulling my top and if off in a quick sweep. Seeing her eyes devour my pert breasts. She reaches out and runs her finger between them.  Tracing thr online of each breasts in turn.

Her jeans come off. One quick pull as she lives her arse hungrily awaiting my touch. I lift her leg as the other drops open and I can see her wet cunt through her frenchies. Glistening. Her feet are dainty . Painted toenails. Her legs smooth like shed prepared before for what was to come. I run my hand up to her knee. Stroking her calf as I kiss her toes.  Sucking them each in turn. Watching her other foot curl and hearing the breathy sighs of anticipation. I kiss her ankle tattoo a delicate heart. Her calf. Her inner thigh and settle myself between her thighs.

She stares down grinning, laughing as her head pea back once again. I kiss her thighs running my hands up to her arse one hand Instinctively back to her nipples.  Rolling it again and again between soft fingers. I kiss her knicker line.  She’s grinding. Moving. Desperate for me to touch her  I kiss her lips. Up. Missing her clit and down the other side before sliding my free hand to move them aside.

She’s dripping. Not just wet. It’s running down her arse. It’s soaking the sofa in a delicate pool beneath her cheeks. One lick gently lapping her clit. Another the length of her lips. A third.  Harder pushing my tongue between her and up to her clit. She moans sweet jesus through pursed lips. My tongue flicks her clit. Up and down. Feeling it harden with each lap. Then side to side.  Harder still. Still teasing her nipple.

I lick my lips hungrily.  She tastes like fruit. Sweet yet barely there.  My tongue thick with her cum.  Her knickers slide down to her ankles as she lifts on by one till they’re nestled on the floor. My finger trances her clit. Doan her slit. Finding her opening. Begging. I leave my finger just in front. Nestled.  Cradled by her lips as I circle. Sucking her clit this time. My tongue hammering it up and down. He moans louder and louder grabbing the back of my head and pushing her cunt into my face.

I slide my fingers inside knuckle deep.  Twisting my hand and back out. Slow intimate teasing as her muscles grip me with each movement. She’s close. Her breathing is fast her groans free and light. Gasping.  I push them deep inside and up, my fingers on her g spot. Pressure circling as she starts to climax. Her cunt tightening. Her legs shaking. Her clit swollen on my tongue. She holds her legs up panting.  Her chest Glistening with sweat. Her hair stuck to her shoulders.

She shakes barely able to breathe ad I release her clit and slowly move in and out of her. Her g spot is hard and full. Pressing against my fingers.  Her head resting towards her shoulder. I press up. Hard. Curling my fingers and start. Come hither. Slowly at first.  Watching her mouth open. Her gasps. Her chest raising and falling. Cum running down my fingers.  Harder. Fast. Her cunt sopping, slurping greedily as I rest my hand on her abdomin, pressing slightly.  Feeling her swell and swell. Shaking. Quivering. Gyrating.  I holeft my position. Her cunt relaxes and then, cumy. Squitting up in an arch over my hand.  Down her arse. Spraying her thighs.  Soaking the sofa. She opens her eyes screaming.  Staring at me in shock. In amazement.  Enthralled in pleasure. If splashes onto my breasts filling my cupped hand. She gasps sitting upright as I ease off. Leaving my fingers inside feeling the trickle of cum down them staring at her soaked cunt. My thumb gently rubbing her clit.

She stares at me. Then laughter. Full hearmed giggles as her head falls backwards onot the sofa and I slowly leave her licking my fingers hungrily. Sliding my body up hers and tracing her lips with my fingers  she licks. Staring once again.  Then a kiss. A hard, passionate, desperate kiss. She’s no where near done.


Sometimes I’m just horny. I can think of nothing all day but sex. Everything about sex. I find my mind wandering whilst I type at work. I can see my colleagues getting fucked. Imagining their sex faces. Picture bending them over three desk and pulling their hair back.  Ripping open their blouses and sucking their tits. Pushing them up against the photo copier as I unbuttoned their flies. Spreadeagling them over this week’s reports. Fucking them against the overhead screen…

I can still taste the last girl I licked out, sweet and thick on my tastebuds, smell her gentle musky pussy scent from orgasm before, feel the way her cum dribbled down my chin as i sucked on her swollen clit, hear the way she groaned and shouted pulling my hair begginger for more. See the look of shock and exhilaration as she squirted for thr fiest time, over my face and through the sheets, the sound of my fingers pounding her g spot and the wet happy pussy ring…

I can feel my last fuck every time I sit down, delicately. The way his cock pounded my g spot as cum ran down his shaft and balls, the aching of my muscles as I was left tied with my ankles and wrists to the headboard, I can hear my screams and the creaking, breaking springs. I can taste his cum in my throat, feel it ache from him fucking my face unrelentingly, my eyes watering and that tight chested feeling as his hands and cock choked me tighter.  I can feel his fingers in my arse, the butt plug stretching me as he grinned at my degradation… the overwhelming heat as I was cumming, my tits bouncing, my nipples aching from being sucked.

I can feel it all. Sat here at my desk. With one hand on my mouse pad, talking to you through my headset. Knicker less and waiting. As you talk statistics and sales. As I stare at my screen and the reflection of the blondes chest in the monitor. As my hand touches my wet pussy through my tights. Glances my already swollen clit.  Begs me to play with her. Aches for a thrashing. As I end the call and walk to the bathroom. Staying hi to my colleagues downstairs, wishing I was going down on her as I shut the cubicle. Slowly hitching up my skirt,  bending myself over, one knee on the rim. My fingers stroking my rim. Sliding round my arse to my clit. Fucking her. Hard. Unrelentingly, flicking her side to side as my piercing nestles against my nails. Gasping in as I hold my breath to cum. My legs shaking. Hearing girls talk shopping and useless boyfriends outside.  Leaning my head on the wall as I lower my tights, two fingers inside me, two on my clit. My ankles shaving stood on my heels. My face hard against the cold tiles. Fucking myself harder and harder. Curling my fingers up to my spot until I start to squirt. Mouth open. Unable to breath for screaming.  Pussy juice spraying the floor, the toilet seat. Running down my legs and soaking my tights.  My shirt stuck to my chest.

Regaining control and walking back. Fluffing my hairhair in the mirror, smearing my lipstick with my fingertip… To call you back about those figures you were querying, as cum soaks into my skirt, my nipples standard hard and throbbing  and the guy across the office notices I’m not wearing a bra, with a smile.