Tales to excite, arouse and titillate…

Month: November, 2012



I hadn’t been horny for ages; randy, a little bit aroused – but not horny. Not that aching throbbing feeling, that urge to be penetrated, to be hurt, to be fucked like they meant it. Why it had evaded me I didn’t know, but it had. I’d decided to go out, the usual, just a night out, for a flirt, for a dance, for a slow grind and grope. I saw him at the bar, giving me the once over, slow and deliberate. We’d spoken before, met casually, nothing more than a passing word, but tonight he wanted me to see. He wanted to see me looking at him. I stared straight ahead at the bar, determined not to look his direction and as I left, turned the other way to walk off, avoiding him still.

He appeared near me on the dance floor, stood staring as I danced with my girls, slowly grinding to the music, smiling happily, enjoying his eyes on me. He walked around us, in a slow deliberate circle, taking a drink, pushing past people as he stared at us from each angle. I felt like I was being stalked, preyed upon. He was eating me with his eyes, each inch at a time, taking me in – consuming me. I swayed my hips further, ground down to the floor, circling them slowly in time with the beat, my hands holding my hair up, my eyes closed.

I felt a hand around my waist, hard and demanding. He pulled me close into him, his arm hurting my stomach, shocking me. “Come on” he snarled in my ear, grabbing my hand and beginning to lead me out of the club, skirting the walls. I followed him and tried to pull my hand away, “Why do you think I’m coming with you” I was laughing, half angry at the indignation of it, excited by the urgency he had me. He spun around, shoving me backwards; I tottered on my heels towards the wall a few feet behind. He slammed be against it, a metal bar digging into my lower back, pressing himself against me. His dark eyes stared down at my mouth, glanced down at my breasts through my see-through shirt and back up to my eyes. I felt the slow throb, the wetness between my lips, the aching inside. I stared at him determined, “Tell me you don’t want it” I kept eye contact, trying to hide my smile, keep my breathing level – give nothing away. Then I glanced down at his lips, just for a second. He grinned wryly, grabbing my again and rushing toward the exit. He knew I’d given in.

Outside he paused and looked up the road both ways, I stared at his torso, wandering what he felt like, smelt like, tasted like. It was my turn, taking my arm through his I marched along the road, towards mine, the wind blowing my hair in my eyes. His hand went to my arse, grabbing me hard, to the small of my back. I walked ahead fast, my feet clicking on the pavement, desperate to get home. We walked past a small alley way, he grabbed my shoulders and pulled me backwards towards the gap. My heart was racing, I stared at him deeply as he pushed me against the wall again, pressing against me, his raging hard on pushing against my thigh. I kissed him, hard. Running my fingers up the back of his neck and through his hair, tugging lightly as my other hand went down the back of his shirt, my nails digging in. He groaned, biting my lip hard, sucking on my tongue as it found his, biting my chin and cheeks, sucking my neck.  My knickers were drenched, sopping for him. My nipples standing hard in my bra, my skin pricking with his touch.

I couldn’t wait anymore; I pulled my top up, revealing my bra, yanking it down under my breasts, exposing myself to him. He ran his hands up the side of my body, grabbing my tits hard, and squeezing them in his hands, running his fingers either side of my nipples and gripping tightly. My head fell back against the wall, I pushed my crotch into his hips, arched my back towards him, pushed my tits into his face – wanting him to suck them. He bit my chest, my tit, his mouth finding my nipples, he spat on one, moving his head to the other side. His fingers found my wet nipple, squeezing and teasing the bud between his tips, while the other sucked hard, his teeth nipping behind my piercing, pulling my piercing towards him. I gasped, My hands pressed against the wall, scratching his back, finding my clit through my knickers. His hand caught mine, slamming it against the wall, his other hand grabbing my other wrist and holding them above my head.

He placed them in one hand and ran his hand down my skirt, up the inside of my thigh, to my frenchies. He gasped as he felt the cum on the inside of my thigh, my knickers soaked through, my clit piercing through the lace. He ran his fingers gently over my lips, I gasped and wriggled, desperate for his fingers inside me. He pulled my knickers down slowly, one side at a time, and I wriggled my hips till they fell to the floor around my heels. He took the buckle of his jeans and began to undo his trousers, staring at me as he did so. I bit my lip, I stained my lips towards his but he stood back from me, pulling his jeans down and pulling out his cock.

I could hear people leaving the club in the distance, the smokers outside, car lights flash past the entrance, the dim light of the take-aways along the road. I stared at him, wanting him, not caring where I was, enjoying the thought of getting caught. His cock stood proud in front of him, he held up my skirt up, and kicked my feet apart with his. I wobbled on my heels, staring at his rock hard cock, desperate for it. He ran it up the inside of my thigh, I moaned, trying to manoeuvre towards it, have it touching me, I ran it up my slit, through my dripping wet cum and towards my arse, rubbing his bell end on my clit, my piercing working me well.

Then he entered me, one hard thrust. He didn’t ease me into it, or take his time, but pushed hard, his hips slamming into mine, filling me entirely. I gasped, my hands still above my head, resting my head back on the wall, feeling my cum around his cock. He pulled out slowly and rammed home hard again. I arched my hips up towards him, pressing the small of my back into the wall, desperate for him deeper, pulling my hands away from his, he began to fuck me slowly, one long slow pull out and a hard thrust back, my cunt tightening around him with each thrust, gripping him, inviting him.

He let go of my hands and I grabbed my hands around him, around his neck, his back, digging my nails in, pulling him towards me, biting his shoulders. I raised my leg, desperate for him deeper, and his hand slipped around me waist. I placed my hands around his neck and he lifted me up, as I wrapped my legs around his back, and he pushed me hard into the wall. I slipped down further onto his cock, it pressed hard against my g spot, deep inside me, filling me entirely.

He thrust slowly again, groaning slightly as I gripped his waist with my thighs and lifted myself with each thrust, “Fuck me”, I whispered in his ear, gripping the back of his neck hard, “fuck me hard”. He rammed his cock deep into me, and began to fuck me, pound me, hammer me, his cock ramming in and out of my tight cunt, my arse bouncing against the wall, struggling to hold myself on, his hands went to my arse, holding me up as he pounded in and out, my cum running down his balls. I screamed, biting my arm trying not to scream as he hit my g spot harder and harder, stretching my tight cunt, as it swelled and throbbed around him. I started to cum, shaking around him, unable to grip, he took my weight as my head went backwards, crying out for him. A few boys walked past the end of the alley, crying out, cheering us on, as I screamed harder and harder.

He pulled out, dropping me down to the floor, and pushed my head down, I took his cock in my mouth, deep down my throat spitting on him and tasting my own cum. His fingers found my nipples, gripping them and tugging them towards him, pulling them out in front of me, I groaned as I slid my own fingers inside my cunt, taking him deeper in my throat, sucking him hard and fingering my own wet cunt. I rested my head against the wall, spread my legs and pulled his arse towards me, pushing my hand against him, letting him know to fuck my face. His hands went to the wall; he held my hair and my head and began to fuck harder. I took my nipple in one hand and my clit with the other, squeezing and teasing, feeling another orgasm building, staring up at him with watery eyes as his cock rammed into the back of my throat again and again, trying not to choke.

I felt his cock swell, begin to throb, I worked my clit harder, faster, faster circles, feeling my piercing between my fingers, my cunt tighten, my orgasm build. I squeezed my nipples repeatedly, pulsing it, nipping it harder and harder as I felt my cunt tighten further, grow hot, and my legs tremble. He began to shake, he thrust quicker ramming his cock home, and suddenly pulled out, his cock throbbing, I began to cum, sticking out my tongue, moaning loudly, the cum running down my thigh, as he shot his loud over my face, in my mouth, over my chest.

I licked my fingers, running my hands over his cum, pulling my knickers up as I stood, He leant on the wall, slowly doing up his jeans, panting desperately, staring at me, as I scooped his cum up with my fingers and licked it off. He grinned as I pulled down my top, grabbed my bag and a tissue, and cleaned myself off, straightening myself out. I leant back on the wall, panting still, looking at him. “Mine?” he said, and I simply grinned.