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She jumped into the back of the car and pulled her coat over herself. Shivering in the cold evening air. She heard the engine tick over again and again as he sat desperately trying to get it started. Can lights flying past down the country lane the cat lit up each time in thne field entrance. Come on. Get over here. She said. I need warming up.

He turned round in the front seat. Seeing her shivering. bit get her lip. Giving him that look as her mouth broke into a cheeky smile. He climbed into the back. Pushing herself up against the door and spreading her legs he crawled in between and laid hos body against hers. Your shaking. He said. As he ran his hands down her neck. Over her scar and down over her chest. Feeling her hard cold nipped standing tall beneath her top.

He began to run his hands up and down up against did down. Glancing her nipple over and over. Watching her eyes close. Her head fall backwards as she pushed her chest towards him. Breathing heavier. She looked against daft him with sleepy horny eyes. Slow blinks as she grasped the back of his neck. Gripping his hair and pulling him towards her. Brushing her lips against his. Running her tongue over his top lip before kissing him hats. Her tongue finding his her hand going up his back under his jumper. Digging her nails into his back. She bit his bottom lip as she lifted her hips towards his crotch.

Wrapping her leg around his back and pulling him towards her. Writhing beneath him as he kissed down her neck. Biting her chest, pulling down her top exposing her breasts to the cold. He grinned seeing her piercings a tanning erect as his tongue flicked gently up and down across her buds, circling her nipples suckling her neck. She writhed and moaned louder. Digging her nails in and scratching his back. Before grabbing his hair and pushing his head back down. Suck them, She cried out.

He took her buds between her lips and suckled hard feeling them extend. Clicking his tongue over the top inside his mouth as she screamed wig pleasure. Running her hand down to his trousers and feeling his erection his Jeans. Gripping her hand around his hard shaft and unbuttoning his jeans. I want you inside me. She cried. Ripping of her leggings and pulling her underwear down he sat up. His head squashed against the ceiling trying separately to tear his clothes off him. He laid back towards her. And she pushed him back. I want to taste you she exclaimed.. leaning forward to his erection standing proud against the cold air.

She licked him from balls to tip of his shaft. Staring up at him with smiling eyes as she spat on the end of his cock. The spit ending down his shaft and dropping from his bell end before she wrapped her lips around him and slowly pushed the length of him Down her throat. Sucking gently each inch by inch. Filling her mouth. She began to work him harder up and down cradling his balls her hand and tickling rhea with her fingers. He grabbed her hair pulling her up and pushing her back down onto the car seat. Lifting one of her legs over his shoulder her toes touching the roof he grinned. Biting her chest as he teased he.her running his cock up and down her dripping quit pussy. she wriggled and riled trying or push her hips closer to him. As he slammed his hand against her hip to pin her down. The other around her throat.

Look at me, He said as he thrusted slowly into her. Filling her inch by inch. She gasped trying to breathe against his grip, feeling her can’t grip round his shaft. Her hands grabbed his arse. Arching her back and pushing him deeper and deeper inside herself. He began to fuck her hard. Deep punishing thrust his hips and balls slamming against her cunt. Her hands gripped the edge of the seats. Pulled his hair. Clawed his chest and pressed against the steamed windows. For constant stream of car lights flashing against their grinding bodies.

She fucked him back. Following his rhythm as he thruster faster and faster hammering her G spot Cum running down her arse as she slid a hand round to is arse gripping her nails and the other to her clit frigging herself hard rolling her piercing between her fingers. Fuck I’m close she screamed… pushing his head to her tits. .. eagerly Sucking them hard. Feeling his cock throb inside her. .her cunt spasm as she began to squirt over him. Covering him the car seat. Soaking herself as he came inside her hard. He collapsed against her. Their bodies hot. Sweat glistening on his X heat shh nicking spotted her forehead. Their panting breath visible against the cold air.


It was a hot day. One of those beautiful bright summers days, when the sun dances off the water, with a light breeze, gentle waves lapping the side of the boat, as we cruise amongst the reeds up water ways. She laid out on the front deck of the cruiser as I steered, her bikini barely covering her arse as she lay sprawled, tanning her back, sunglasses on, watching the world go by. Her hair fluttered in the wind, and she rolled over, turning to look at me, her bare breasts standing proud in the morning sun, her nipples erect from the cool breeze. She raise her sunglasses on her head, pushing her hair off her face, “Fancy stopping” She shouted over the engine noise.

We moored up amongst some reeds, tying to them and put the anchor down in the mud. The river was quiet, the only sound ducks somewhere in the reed-bed  I made my way down into the cabin, the stairs were steep and it was dark compared to the bright sun up top. She was laid out on the bed, spread-eagled, grinning at me. I shoved a cup in the sink of the tiny kitchen and walked over to her, pushing her back onto the bed, I kissed her nose, her mouth, biting her bottom lip, running my tongue over it, touching the wetness with my fingers. She laid back closing her eyes as I kissed her neck, and began to nibble her ear; kissing and licking  it lightly, breathing gently and biting softly. She groaned as my hands ran up her sides, making her hairs stand on end and her body tense. The boat rocked gently from the wind whipping the water against the sides, hearing it lap gently in the hull.

I kissed her neck, her chest, her collar bones, my hands running up and over her breasts missing her nipples, circling but never touching. She groaned and writhed under my touch, desperate for my fingers to glance them. I ran them around and around the edge, from one to the other, and then very gently ran m tips over them. She shuddered, her nipples standing tall, desperate to be sucked. I teased her for ages, barely touching her, as her breathing got heavier and heavier underneath me. Finally I reached my tongue out and lapped on. A gentle flick with the tip of my tongue, she moaned and gasped out, my teeth gently teasing them, my lips running over them, finally sucking them gently. I spat on my fingers and squeezed her other nipple between my fingers, rolling the bud over and over as my tongue flicked and sucked, working her hard. My hands gripped her breasts, massaged them, pulling them closer together as I ran my tongue from nipple to the other straight across her chest.

She pushed her hips up into me, desperate for me to touch her. I continued playing as my hand ran down her thigh up the inside, across her stomach and down the other leg, teasing her once again. I sat back, finding the ties at the sides of her bikini bottoms and pulling them fell away, revealing her pink lips dripping with cum. I ran my tongue up the inside of her thigh, over her lips, glancing her arse and her cunt. She smelt musky, tasted sweet, her cum running off my tongue as I made my way to her clit. I pulled her stomach tight, stretching her cunt as my lips wrapped around her clit and I began to suck gently. She groaned, her hands on the back of my head, as I sucked harder and harder, slowly flicking the tip of her tongue over her clit. I flicked harder and faster, rolling my tongue with each glance, feeling her clit swell. She writhed beneath me, panting and groaning, soft whimpers escaping her lips as he legs gently shook. My finger ran up and down her slit beneath my tongue, feeling her dripping cunt, circling her, before sliding deep into her cunt, pressing up onto her g spot. She groaned louder as I did a ‘come hither’ motion, working her g spot hard in time with my tongue, pushing my fingers in deep to the knuckles and rolling my hand, working her hard but slowly. Her cunt tightened and gripped my fingers, gently pulsed as the blood rushed to her pussy.I began to work my fingers faster, and harder, pressing up with more force, working her g spot, she groaned, and groaned, began to pant as my tongue flicked her clit faster and faster up and down, She grabbed my hair, pressing my face into her, legs shaking as she came, the cum running down my hand, screaming out, sweat appearing on her chest.

I eased off her clit, pressed lighter on her spot, and slowly pulled my finger in and out of her, feeling her gush around me, I pressed the tip of one finger against her arse, running my finger around her anus, her cum lubing her up, I pressed gently feeling the muscles relax for me, putting just the tip in and then circling once again. She groaned, complained I was teasing. I laughed, pressing lightly again as my finger easily slipped inside, I slid it slowly all the way in as she moaned, breathing out, pushing herself onto my fingers, and my other deeper back into her cunt. She raised her hips off the bed as I started to hammer her arse and cunt, slamming my hand against her crotch fast and hard, my fingers pounding in and out of her pressing upwards once more. She gripped her tits, squeezing her nipples between her fingers throwing her head back against the bedding she bit the quilt as she began to scream, her cunt and arse tightening and pulsing simultaneously, cum running down from her pussy over her arse, and onto the sheets. She laid back exhausted as I left my fingers inside her, feeling her throb on me, the warm wetness around them. She sat up grinning, her hair stuck to her forehead and neck, her cheeks flushed, as she slowly pulled my hand out, and towards her face. She licked my fingers eagerly, lapping up her cum, tasting her cunt and arse and brushing her teeth along my fingers. She leant forward, biting my bottom lip, her tongue finding mine, tasting her again, she finally pulled away, “Your turn” she smiled, pulling my down on top of her.


I hadn’t been horny for ages; randy, a little bit aroused – but not horny. Not that aching throbbing feeling, that urge to be penetrated, to be hurt, to be fucked like they meant it. Why it had evaded me I didn’t know, but it had. I’d decided to go out, the usual, just a night out, for a flirt, for a dance, for a slow grind and grope. I saw him at the bar, giving me the once over, slow and deliberate. We’d spoken before, met casually, nothing more than a passing word, but tonight he wanted me to see. He wanted to see me looking at him. I stared straight ahead at the bar, determined not to look his direction and as I left, turned the other way to walk off, avoiding him still.

He appeared near me on the dance floor, stood staring as I danced with my girls, slowly grinding to the music, smiling happily, enjoying his eyes on me. He walked around us, in a slow deliberate circle, taking a drink, pushing past people as he stared at us from each angle. I felt like I was being stalked, preyed upon. He was eating me with his eyes, each inch at a time, taking me in – consuming me. I swayed my hips further, ground down to the floor, circling them slowly in time with the beat, my hands holding my hair up, my eyes closed.

I felt a hand around my waist, hard and demanding. He pulled me close into him, his arm hurting my stomach, shocking me. “Come on” he snarled in my ear, grabbing my hand and beginning to lead me out of the club, skirting the walls. I followed him and tried to pull my hand away, “Why do you think I’m coming with you” I was laughing, half angry at the indignation of it, excited by the urgency he had me. He spun around, shoving me backwards; I tottered on my heels towards the wall a few feet behind. He slammed be against it, a metal bar digging into my lower back, pressing himself against me. His dark eyes stared down at my mouth, glanced down at my breasts through my see-through shirt and back up to my eyes. I felt the slow throb, the wetness between my lips, the aching inside. I stared at him determined, “Tell me you don’t want it” I kept eye contact, trying to hide my smile, keep my breathing level – give nothing away. Then I glanced down at his lips, just for a second. He grinned wryly, grabbing my again and rushing toward the exit. He knew I’d given in.

Outside he paused and looked up the road both ways, I stared at his torso, wandering what he felt like, smelt like, tasted like. It was my turn, taking my arm through his I marched along the road, towards mine, the wind blowing my hair in my eyes. His hand went to my arse, grabbing me hard, to the small of my back. I walked ahead fast, my feet clicking on the pavement, desperate to get home. We walked past a small alley way, he grabbed my shoulders and pulled me backwards towards the gap. My heart was racing, I stared at him deeply as he pushed me against the wall again, pressing against me, his raging hard on pushing against my thigh. I kissed him, hard. Running my fingers up the back of his neck and through his hair, tugging lightly as my other hand went down the back of his shirt, my nails digging in. He groaned, biting my lip hard, sucking on my tongue as it found his, biting my chin and cheeks, sucking my neck.  My knickers were drenched, sopping for him. My nipples standing hard in my bra, my skin pricking with his touch.

I couldn’t wait anymore; I pulled my top up, revealing my bra, yanking it down under my breasts, exposing myself to him. He ran his hands up the side of my body, grabbing my tits hard, and squeezing them in his hands, running his fingers either side of my nipples and gripping tightly. My head fell back against the wall, I pushed my crotch into his hips, arched my back towards him, pushed my tits into his face – wanting him to suck them. He bit my chest, my tit, his mouth finding my nipples, he spat on one, moving his head to the other side. His fingers found my wet nipple, squeezing and teasing the bud between his tips, while the other sucked hard, his teeth nipping behind my piercing, pulling my piercing towards him. I gasped, My hands pressed against the wall, scratching his back, finding my clit through my knickers. His hand caught mine, slamming it against the wall, his other hand grabbing my other wrist and holding them above my head.

He placed them in one hand and ran his hand down my skirt, up the inside of my thigh, to my frenchies. He gasped as he felt the cum on the inside of my thigh, my knickers soaked through, my clit piercing through the lace. He ran his fingers gently over my lips, I gasped and wriggled, desperate for his fingers inside me. He pulled my knickers down slowly, one side at a time, and I wriggled my hips till they fell to the floor around my heels. He took the buckle of his jeans and began to undo his trousers, staring at me as he did so. I bit my lip, I stained my lips towards his but he stood back from me, pulling his jeans down and pulling out his cock.

I could hear people leaving the club in the distance, the smokers outside, car lights flash past the entrance, the dim light of the take-aways along the road. I stared at him, wanting him, not caring where I was, enjoying the thought of getting caught. His cock stood proud in front of him, he held up my skirt up, and kicked my feet apart with his. I wobbled on my heels, staring at his rock hard cock, desperate for it. He ran it up the inside of my thigh, I moaned, trying to manoeuvre towards it, have it touching me, I ran it up my slit, through my dripping wet cum and towards my arse, rubbing his bell end on my clit, my piercing working me well.

Then he entered me, one hard thrust. He didn’t ease me into it, or take his time, but pushed hard, his hips slamming into mine, filling me entirely. I gasped, my hands still above my head, resting my head back on the wall, feeling my cum around his cock. He pulled out slowly and rammed home hard again. I arched my hips up towards him, pressing the small of my back into the wall, desperate for him deeper, pulling my hands away from his, he began to fuck me slowly, one long slow pull out and a hard thrust back, my cunt tightening around him with each thrust, gripping him, inviting him.

He let go of my hands and I grabbed my hands around him, around his neck, his back, digging my nails in, pulling him towards me, biting his shoulders. I raised my leg, desperate for him deeper, and his hand slipped around me waist. I placed my hands around his neck and he lifted me up, as I wrapped my legs around his back, and he pushed me hard into the wall. I slipped down further onto his cock, it pressed hard against my g spot, deep inside me, filling me entirely.

He thrust slowly again, groaning slightly as I gripped his waist with my thighs and lifted myself with each thrust, “Fuck me”, I whispered in his ear, gripping the back of his neck hard, “fuck me hard”. He rammed his cock deep into me, and began to fuck me, pound me, hammer me, his cock ramming in and out of my tight cunt, my arse bouncing against the wall, struggling to hold myself on, his hands went to my arse, holding me up as he pounded in and out, my cum running down his balls. I screamed, biting my arm trying not to scream as he hit my g spot harder and harder, stretching my tight cunt, as it swelled and throbbed around him. I started to cum, shaking around him, unable to grip, he took my weight as my head went backwards, crying out for him. A few boys walked past the end of the alley, crying out, cheering us on, as I screamed harder and harder.

He pulled out, dropping me down to the floor, and pushed my head down, I took his cock in my mouth, deep down my throat spitting on him and tasting my own cum. His fingers found my nipples, gripping them and tugging them towards him, pulling them out in front of me, I groaned as I slid my own fingers inside my cunt, taking him deeper in my throat, sucking him hard and fingering my own wet cunt. I rested my head against the wall, spread my legs and pulled his arse towards me, pushing my hand against him, letting him know to fuck my face. His hands went to the wall; he held my hair and my head and began to fuck harder. I took my nipple in one hand and my clit with the other, squeezing and teasing, feeling another orgasm building, staring up at him with watery eyes as his cock rammed into the back of my throat again and again, trying not to choke.

I felt his cock swell, begin to throb, I worked my clit harder, faster, faster circles, feeling my piercing between my fingers, my cunt tighten, my orgasm build. I squeezed my nipples repeatedly, pulsing it, nipping it harder and harder as I felt my cunt tighten further, grow hot, and my legs tremble. He began to shake, he thrust quicker ramming his cock home, and suddenly pulled out, his cock throbbing, I began to cum, sticking out my tongue, moaning loudly, the cum running down my thigh, as he shot his loud over my face, in my mouth, over my chest.

I licked my fingers, running my hands over his cum, pulling my knickers up as I stood, He leant on the wall, slowly doing up his jeans, panting desperately, staring at me, as I scooped his cum up with my fingers and licked it off. He grinned as I pulled down my top, grabbed my bag and a tissue, and cleaned myself off, straightening myself out. I leant back on the wall, panting still, looking at him. “Mine?” he said, and I simply grinned.


We were only staying a week, a short break away for a holiday. He’d surprised me as a treat, or a desperate attempt to salvage our relationship and show he cared. Prague. It was safe to say I was pleased, at least he was trying. We’d arrived and settled into our room, found our way down to the front entrance and asked the concierge for places to go, eat, the usual. He gave me the eye as I walked over, looking me up and down with his head on the side, in a way that made my skin bristle and my cunt twinge.  He answered his questions politely, staring at me and grinning, asking if I liked the city, what floor we were on, if we wanted dinner reservations. He had a thick accent, Spanish, dark, tall, with those deep eyes. I smiled and blushed, I tried to look away, and listen to my partner, but I was there, he knew he had me.

The first few nights we saw him, he’d smile make pleasant conversation, then my partner was late down for dinner. I sat in the bar having a drink quietly, relaxing to the sound of the piano when he came over. He stood and asked If I was ok. We exchanged polite conversation, his hand brushed my arm, he stared at me longingly, wantingly and told me I was beautiful. My partner appeared and he asked me if I wanted a drink, taking my partners, not his job but, I guess he needed the excuse.

Later that night my partner went out, to the shop, to somewhere, to get something that we needed. It turned out to be flowers; the irony was not lost on me. I walked across the hall to the lift when he came bounding across and joined me. I’ll walk you up, he said simply.

I smiled obligingly, stepping into the lift, my heels clicking against the wooden floor. He pressed the button and the door shut, we were on the move. Suddenly he turned round pushing me up against the mirrored walls and pressing my hands by my sides, he kissed me hard, on the mouth, his tongue searching for mine, straining for me, biting my lip, and kissing my cheek.  I gasped, kissing him back, I felt a rush of need, of want, of passion that I was missing.

He turned around, placed his key in the slot in the lift and it stopped with a jolt. He turned back to me, smiling. I felt nervous, like a teenager, a rush of anticipation, of expectation, of fear – What was I doing, what was happening. He kissed me again, kissed my neck, running his hands up my hold ups to the lace at the top, stroking me. I groaned leaning against the wall as he slowly hitched my skirt up, finding his fingers to my knickers and glancing my crotch. I gasped, I was dripping. He smiled kissing me again, his fingers running over my clit, my lips through my lacy underwear.

My hand went around the back of his neck, I spread my legs wider, I pushed my pelvis forward, I wanted his fingers desperately. He slipped them into my wetness, I felt his fingers warm against my skin, running up and down my slit and deep into my cunt. It responded gripping him back, swelling around his knuckles as he began to work me slowly, a slow come hither motion deep inside me. He glanced my g spot repeatedly, each slow motion bringing me closer. He rolled his hand and fingers, sending a new sensation through me. My cunt felt incredible, better than it ever had. I was dripping wet, it running down my legs. He pulled my straps of my dress down, still expertly fingering me, I pulled my bra down showing him my nipple and he wrapped his lips around them, sucking them gently, rolling the bud between his lips, flicking the head with the tip of his tongue.

My legs felt weak, I could hardly stand, I held onto the rail of the lift, nestled my head into the corner, moaning louder and louder. Then his thumb glanced my clit. I cried out, as he slowly circled it gentle pressure, rolling it under his finger again and again. My cunt throbbed, his fingers full inside me, he slipped a third in and I felt it.

My cunt swelling harder and harder, the rush of head from my knees, everything tighten and suddenly, I came. I cried out, I shook, my legs barely holding me, is other hand pressed against my stomach, trying to prop me up. My whole body came, my nerve endings pricking, the hairs standing on end, my cunt running with sweet cum. He flicked my nipple a few times, kissed my chest, and stood back, pulling my dress back over my breast and my strap up.

His fingers were stil inside me, rocking slowly in and out, enjoying how wet I was I imagine. He slid his fingers out slowly, stroking my cunt as he did, and placed them to my mouth, softly. I licked them gently, looking at him, completely lost in my own pleasure, nothing desperate or hungry, just tasted myself, the sweetness of cum, the silkiness, the way it smelt on my lips.

He turned around stepping away from me. I suddenly felt exposed, the lights were bright, I was flushed and hot. He turned his key and the lift jolted moving. He stood with his back to me, I pulled down my dress, stood up straight not knowing what to do. The lift doors opened, he stood to the side, and gestured to the open door. I went to speak but changed my mind, stepping forward.

He winked at me as I was parallel with him, taking hold of my hand and kissing the back of it, I stepped out of the lift, turning around and watched him step backwards, the lift shutting, his deep eyes staring at me, smiling and glistening. The doors closed. I stood for a second in the corridor. I took a deep breath, I felt the cum running down my leg. I thought of my partner waiting in my room, I hurried down the corridor, trying to sort myself out. I reached the door, paused and smiled. Well,  that was different. I let myself in. 


It had been a hot day, one of the hottest of the year, if not the. 32 degrees and for an English summer even I had to admit that was warm.  I’d realised early in the day it was too hot for clothes, they stuck to my skin, I felt claustrophobic, overheated, clammy. I ran a cold shower, letting the water run over my skin and through my hair.

The water pricked my skin, goose-bumps raised on my body, the hairs on my arms stood on end, my nipples stuck out proudly. I gasped, panting as the water rushed over my face, my body shuddered under the cool spray, the drips ran over my warm cunt, down my arse, dripping off my lips.

I dried myself off, rubbing my hair roughly and threw on some underwear. I needed to get baking. It was my friend’s birthday, I’d promised her mum I’d do the cake, something fancy and in a few hours I’d need to be getting myself ready, not worrying about my buns rising.

I danced around the kitchen collecting ingredients, bowls and scales, flour and sugar, eggs and all. I put the ingredients together, placed my apron on and started to bake, mixing and folding. I spilt flour over the island in the kitchen, splashed milk on the floor – mum had always told me I was a messy cook.

Sweat ran down my forehead, the kitchen was so hot, I needed something cool. I heard someone walk in the kitchen, I didn’t think much of it, facing away from the door, I glanced over my shoulder and gasped deeply. A cold shock hit the inside of my thigh. I glanced down, arched my arse up in shock; felt his body press hard against mine behind me.

“Need something refreshing?” I leant my head back against his shoulder, as he moved the cold bottle up my stomach, water running off it and down towards my knickers, between my tits as he placed it to my lips. I gulped thirstily, the cold coke sliding down, my lips cold from the glass.

He turned me round, taking the bottle away from me, and ran his fingers over my lips. “Better?” He asked, “Much” I grinned running my cold tongue over them pushing my hair off my face. I leaned back on the counter, staring at him. He glanced at the bowl, “Need a hand?” He stepped in closer. I turned back around ready to bake again when I felt his hand clasp around my waist, his cock press into my arse.

He ran his hands up my stomach, to my breasts, grabbed them hard through my bra and massaged them, rolling my nipples between his fingers through the fabric, I leant my head back, clasping my hands on the edge of the work top, pushing my arse into him. His fingers ran down my back, over my arse, tickling me, dancing against me, down my leg and under, working their way up my thigh.

I panted, breathing heavily, moaning slightly under my breath, desperate for his touch. He glanced his finger across my cunt, I felt the rush of cum, my cunt swelling, throbbing for him. He let go of me, pushed my head forwards, I spread my legs and bent over the island, flour covered my chest. He pulled my knickers off slowly, untied my apron, and lifted it over my head. His hands gripped my arse, his lips kissed my lower back, my butt cheeks, my thighs….

I arched more, pushing my cunt out towards him, feeling his breath on me, knowing he was so close. I felt his tongue lick my lips, glance the side of my cunt. I wriggled, trying to get him to lick my centre, he kissed my cunt, he sucked my lips, before finally glancing his tongue over my clit.

I groaned out loud, spreading my legs further, his arms wrapped around my thighs, his nose pressed against my arse as his tongue found my centre, licked up my sweet wetness, he groaned as he tasted me, shoving his tongue deeper inside my cunt, flicking it over my hole, I was panting, getting wetter and wetter, desperate for him to have me.

His fingers found my clit, glancing it with his thumb his tongue still licking my hole, fucking it gently. My clit swelled, engorged, sensitive to his touch, he grasped it between his two fingers rolling it, I jumped, I wriggled, the feeling so intense, I couldn’t stand still, then his tongue found my arse.

He rimmed me slowly, licking around my anus, feeling the folds of my skin, flicking his tongue over the centre, pressing lightly against it. His fingers slipped inside me easily, my cunt gripped them hard, pulsing around them. He found my g spot and began pressing hard but slow, glancing it with each slow thrust, my cum running down his hand. My arse relaxed, his tongue inserted inside, licking my pretty pink anus.

He leant back and spat on my arse crack, I felt the spit run down over my arse. I was getting close, his fingers working my cunt hard. “Do you want my cock?” he asked. I turned my head, glancing over my shoulder, my face pressed against the cold granite. I nodded meekly, flushed and unable to concentrate, my cunt throbbing harder and harder.

He undid his belt, his trousers, I felt his cock rub against my arse, up and down my centre, from my clit to my arse and above, feeling my wetness, I arched further, pushed against him. Where do you want it he asked, running it down to my cunt, “here?” He pressed slightly so it just slipped the tip inside me, and then pulling it out, moving it up to my anus and pressing lightly.

I spread my legs further, dropping my arse down lower, sticking I up higher to get a better angle, I grinned, “There”, I said as he pressed it harder against my anus. He spat on me again, spat on his hand and rubbed his cock, and then, he entered me. My arse stretched wide, throbbing as his cock filled me, wrapping my tight arse around him. I relaxed, groaning as it stung ever so slightly, the pain welcoming.

He nestled himself deep in my arse, his hands ran down my back, over my bra to my arse and rested on my hips. He grabbed my hands, holding them on the small of my back, I grinned. How do you want it he said, slowly pulling out of my arse, “soft?” he pulled out so just the tip was in, “or hard?” he thrust back into me quickly, thumping his hips against my arse, his cock ramming into me, ”soft?” he pulled out, “or hard?” ramming me again.  “You know” I said.

His hand pressed against the side of my face into the granite, “I want to hear you say it” I smiled again, “Ram my arse” I said loudly, “Fuck it hard” With that he began to pound me, pulling my hands harder behind my back, one grabbing my hair, he fucked me deep, stretching my arse with each thrust, He let go of my hands, I gripped the work top on the other side of the island, bounced against his cock, groaned louder and louder as he pounded me unrelentingly.

His fingers wrapped round my front and down to my clit, he bent over me, fucking me deeper, harder, faster, as he ran his fingers over my clit, rubbing it hard against my pubic bone, I screamed out as his other pulled my head back harder, “Fuck I’m going to cum” I screamed, panting, screaming his name, desperate to cum around him, “Wait” he demanded.

I panted, I screamed, I begged him, “I can’t hold it” he fucked harder, deeper, both hands on my hips, pulling me onto him with each thrust, the worktop digging into my stomach, my arse bouncing with each thwack, “I’m close” he said, “Fuck” I gave in, I felt my muscles throb, feeling my cum run down the inside of my thighs, my cunt and arse throbbing together, screaming louder and louder, shouting at him, “cum in my arse” he groaned with one last thrust and I felt him throb inside me, he gently thrust, as he came in me, my arse taking all his spunk. He exhaled, pulling out of my slowly, I felt his cum running out of my arse, as I stayed bent over. I stood up straight, arched my back, stretched – turning around to look at him.

Think you might have to make another mix, he laughed, I turned, to see the bowl on the floor. “Fuck” I swore, “Fuck we did indeed” he replied. I smiled. It was definitely worth it.


It’d been a gorgeous day, glorious in fact. We’d decided to go camping, a few friends and I one weekend. The weather had been great and so off we went, tents, beer and bundles in tow, and made for the nearest spot; a lake on the outskirts of town .

We’d been up drinking most of the day, pratting about talking, swimming and sunbathing, enjoying the good weather. The camp fire was lit in the evening and a BBQ set out, marshmallows on sticks and all for us to enjoy. It was somewhat Idyllic, our tents in a little circle by the lakeside; the water lapping against the shoreline behind us, our faces lit gently by firelight, shadows dancing on the sand.

A walk was decided on and we headed into the dense woodland for a stroll, following stream and mud paths, darting between the trees and boggy marshland, following whatever trail we were on. Suddenly, as is the English weather, the skies had opened and it had began to pour. Not rain, but pour, the rain hurt as it hit our skin and soaked us to the bone.

We ran laughing back along the trail, mud splashing the backs of our legs, our hair dripping water down our faces. At the tent we stripped boots and muddy soaked clothes, diving into the small two man, ‘beach wind protector’ we’d brought as our shelter. Everyone had disappeared inside in the commotion and laughing could be heard all around our little site.

The rain bounced from the roof, water ran down the inside of the thin sheet and we laughed as we curled up close, two wet, naked bodies, panting in our little nest.  I rolled over, my wet breasts pressing against his torso, ‘well that was unexpected’.

His eyes stared at me intently, glanced over my body, looking me all over as I lay on my side, my head on my arm, curled up on the sleeping bag beneath us. I watched as he observed me, ran his hand through my hair, down my cheek, across my lips and kissed me, softly.

I pushed my body into his, wrapping my leg over him, feeling his hardening cock pressing against my stomach. I kissed him eagerly, nibbled his ear, bit his neck; running my hands over his back, his arse, digging my nails into his skin.

He pulled me on top and I rocked gently on him, running my cunt along his hard shaft, feeling his skin roll over his bellend with each thrust. I tried to sit up, my head hitting the top of the tent, water droplets spitting on us both as we laughed, him pulling me back down, his hands on my breasts.

I moved as he held his cock tall and I slid onto him, feeling the whole length of him inside me, pressing against my g spot; filling me entirely. I leant down, kissing his nose, pulling him against me, as I moved slowly up and down his shaft, feeling my wetness run down his balls and my legs.

He moaned and groaned, breathing heavily, whispering fuck as he laid his head back against our bedding, and gripped my arse with his hands, I bounced more enthusiastically, working his whole length, enjoying the feeling of him inside me, rocking my hips back and forth working him hard.

He rolled me onto my back, my legs pressing against the edges of the wet tent, feeling cold against my skin, he pulled my legs over his shoulders and thrust into me deeper, faster, unrelentingly. Gripping my arse, I pulled my legs hard against him, holding him tight to me, gripped his arse with my fingers and rocked on my back to pound his cock into me harder.

We were panting, wet, hot, the tent dripping with rain and condensation. I wanted to scream out, his cock brushing my favourite spot over and over, biting my arm and holding my breath, my eyes stared at hi with longing and horniness, I felt him start to swell more, seeing me enjoying myself, I bit his neck, whispered to him to cum for me, and he pounded me harder and harder,

His cock throbbed, he slid out of me and grabbing his cock in my hand I wanked him hard, a tight grip on his cock, all fingers wrapped around him tightening with each stroke over his bellend and aimed at my tits. He began to shudder, swore and came over me, dripping his juices all over my stomach and tits. He sat back on his haunches panting, I ran my hands over myself, rubbing his cum into me, collecting it on my fingers and licking it off, grinning at him.

The rain had stopped; we heard voices outside swearing at heavens for putting the fire out, people running about trying to find dry firewood, and a few comments about the pile of wet clothes, just outside our tent… 


It’d been a long day. Trawling galleries, art museums, those little shops we all love and dart into glancing around hoping no one sees. The canals glistened in the sun, the city a buzz with the sense of autumn, the leaves falling on the paths, café’s full of people wrapped up in jumpers and scarfs, hot drinks, smoking, that scent we all know so well, so distinguishable…

We’d walked down the district, staring into the windows, at the girls, the lights, the cinemas, the live shows – a sense of sex, of tension, of openness crackling in the air around us. The girls were hot, stupidly hot, clad in underwear, suspenders, done up to the nines, and posing in their windows, staring with eyes full of desire, with mouths pursed and pouting – cock hungry.

His hand grazed my arse as we walked along the streets, slid between my legs in the theatre, watching girls cavort in front of us, his mouth finding mine kissing me hard, his eyes giving me that, “come here” stare. We practically skipped back to the hotel; River front, looking out over the houseboats, the endless bridges and street lamps. We darted past the concierge, kissed in the lift, his hand sliding under my shirt to my naked breasts, nipping my nipples between his fingers. I laid my head back against the mirror, took his hand and ran down the corridor.

We struggled with the key in the lock, his hard on pressed against my arse as I bent over the lock, trying desperately to get in. As soon as the door closed he was on me, pushing me against the wall, kissing me, pulling my shirt off, desperate to have me.

I kissed him back, removed his shirt, struggled with his belt, tearing his jeans down, his cock straining against his boxers. I pushed him off towards the bed, and slipped my jeans off -slowly and sensually staring at him. Taking out my pony tail, my hair falling down my shoulders, covering my face, staring under out under my fringe with lust. I undid my bra, caressed my breasts, turned around bent over for him, watched as his hand hurriedly removed his boxers, took himself in hand, staring rubbing himself slowly. I bent over, touched my toes and stared between my legs; my pink cunt on display, my arse skyward, ready for him. I stood up, glancing towards the window, and grinned, striding across the room.

I walked onto the balcony. The evening was cold, the crisp autumn wind making my nipples stand to attention, caressing my skin, causing gently goose bumps to appear all over me. I leant on the balcony, stared out at the river, at the people walking past below. A guy looked up and smiled, holding hands with his girlfriend, an old woman ‘tutted’ and turned her face to the ground.

Then I felt it – Him behind me, his cock rubbing up and down my arse, glancing over my cunt, feeling my wetness. I bent forward further, my tits pressed against the cold metal railings; his hand grabbed my hair, his other guiding him into me – slowly entering my tight cunt, filling me entirely.

He pulled my head back further, his hand on my hip, pulling me onto him, up to the hilt; he whispered in my ear, “what a dirty little slut” his breath on my ear and neck, catching his wide grin in my sideways glance. He started slowly, rhythmically fucking me, deep and slow, hitting hard at the end of the thrust. I gasped, moaned quietly, grabbed the railings to steady myself, spread my legs further, arched my back higher – pushed myself onto him.

People walking past shouted, pointed, I grinned screaming louder loving the attention. He started pounding me harder, quicker, deeper, his balls slamming into my arse and cunt – my cum running down my legs. His cock filled me entirely, glanced my g spot with each deep thrust; his fingers around my tits, gripping my nipples hard, stretching them in front of me.

I started to moan louder still, screaming out “Fuck, yes, ah, yes, yes…” feeling his cock swelling, the eagerness of his thrusts – his sweat on me. I pushed back into him harder, bouncing on the end of his cock, feeling his hands slide up around my neck. I pulled my head backwards, his hands closing around my throat, my cunt throbbing, swelling – desperate for climax.

He ravaged me, pounded me unrelentingly. I screamed out, my cries echoing off the buildings across the street, our bodies lit by the glow of the hotel lights, my cunt got hotter, wetter tightening around his cock, gripping him deep inside me, I threw my head back, pressed my neck against his hand, struggled to breath, felt the head rush and finally, the release. The cum poured from my cunt, he groaned behind me, fucking me harder, his cock throbbing inside me, his spunk filling me. He released his grip, my body shook, my legs quivered, I screamed for him, running my dripping cunt along his cock, milking him. He leant against me, his chest on my back – his arms around my chest pulling me close. “Fuck” he whispered.

I stared out down the river, to the café lights in the distance, to the houseboats and their occupants eating dinner, to the stars above and the wind rustling the trees on the sidewalk. “Unbelievable,” I replied.


She’d given me that look. That was all it took – a knowing look, full of lust, of cheek, of want. I grinned a wide smile and winked. She glanced over her shoulder at the rows of desks and computers, towards shelve after shelve of books 6 foot high. My eyes followed her gaze, staring towards the back of the floor, the exposed brick work, the dim lighting, the darkness corners beyond.

She logged of her computer, shoving her bag deep under the desk and casually picked up a book, bending over in front of me, sticking her arse out, pert tight, clad in black leggings, slightly see through showing her black thong. She glanced back at me and slowly sauntered off, disappearing between the books.  It was late, dark outside, the darkness outside the window showing nothing but a cold night and my reflection as I glanced towards each old window.

I hurriedly logged off, my hands shaking with anticipation, my eyes darting around at those sitting nearby, faces full of concentration absorbed in essays, dissertations – working till the wee hours. I picked up the nearest book I’d taken and dashed down an aisle. Walking up the centre aisle I glanced left and right desperate to see her picture perfect arse and slim figure swaying ahead of me. I reached the end of the floor, the last row of books. The lights were far away and it was dimly lit, I walked slowly quietly behind the books, before I saw her step out of a small nook in the wall, a gap between two pillars. I walked over, dropping the book and pressed her against the wall. She kissed me back hard, pushing her hips against mine, her hands up under my top, clawing my back.

Her tongue was soft, massaging mine with each deep caress, her lips pressed hard against mine, moist. I pulled away, talking her chin in my fingers. Her eyes stayed closed, her lips parted, pink from kissing, slightly wet, pouting and quivering desperate for another kiss. I ran my finger over them, feeling her moan, she sucked my fingers, opened her eyes and gazed deep into mine, running her hand down my leg…

I pressed back into her, kissing her neck, her mouth, hearing her groan deep in her throat, her breath on my hair, on my face my neck. My hands caressed her tits through her hoody, gripped them hard, she collapsed into, throwing her head back against the wall, her nails digging in my sides. My hand ran under the top, across her stomach, following the line of her leggings. She groaned, gripped me harder – grabbed my hand with hers. I took both wrists with one hand and pressed them against the wall. She grinned panting harder, as my fingers slipped under her leggings, under the top of her knickers, feeling her smooth cunt softly. They slid lower, feeling the curve of her cunt, her swollen lips – her swollen clit.

I pushed my hand under her, feeling her moist cunt with my fingertips. Touching her softly, stroking her lips, running my fingers up and down her slit, and darting one or two fingers just inside. She bit my neck as I leant into her, begged me to finger her – begged me to finger her.

I rammed my fingers deep in her cunt, curving them upwards to her g spot, pressing it hard. I worked her, in a ‘come hither’ motion, fast and deep, twisting my fingers and knuckles in her cunt with each stroke, her cum running over my hand, her legs shaking. She spread herself wider, as I darted my fingers in and out faster and faster, the palm of my hand slamming into her pubic bone. Her body tensed;  She moaned, bit her lip, held her breath trying not to scream as her cunt gripped my fingers, her orgasm took over, the cum flooding my hand, soaking her thong, throbbing and pulsing with each hard release. Her body relaxed against me, she breathed into my neck, I kissed her, panting slightly with the exertion, with the thrill of my hand in-between her legs, of her soft cunt around my fingers. She kissed me, softly, her lips barely glancing my skin.

We both looked at each other, looked around, at the books, at the cameras on the wall further along, at the quiet library and heard the patter of keyboards in the distance. A midnight finger I’d not forget.


The beach was hot, a perfectly clear day; the sun glistening off the water. The boulders and rocks dotted along the beach. The wind was calm and I waded in the water, holding my sun dress high up around my bum and waist, enjoying the cool water on my legs.

I stared at him sat up on the bank amongst the long grasses; his head was on its side. He was giving me that look; Eying me up and down. I walked out of the water towards him, and up the bank to him. I glanced left and right. The beach was deserted. I ran my hands through my hair, down my sides, grabbing the bottom of my sun dress, pulling it over my head. I stood ankle deep in the sea, totally exposed. My breasts bare, the sun on my pale skin. He sat up, looking around, as I walked towards him, up the bank.

I straddled him, pushing him down amongst the grasses, my tits pressed against him. “Let’s have some fun” I grinned, running my hands round the back of his neck. His face lit up, a mix of fear, of exposure, of delight. I kissed him hard, my tongue running gently over his lips, finding his tongue, massaging mine with his. I dug my nails in his neck, pulled him harder towards him, started to grind on his cock. I could feel his hard on through his jeans. I pulled his top up, running my hands over his chest, kissing down his neck, nibbling, sucking gently. My tongue found his nipple. I circled it slowly, feeling it get harder, watched his face as his head fell back against the sand. I took it between my lips, using my teeth to gently nibble, sucking hard. His cock strained against his trousers, against my cunt.

I sat back, undoing his jeans. He went to say something and I kissed him hard on the mouth, as my hands pulled his boxers down releasing his cock. It stood up tall between my legs. I grinned with pleasure, loving seeing him so hot for me – desperate to have me on him.

My hands glanced over him, touching him oh so lightly, feeling his cock straighten and strain. I ran my lips over it, soft and gently, kissing lightly. He gasped, his hands running through my hair. I ran my nipple piercings over it, teasing him, running my fingers over his balls. I sat back, staring at him, leaning over it again and spat hard on his cock – the spit falling from my lips over him. I ran my tongue the length of him, all over, spat on his balls, and using my finger tips, started tickling his balls as my lips wrapped around his bell end. I sucked gently, taking it just inside my mouth, just the very tip. His head was back, his eyes shut, that look of urgency on his face. I slid my tongue over the head, flicked it, ran it over his special spot on the underside, before opening my mouth wide, sticking out my tongue and taking him down my throat. He gasped. I sucked hard, feeling him fill my throat, pressed my tongue against him….

He was so hard. I started to move my head up and down slowly, his whole cock in my mouth, glancing the back of my throat with each stroke. I moved back to his head, sucking harder and began to work him, the length of him, still tickling his balls, my fingers finding the spot between his arse and balls, pressing slightly, tickling him.  I kept the tension in my mouth, flicked my tongue on the underside of his cock with each stroke. His hands pulled my hair, urging me on. I pulled back, moved up towards him, taking him in my hand. I wanked him hard.

Fast, heavy on his head, feeling is foreskin roll over his bell end and back. He gasped, shaking as I worked him harder, gripping tight, kissing him, my tongue working his, staring deep into his eyes. He shut his, he gasped. He shuddered. I could feel him getting close, his balls swelling, his head jerking backwards. I took him once again my mouth, my hand working his shaft in a sharp tight twist as I sucked his bell end, feeling it slip in and out of my mouth, my lips stroking him.

He came hard, harder than I expected; his stomach muscles tensing, raising his cock up. I took his whole cock in my mouth, sucking slowly, milking every last drop from his cock – swallowing each delicious salty drop. I sat up, running my fingers lightly over him, wiping the spit from my lips and chin from the back of hand.

The sun was shining; a dog was nearby, sniffing some grass, his owners walking along the beach, strolling in the afternoon rays. I lay back on the grass, pulling my sun dress over me, covering my bare breasts once more – staring up at the sky. I listened to the waves gently rolling on the shore, felt his heart beating in his chest, the rise and fall of his chest under my head, and smiled – another perfect day.

Flying High.

It wasn’t my first flight; I’d been a keen traveller since a kid. Being from a typically middle class family, that is a family that was obsessed with appearance, opinion and gossip, we had to be seen to be ‘keeping up with the Jones’ or so to speak, so of course; we travelled.

America, The Caribbean, Asia, Africa, most of Europe, I’d been around so airports weren’t something knew, neither were the flights themselves. We’d had some turbulence coming back from a short flight from Scotland and dropped a fair few feet out the sky, so it wasn’t the journey itself. No what made this flight so, interesting, was the ‘in-flight entertainment. ‘

I was sat in one of the many unnameable cafés in the airport lounge drinking a skinny latte, sipping a bottle of water and attempting to read at least the first chapter of my holiday novel, Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, which I was recommended. Let me tell you, it may be a classic, but it certainly isn’t an easy read.

Still ploughing through the pages with avid persistence, I sat bent over my book with my glasses on, looking what I hoped was intelligent and cultured when someone interrupted me, excuse me, may I? The voice was deep, gruff, somewhat harsh and unforgiving sounding.

I looked up expecting a forty year old businessman with a bad attitude, and was surprised to find a thirty something year old with chinos and a polo shirt and a little too much cologne.

“Um, yes of course” I rushed, giving him the once over. He’d a paper tucked under his arm, and a coffee to go in his hand. Why take a seat if you’ve got it to go? I didn’t ask, luckily for once managing to keep my thoughts to myself, and turning back to my novel.

I turned the page and became distinctly aware that I was being stared at, quite intensely, I glanced up to see said man, sat legs crossed, leaning back in his chair, holding his coffee, openly staring at me. I smiled and looked back to my page, trying desperately to find my place again and not show my flustered state. I glanced across the page to make it look as though I was reading. I realised he was staring straight down my top. My shirt was open just enough to show the top of my cleavage and bent over, I’m pretty sure he had a ‘bird’s eye view’. I leant forward further and felt the chain of my necklace, seeing him shift in his seat – Got you.

I sat up and back looking at him. He raised his eyebrows as to enquire whether I would speak or not when a girl walked over and gave him a kiss on the cheeky. He turned to her smiling, standing up and slipping an arm around her waist, walking off. ‘Typical man’ I thought to myself, staring after the couple. I was so bemused that I barely heard my flight being called. I picked my bag, straightened my skirt, hitched up my bra (for good effect) and drank the last dregs of my coffee before turning and leaving for ‘Gate 2’.

To my distress and amusement, Mr Polo shirt and girlfriend decided to join the queue, a few people behind me. On the plane, I found my seat and began loading into the overhead locker when they walked past, her first him following.  I tried to tuck in as much as possible, as he said excuse me, and brushed the palm of his hand across my bum. I gasped slightly louder than I’d hoped from the shock and enjoyment, and turned to look after him.

Having heard my intake of breath, he’d stopped and turned, ‘Do you want a hand with that?’ He said, taking the case and shoving it in the overhead locker forcefully, his arm muscles tensing and tightening the sleeves of his polo. I muttered a ‘thanks’ as he disappeared a few rows behind and sat down, stroking his girlfriends arm. ‘I must have imagined it’ I said to myself.

The flight took off easily and I tried to read again, glancing behind occasionally to see him. He sat gazing out of the window mostly with his head phones in. Typical, I though, Bet they’re too loud as well, sat ignoring his girlfriend muttering onto him. I read the inflight magazine, bought some peanuts and water and made my way to the bathroom at the back of the plane, wobbling down the aisle in my heels.

I went to the loo and checked my face in the mirror, my make-up looked reasonably fresh, my hair a nightmare. I took it down to redo my ‘updo’, when there was a knock at the door, I called engaged sorry and started repining my hair when the knocking persisted. I opened the door a jar and in pushed my polo and locked the door.

“Excuse…” I started to protest when he shoved his finger to lips and said, “Shh”. He pushed me back against the sink, pushing his body against mine in the confined space. I was completely dumbfounded unsure what to say, or do. He stared deep into my eyes, with the same half amused expression dancing over his face, as he moved his hands to my buttons and started undoing my shirt.

“What the hell…” I began as he leant harder against me and I could feel his erection against my thigh. “I don’t…” I began again, when he continued, smiling more, un-tucking my shirt and revealing my black lace bra beneath. He held my shirt open, staring at my lingerie approvingly, before moving his hands gently over my breasts, caressing them softly. I was stunned, my pussy pulsing, breathing hard with anticipation. I didn’t know whether to stop him or not, my body was writhing under his touch, prickling with desire. He slipped his arms around my waist, so close to my face staring deep into my eyes, I could feel his breath on me, and he unzipped my skirt, letting it drop to the floor, sliding his hand down my stomach towards my thigh, and then back up, and up, and up.

I gasped out loud, gripping the sink, before trying to come to my sense, “Just… Wait…You’ve got a…”

He finally spoke, “Tell me you want me to stop”, he said once again in his gruff tones. He brushed my neck with his lips and let his fingers glide up to my crotch, feeling my folds through my underwear and my knickers moisten. He nibbled my neck hungrily and I leant back on the sink, my hands pressed hard against the wall beside me.  I wanted to tell him to get off, but I couldn’t, I couldn’t do anything, my legs shook, my cunt throbbing for him.

Suddenly he ripped my knickers in two, and pulled them off, making me start. I stared at them on the floor, in disbelief. He stood back, undoing his trousers and pulled out his hard cock. I protested once more, feebly, “I don’t think we…” He smiled, grabbing my hand and placing it on his penis. I felt how hard he was, took his shaft in my hand, and began to stroke it gently, as he watched me constantly. “You don’t want to, but you’re going to” he said, as I felt him further, tickling his balls, rubbing him harder. It was true, I didn’t want him, I didn’t want this, it wasn’t me. This isn’t what I did, yet I could feel myself getting wetter; feel the cum running down my thigh. I tried to push the image of his girlfriend to the back of my mind, when he slipped a finger under my knickers and delved into my pussy, tickling my clit with his other fingers. I soon forgot all about the girlfriend.

Then he grabbed my arse, pulled me forwards on the counter, and pushed my legs apart, resting one on the toilet, as he pushed his cock up against my dripping pussy, up and down my clit, to my arse, and back, teasing me. I stared at him, I couldn’t breathe, Couldn’t speak; the trolley was rattling outside the door, the flight attendant chatting. I daren’t make a sound.

He thrust into me unrelentingly hard. All the way to the hilt, I cried out biting the back of my hand in shock, feeling him fill me entirely. I grabbed his shoulders pulling him closer to me, he pulled out slowly and thrust in again hard, rhythmically, hard and slow, feeling my pussy tighten, digging his finger nails into my waist and arse, I  kept biting my hand, resting my head backwards, trying not to scream.

Suddenly he’d had enough of go slow, he lifted up his polo, and thrust into me hard, fast, pounding my pussy, making the sink top shake. I put my leg up over his shoulder and on the opposite wall, my court shoes rattling against the wall.  He leaned in closer, and I bit his shoulders hard, clawed his muscly back under his shirt.

He shagged my relentlessly, twisting my nipples as I began to cum, hard, cum running down his balls, as he throbbed inside me, shooting deep into my cunt, panting together. I flopped back against the mirror once again, wiping the sweat from my brow and looking up at him. His head was bowed, his chest heaving. He looked up, smiling his quirky half smile, and slowly pulled out of me. He pulled up his trousers, pulled down his shirt, glanced in the mirror running his hands through his hair before, raising his eye brows at me and unlocking the door.

I sat back staring at the door, my knickers ripped in two on the floor, my arse covered in my cum and his spunk dripping out of my cunt. Suddenly I came to my senses locking the door and turning back around to the mirror.  I stared at my make-up, run and sweaty, my hair definitely needed fixing, my clothes straightening. I sorted myself out, re-pinned my hair, and dressed myself, completely unsure of what just happened. I wiped the cum from my legs and tried to pull myself together.

I wandered back down the aisle towards my seat, pausing to let the trolley past again, smiling at the attendant. As I passed him, sat once again looking out of the window,  he glanced at me, winked straight faced, and stared once again out of the window, his girlfriend snuggled into the crook of his arm.

I sat down, flushed, glugged from my water bottle and grabbed the inflight magazine again. I didn’t know what to do, I flicked through magazines restlessly. I was half mortified, half excited. I felt cheapened, by shirt creased, my knickers in the bin by the trolley bay, but at the same time, it was a long flight, nine or so hours, and I knew I’d get up for bathroom again, and I felt my pussy throb once more.