Tales to excite, arouse and titillate…

Month: January, 2013


Hurrying up the stairs in the darkness, following the dim blue lights in the steps we could hear the whispers of those around us, popcorn crunching, couples giggling, sweet wrappers being undone, youths throwing things at one another. I led him up the stairs towards the back of the cinema, sitting in the far left corner, dark and away from the gaggle of strangers. There were people a few rows in front, those further down our row, and a packed cinema, their heads black silhouettes against the glow of the screen. We settled in, pulling up the arm rest between us as I slumped back into the seat and began to relax into the film.

He turned to me slowly, as I went to glance his direction he whispered, ‘don’t look at me, watch the film’. I grinned slightly, shifting in my seat, feeling an air of anticipation and glancing at those around us. His fingers ran over my ear lobe, down my neck, grazing my skin ever so softly, sending shivers down my spine. He traced the neckline of my top, across my collar bone, down over my chest, across the top of my breasts. My chest rose towards him as my skin shivered, enjoying his gentle touch, my eyes slowly closing.

‘Watch the film’, he whispered again, staring intently at the side of my face. I opened my eyes again and tried to concentrate on the screen. I paid for you to watch this film, you will watch it, you won’t disappoint. I took a deep breath staring at the images dancing on the screen as he slipped his fingers under the rim of my top, down to the seam of my bra, moving across my chest from one side to another, sliding his finger tip just under the lace. His cold hands slipped inside my bra, glancing my nipple gently, moving around it, slowly circling my piercings. I felt myself getting wetter as my cunt tightened and began to throb gently with each caress. He started to flick them more precisely, nipping the bud between his fingers and pulsing them, making them feel like they were being sucked. I slid my arse forward on the seat glancing around once again at the faces engrossed in the film.

I ran my hand over his jeans, his raging hard on pressing against the denim, as his ran down over my stomach and under my top, tracing the lines at the top of my jeans. I went to undo them, no, he cooed, grinning beside me and breathing into my neck, you’ll wait, he groaned. My hand traced his cock through his jeans, feeling his balls and running up and down his shaft, tickling the bulge of his bell end. I felt dirty, naughty surrounded by strangers as my breathing quickened, his fingers slid under my jeans and under my lace frenchies, slowly sliding down towards my pussy. My knickers were soaked, as he slowly undid a button and followed the curve around, his fingers over my groin, across my outer lips, down towards my arse, missing each delicious spot by millimetres. I undid his jeans awkwardly and ran my hand to grasp his cock through his boxers, holding his shaft tight as his fingers finally glanced my clit.

I shuddered desperately trying to keep my eyes forward, his straining cock making me desperate, as he dipped his fingers into my dripping cunt and began to work my clit with his wet fingers. I began to work his shaft, gripping and sliding my hand up and down, rolling my wrist and twisting gently with each stroke. His fingers finally slid inside me two, deep pressing against my g-spot. I gasped, biting the back of my free hand, not wanting to disturb everyone, their presence only heightening my sensitivity. I began to pant and groan quietly, my cunt throbbing as he stroked my g spot unrelenting, pressing harder and deeper. I took hold of his cock finally beneath his boxers, gripping him tightly and working his bell end, rolling my fingers over his head with each tight fast stroke. He began to shake gently as he panted into my neck.

The woman along the row from us glanced our direction, and quickly stared back at the screen as our hands worked hard. ‘Hold it’, he said, feeling my cunt grip his fingers, my teeth sink into my hand harder, as his cock throbbed and swelled in my palm, ‘not yet… ‘he whispered. His free hand grabbed my pony tail and tugged stretching my head back and pulling my chin towards the ceiling, ‘wait for me’. I worked him faster and faster, my legs shaking as I tried to fend of my orgasm, ‘I can’t’ I whispered. He pulled tighter on my hair pressed harder into my sopping cunt, wait he hissed. He began to groan slightly, pushing his cock towards my hand, jiffling in his seat. I wanted his cock in my cunt, deep in my throat, anywhere, cum ran down my arse down the insides of my thigh, dripping onto my jeans, sweat on my chest, my arm burning as I tossed him off. He yanked my head towards him, look at me when you cum, he smiled, staring deeply into my eyes as I blinked long horny glances, my lips wet, my cheeks flushed. I bit my lip hard, his cock throbbing swelling further. ‘Give in’, he finally whispered. I stopped fighting it, my cunt gushing with cum as I shook violently, gasping, groaning, staring back at him as his eyes slowly closed, and his head went back, my fingers gripping him tight. I bent my face over his cock as he let go off my hair and pulled back his jeans, and felt his warm cum shower my lips and chin, I stuck my tongue out eagerly, feeling my own juices run over his fingers and down his palm. I sat back, licking the cum off my lips, gathering it on my fingers and sucking it off eagerly, staring back at him, as he left his fingers inside my, feeling my cunt pulsing around him, enjoying the sensation of my very happy cunt. He slowly pulled his fingers out, as we readjusted ourselves and went to wipe his fingers on the seat. I caught his hand, sucking the cum off and staring once again at the screen. He exhaled heavily, smiling as he stared back at the screen.

‘Fuck’ he whispered. I looked around the cinema once more, at the oblivious absorbed faces, feeling like the naughtiest slut alive; my first public encounter.  I sat panting beside him a massive grin on my face. The best bit, he said, I turned towards him, ‘You’ve got to sit covered in my cum, for the next hour.’

Despite my absense…

I return to find you still reading daily, commenting and emailing and blessing me with an award that I can honestly say has made my day, one that I think fits rather aptly to my kind of, style 😉 Knowing you’re all out there reading my stuff, getting hot under the collar, by yourself with a partner… getting turned on, titillated it gets me wet just at the thought. I enjoy writing about my escapades and knowing you’re all enjoying them, well it just gets me dripping every time.



Thanks to nekkidsoul for your kind words and honest posts to keep me amused, heart warmed or whatever the mood might be, on a night in.


1. What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done?

Probably a threesome with two guys. Very naughty, double penetration and so so much fun.

2. What do you now know about sex that you wish you’d have known earlier in life?

I wish i’d have discovered my BDSM side earlier. I am an absolute slut for, from submission, to anal play, to spanking, binding, electro-play, latex, leather, suspension, choking… oh you name it I want to do it, and do it again. There is nothing sexier than feeling dominated, and out of control, giving in and letting go.

3. Is there any gutter fantasy you’d like to try?(tell us what it is)

Ooo this is a hard one. I have a fantasy about massages. being relaxed, having hands begin to wonder, being licked out and fingered and finally a sensual yet submissive fuck. Anything where a person in a position of power abuses their position a bit, well I’m all over that. I would also love to squirt. I’ve done it a few times in my life but never regularly nor to the soaking state I want -that sensation I would repeat again and again.

4. What’s the funniest bedroom situation you’ve ever been in?

Having my parents walk in whilst a girl was sat on my face, hearing the door open and slowly close creaking on its hinges, as a girl was literally coming over my face had to be a classic.

5. Has gutter blogging taught you anything?

That there is always something out there to discover, to share and to write about. The things I get emailed about are so diverse, so out there at times I have to do a little research to get a grasp of what the person wants, and getting amazing feedback that it was just what the doctor ordered, how hard they came, how much they enjoyed it… that’s the best sort of compliment i could ask for.

6. What is your favorite post from the person who nominated you?

I honestly cannot pick. There are far to many posts that are honest, thought provoking, emotional, funny… whatever it may be I am always happy to escape her little world and submerse myself in her latest whirlwind. Get reading people.


As for my nominations, There are far to many good smut writers out there for me to list them all, so I would say, get searching, get creative and find that blog that really hits your high notes! And now my dutiful subs, I guess it’s time to give you what you’ve been waiting for.