Tales to excite, arouse and titillate…

Month: January, 2016


Horny, randy, thinking of you,

Laid naked, playing with myself it’s true.

Fingers wet deep inside

Spread eagled, eyes open, no where to hide

Gripping my nipples hard, teasing

Working my clit, staring at you, forever pleasing

Feeling flushed, getting close

Cunt throbbing, hands round my throat

Cum running down my legs and arse

Fingering, flicking my cunt fast

Moaning louder, screaming out

Cumming hard, your name I shout,

Laying shaking, shiveringnot baremail

Thinking of you, a moment we share.




She jumped into the back of the car and pulled her coat over herself. Shivering in the cold evening air. She heard the engine tick over again and again as he sat desperately trying to get it started. Can lights flying past down the country lane the cat lit up each time in thne field entrance. Come on. Get over here. She said. I need warming up.

He turned round in the front seat. Seeing her shivering. bit get her lip. Giving him that look as her mouth broke into a cheeky smile. He climbed into the back. Pushing herself up against the door and spreading her legs he crawled in between and laid hos body against hers. Your shaking. He said. As he ran his hands down her neck. Over her scar and down over her chest. Feeling her hard cold nipped standing tall beneath her top.

He began to run his hands up and down up against did down. Glancing her nipple over and over. Watching her eyes close. Her head fall backwards as she pushed her chest towards him. Breathing heavier. She looked against daft him with sleepy horny eyes. Slow blinks as she grasped the back of his neck. Gripping his hair and pulling him towards her. Brushing her lips against his. Running her tongue over his top lip before kissing him hats. Her tongue finding his her hand going up his back under his jumper. Digging her nails into his back. She bit his bottom lip as she lifted her hips towards his crotch.

Wrapping her leg around his back and pulling him towards her. Writhing beneath him as he kissed down her neck. Biting her chest, pulling down her top exposing her breasts to the cold. He grinned seeing her piercings a tanning erect as his tongue flicked gently up and down across her buds, circling her nipples suckling her neck. She writhed and moaned louder. Digging her nails in and scratching his back. Before grabbing his hair and pushing his head back down. Suck them, She cried out.

He took her buds between her lips and suckled hard feeling them extend. Clicking his tongue over the top inside his mouth as she screamed wig pleasure. Running her hand down to his trousers and feeling his erection his Jeans. Gripping her hand around his hard shaft and unbuttoning his jeans. I want you inside me. She cried. Ripping of her leggings and pulling her underwear down he sat up. His head squashed against the ceiling trying separately to tear his clothes off him. He laid back towards her. And she pushed him back. I want to taste you she exclaimed.. leaning forward to his erection standing proud against the cold air.

She licked him from balls to tip of his shaft. Staring up at him with smiling eyes as she spat on the end of his cock. The spit ending down his shaft and dropping from his bell end before she wrapped her lips around him and slowly pushed the length of him Down her throat. Sucking gently each inch by inch. Filling her mouth. She began to work him harder up and down cradling his balls her hand and tickling rhea with her fingers. He grabbed her hair pulling her up and pushing her back down onto the car seat. Lifting one of her legs over his shoulder her toes touching the roof he grinned. Biting her chest as he teased he.her running his cock up and down her dripping quit pussy. she wriggled and riled trying or push her hips closer to him. As he slammed his hand against her hip to pin her down. The other around her throat.

Look at me, He said as he thrusted slowly into her. Filling her inch by inch. She gasped trying to breathe against his grip, feeling her can’t grip round his shaft. Her hands grabbed his arse. Arching her back and pushing him deeper and deeper inside herself. He began to fuck her hard. Deep punishing thrust his hips and balls slamming against her cunt. Her hands gripped the edge of the seats. Pulled his hair. Clawed his chest and pressed against the steamed windows. For constant stream of car lights flashing against their grinding bodies.

She fucked him back. Following his rhythm as he thruster faster and faster hammering her G spot Cum running down her arse as she slid a hand round to is arse gripping her nails and the other to her clit frigging herself hard rolling her piercing between her fingers. Fuck I’m close she screamed… pushing his head to her tits. .. eagerly Sucking them hard. Feeling his cock throb inside her. .her cunt spasm as she began to squirt over him. Covering him the car seat. Soaking herself as he came inside her hard. He collapsed against her. Their bodies hot. Sweat glistening on his X heat shh nicking spotted her forehead. Their panting breath visible against the cold air.