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Horny, randy, thinking of you,

Laid naked, playing with myself it’s true.

Fingers wet deep inside

Spread eagled, eyes open, no where to hide

Gripping my nipples hard, teasing

Working my clit, staring at you, forever pleasing

Feeling flushed, getting close

Cunt throbbing, hands round my throat

Cum running down my legs and arse

Fingering, flicking my cunt fast

Moaning louder, screaming out

Cumming hard, your name I shout,

Laying shaking, shiveringnot baremail

Thinking of you, a moment we share.




I can’t take anymore, you’re driving me mad;

Teasing me senseless, I want it so bad.

I want to feel you, deep inside

To moan and pulse and enjoy the ride.

I’m writhing I’m moaning, please do me now,

Take control and show me how.

Your fingers are drenched, why make me wait;

So undeniably wet, I’ve taken the bait.

Your tongue’s and tips have pleased me so,

And now I’m desperate, as you know.

It’s a matter of time, till you have your way,

Give into me and do as you may.

Enter me deep like you know how to do,

Grind and thrust, long and true;

Satisfy me till I can barely speak,

Work me till my legs go weak.

I’ve been so very patient, you know it’s true,

I just want to finally, make love to you. 


Show me how you like it

Lay back and let me see

Pleasure yourself excessively

Let me learn the way it should be

Take my hand and place it there

Let me feel and guide me so

Let me trace your special places

So from now I’m sure to know

Tell me how you like it

Explain it nice and clear

Give me all the dirty details

So I can keep you nice and near

Whisper it to me during sex

Or moan it down the phone

Let me learn and remember still

Something to think of when I’m alone

Feel the way you like it

Spread eagled in front of me

Every gentle stroke and little lick

Your inhibitions set free

Feel the pleasure rise inside

As I take you all the way

Giving into your bodies wish

‘Perfect’ I’ll hear you say. 


I’ll be your sub but I must confess, the submissive role is hardly my best

I’m much better when in control, riding on top like a good little ‘ho

Tie me up? Well if you please; only if you promise not to tease

I can’t bare it when I’m all wound up, with your dick out of reach but so close up.

Now there really was no need for that; to smack my arse with a good hard whack

Did I enjoy it? There’s only one way to know, Give me it again, have another go

Shut up? But why am I not pleasing you, I’m sorry this is just all a bit new

I want to sorry, no, yes I’ll stop – You want me to suck on your rock hard cock?

Fucking hell I could hardly breathe; the way your hands were giving my neck a squeeze

I thought I’d choke more, splutter and gag, I guess I make a good little slag

Uh your hands feel so good, glancing the top of clitoris hood

Fuck I really am so wet, Is it time sir for my fun yet?

Oh god that stung, my face is burning.  No need to smack me just for yearning,

To have you cock inside me sir, to make me scream, and moan and purr

Can I have oh please sir please? I’m begging down here on my knees

I want to feel you inside my cunt, to get to taste your silky spunk

Fuck that feels so fucking good, better than I thought it could

Yeah choke me sir do your worst; Make me wait for it, tease me first

Thank you sir, Thank you, for fucking me, for finally letting me have it free

For pounding me so fucking hard, relentlessly ramming me without regard

Oh fuck I think I want to cum, Please sir please sir may I have one?

Sir, Fuck. I cant hold it, no…I’m trying I just want to scream though

Thank you, fuck, Ah my god, feels  so good cumming on your rock hard knob

In my arse oh god no, shit; you’ll stretch me wide with size of your dick

Fuck, shit, its so goddamn tight; ram it, harder, fuck my asshole right.

Yeah squeeze my tits my nipples too, pull my hair, slam me deeper onto you

Fuck why’d you stop, you want me to taste? My cunt, my juices and that, special place

Hmm tastes rather good, as you said, Sir can I, carry on and give you head?

Hmm fuck, give it here *Gargle, Choke, Splutter – near *

*Suck, lick, flick quick* God I love the taste of your prick

So how’d I do as you little sub? Well I told you I’m not one submissive love

I did enjoy the lack of control, of being commanded and fucked in all holes 

Next time I promise I’ll shut my gob, I’ll do anything for a bit of that glorious knob.

Definitely repeatable, we’ll do it again; I really did enjoy the pain,

There is one little thing I definitely prefer…I do rather like calling you sir. 


Lay back and spread yourself

For me and all to see

Leave yourself beautifully exposed

Let you inhibitions free

Slide your hands down your tum,

And up and down your thigh

Slide over your special spots

Wave your modesty goodbye

Slide your fingers out and in,

Back and forth they’ll glide

Turn your face towards me,

Let your innocence fly

Relax and just give in to pleasure

Forget I’m there with you

Tease and love you perfect centre

Till all your pleasure runs true


I’ve been good I’ve done my chores

Now give me your dick, like a good little whore

I really deserve it you know I do,

I want to suck it, really pleasure you,

To swirl my tongue around your tip

Along your shaft, with a gentle lick

Wrap my lips around your head,

Down my throat, now I’m being fed,

Sucking hard taking it deep

Choking slightly my eyes’ll weep,

Faster, deeper, down my throat

Working your shaft with a quick tight stroke

Rubbing your balls and tugging lightly,

Tickling them and squeezing slightly

Leaning back and looking up,

Getting closer, holy fuck

Feeling you start to pulse and throb

Working it harder, my favourite knob

You’ll start to cum I’ve hit the spot

I suck and swallow every last drop…

I’ll lick you clean, and smile and say

What a way to end the day

Now I’ve described it – your hard as rock

So let me have that fucking cock



Let me sink between your knees,

My tongue is ready just to please,

To lick your flaps and your slit,

To rim your arse and flick your clit

To slide a finger just inside

To that special spot and stretch you wide

To watch you as you grip the bed

And put your hands on the back of my head

To push me deeper into your cunt

To let me taste your beautiful spunk

To work that place between your thighs

And listen to you begin to sigh

Suddenly louder you start to scream

And pulse and throb and begin to cream

Your pussy gripping my fingers tight

Letting me know I’ve done it right

So let me sink down to the floor

And lick that place that I adore.


Naked on your sheets, take yourself in hand

Rub yourself slowly, gently if you can

Work yourself harder, think of me and groan

Grip, squeeze and smile, Whisper my name and moan

Lay back and shiver, cover yourself in cream

Close your eyes and think of me, your favourite little dream


I’m just a girl

Who likes it rough

Who wants to be ruined

Who plays all tough

Who takes it up the arse

And deep down her throat

Who loves to be hurt

To gargle and choke

Who begs for a pounding

And supplies her own whip

Whos got bars through her nips

And a few through her clit,

I’m just a girl

Who’ll be your whore

And take it daily

And plead for more…




Sex is love in motion

Sex is heartbreak stalled

Sex is friendship in transition

Sex is loneliness paused

Sex is pleasure personified

Sex is feelings expressed

Sex is lust gratified

Sex is life – confessed.