by sextails

She smudges her lipstick with her fingers staring at me with that look. the look only a woman can give you. Deep. Penetrating and intoxicating. I can feel my cunt throb as she flicks her hair from her face and smiles. A wry side smile. A smile I know all to well.

We keep talking. As I stare at her mouth. Feeling every word she says.  Her voice dancing off the walls. Her hands casting shadows round the room.   She pauses and laughs raising her eyebrows and a look of ‘what’ dances in her eyes.

I smile.  I slide closer to her on the sofa. Our knees touching as I inch closer. Her eyes glance downwards to my chest as I move within an inch of her. She bristles, her eyes staring at my red lipstick as I run one hand up her leg.

A kiss. A deep longing kiss. Her eyes close as my lips graze hers. Her mouth open as I suck gently on her bottom lip before kissing her. Her tongue finding mine. Dancing round my tongue piercing. She let’s out a little groan as my hand slides around her neck and moves her hair to one side. Pulling her closer.

Our lips are wet. Her body responding. She arches her back pushing her tits against me as I start to nibble her neck. Gentle kisses that make her shiver. Biting her ear gently. Three words.  “I want you” whispered barely audibly in her ear.

My hand stroke down her side the other cradling her neck. Kissing her shoulders. Her collarbones. More groans. My cunt throbbing for her. To feel her. Taste her.  Have her riding me.  I slide my hand up her back and undo her bra. Her eyes open in shock but that stare is still there. I’m not stopping and neither is she me.

My fingers find her breast. Tracing the outline of her full cups as I graze them gently across her nipple. Her head goes back.  Leaning on the sofa. Mouth open. She’s never looked so sexy. Instinctively she leans forward as I pull her top off and she opens her legs welcomingly grinding her hips gently.

I take her breasts in my hands  pushing them together. Rolling her buds between my fingers and kissing her ribcage. My lips find her. Gently caressing each nipple. My tongue dancing gently.  Fleetingly over them.  Her fingers clench gripping the cushions beside her. I sucked.  Harder.  More determined. Flicking my tongue repeatedly across one, between her breasts and to the other. Hearing her gasp again and again.

She pulls me up and towards her. I stare deeply into her blue eyes begging she doesn’t stop before she grins. Kissing me hard. Biting my lip. And unbuttons her jeans. I grin. She’s ready.  I slide back down her. Undoing my bra and pulling my top off in a quick sweep. Seeing her eyes devour my pert breasts. She reaches out and runs her finger between them.  Tracing the online of each breasts in turn.

Her jeans come off. One quick pull as she lifts her arse, hungrily awaiting my touch. I lift her leg as the other drops open and I can see her wet cunt through her frenchies. Glistening. Her feet are dainty. Painted toenails. Her legs smooth like she’d prepared for what was to come. I run my hand up to her knee. Stroking her calf as I kiss her toes. Sucking them each in turn. Watching her other foot curl and hearing the breathy sighs of anticipation. I kiss her ankle. Her calf. Her inner thigh and settle myself between her thighs.

She stares down grinning, laughing as her head lays back once again. I kiss her thighs running my hands up to her arse one hand Instinctively back to her nipples.  Rolling it again and again between soft fingers. I kiss her knicker line.  She’s grinding. Moving. Desperate for me to touch her  I kiss her lips. Up. Missing her clit and down the other side before sliding my free hand to move them aside.

She’s dripping. Not just wet. It’s running down her arse. It’s soaking the sofa in a delicate pool beneath her cheeks. One lick gently lapping her clit. Another the length of her lips. A third across her arsehole.  Harder pushing my tongue between her and up to her clit. She moans “sweet jesus” through pursed lips. My tongue flicks her clit. Up and down. Feeling it harden with each lap. Then side to side.  Harder still. Still teasing her nipple.

I lick my lips hungrily.  She tastes like fruit. Sweet yet barely there.  My tongue thick with her cum.  Her knickers slide down to her ankles as she lifts one by one till they’re nestled on the floor. My finger traces her clit. Down her slit. Finding her opening. Begging. I leave my finger just in front. Nestled.  Cradled by her lips as I circle. Sucking her clit this time. My tongue hammering it up and down. Her moans louder and louder grabbing the back of my head and pushing her cunt into my face.

I slide my fingers inside knuckle deep.  Twisting my hand and back out. Slow intimate teasing as her muscles grip me with each movement. She’s close. Her breathing is fast her groans free and light. Gasping.  I push them deep inside and up, my fingers on her g spot. Pressure circling as she starts to climax. Her cunt tightening. Her legs shaking. Her clit swollen on my tongue. She holds her legs up panting.  Her chest Glistening with sweat. Her hair stuck to her shoulders.

She shakes barely able to breathe and I release her clit and slowly move in and out of her. Her g spot is hard and full. Pressing against my fingers.  Her head resting towards her shoulder. I press up. Hard. Curling my fingers and start. Come hither. Slowly at first.  Watching her mouth open. Her gasps. Her chest raising and falling. Cum running down my fingers.  Harder. Faster. Her cunt sopping, slurping greedily as I rest my hand on her abdomin, pressing slightly.  Feeling her swell and swell. Shaking. Quivering. Gyrating.  I hold my position. Her cunt relaxes and then, cum. Squirting up in an arch over my hand. Down her arse. Spraying her thighs.  Soaking the sofa. She opens her eyes screaming.  Staring at me in shock. In amazement.  Enthralled in pleasure. It splashes onto my breasts filling my cupped hand. She gasps sitting upright as I ease off. Leaving my fingers inside feeling the trickle of cum down them staring at her soaked cunt. My thumb gently rubbing her clit.

She stares at me. Then laughter. Full hearted giggles as her head falls backwards onto the sofa and I slowly leave her, licking my fingers hungrily. Sliding my body up hers and tracing her lips with my fingers. She licks, staring once again.  Then a kiss. A hard, passionate, desperate kiss. She’s nowhere near done.