Tales to excite, arouse and titillate…

Month: December, 2012


I was ready. All curled up, I clutched my knees to my chest. The satin was soft again my skin, wrapped around me, under me, cold against my privates. It was dark; I could feel my breath on my arm, light and fluttering with anticipation. What would he think, how would he react… there was too much to think about. My nipples stood hard beneath the shift, my pussy wet, waiting for him.

I heard the door, heard his keys on the sideboard, his shoes slip off in the hall, and the door creak open. He laughed a deep hearted chuckle, and I could feel him walking over.

“What have we here” he said somewhere over my box, “Merry Christmas, Open me.” It was my queue, I stood up out of the box, smiling at him, the satin red bow wrapped draped around me, my naked body goose pimpled and gleaming. He eyed me slowly up and down, taking me in as I handed him my note, tucked warmly in my hand, and he opened it with a quizzical look.

“Yours present, to do as you wish”. He grinned once again, looking me over, at my legs, my flat stomach, my breasts just concealed, my hair falling around my shoulders.

He took my hand, as I stepped out of the box, turning around slowly for him, enjoying his gaze on me, my pussy throbbing slightly, as he stared longingly at my curves. His hands felt the satin, ran over my breasts, over my erect nipples, down my sides and over my pussy softly.  I closed my eyes, trembling slightly, the expectation killing me.

He undid his shirt exposing his chest; my hands ran over its smoothness, his stomach, his chest, up to his shoulders, as his found the bow between my breasts. He stared deep into my eyes as he tugged, gently. The bow untied, dropping to the floor around me, exposing me.

He walked over to the sofa, sitting down leading me after him, my heels clipping on the floor. He sat back, the music in the background ticking over, as I stood in front of him. Dance, he said. I turned around; walking a few paces away, and began to move. My hips swayed i time with the beat, my arse bouncing and curving in front of him, my hands running through my hair, over my naked breasts, up my thighs, as I ground for him, bending over in front of him, my pussy peaking out between my thighs. I backed up towards him, dropping to the floor spreading my legs and standing again, teasing him. I got closer, sticking my arse in his face, rubbing my tits up his thighs, my arse against his lap, his now hard cock straining against his jeans.

 He pulled me onto him, so I sat astride him, straddling his crotch, pushing my tits into his face, he licked my nipples greedily, flicking the bud with his tongue, his hands on my arse, grasping me, spreading my cheeks. I gasped, my head falling backwards, as he pulled my tits together, began to suck my nipples hungrily, taking the bud between his lips, rolling his tongue over it, getting the harder, my pussy wetter and wetter with each flick. I moaned, grinding my cunt against him through his jeans, working my clit against him.

 He sat back, undoing the top button of his jeans and staring at me adoringly. I got the hint and slid off him, dropping to the floor between his knees, I slowly undid each button, and pulled them off, his cock standing erect through his boxers. I kissed it through them, ran my hand over his balls, tickling up and down his shaft with soft strokes before slowly peeling them off.

I got comfortable, shifting my weight on my heels and licked his balls softly. He moaned as my lips grazed him, my wet tongue ran over him. I sucked gently, taking them in my mouth, my tongue massaging each one in turn, covering him in spit, staring up at him as his cock pulse in front of me. My tongue ran up the length of his shaft, up and down covering him, soaking him. I licked his bell end softly, rolling my tongue around the ring, flicking it tasting his pre cum already dripping from the tip, and took it just inside my mouth, sucking gently. He groaned visibly, his hands running through my hair, as I took him inch by inch down my throat, my tongue pressed against his shaft.

I began to work him, taking him deep down my throat, sucking hard, my fingers massaging his balls as I choked on his cock, the spit running down my chin, staring up at him. My hand joined my mouth, working him up and down, harder and faster, twisting slightly over his head, rolling the palm of my hand over him, up and down, harder, faster, feeling him groan and strain for more of him inside.

He sat up, and slid off the sofa, standing in front of me. I adjusted back onto my heels, his cock standing proud in front of me. I opened my mouth longingly sticking out my tongue as he slapped his cock against it, rubbing it against my wet lips, before pressing it down for my to take. I sucked it back down my throat taking the length of him down, as his hands went to the back of my head. I steadied myself my nails digging into his thighs as he began to fuck my face; hard and fast, his cock ramming the back of my throat, sliding deep down, choking me. I spluttered, staring into his eyes, as he pulled me hair, flicking my tongue against his shaft as it fucked my face harder and harder.

He pulled out, I gasped for air, before he stuck it back in, pressing it against my cheek, ramming it home, groaning and moaning with each thrust. He sat back down, pulling me over him, I held him tall as he slid into my dripping wet cunt; inch by inch filling me, his cock deep inside me, pressing against my g spot. I started to ride him slowly, sliding the length of him in and out, teasing his bell end with my tight cunt, before thrusting him back into me hard. I ground against him, working my clit on his stomach, his cock pressing deep and hard inside me, rocking backwards and forwards enthusiastically. I felt my cunt throb as I worked myself on him, my cum running down his balls, his hands gripping my arse, urging me on. My nails dug into his shoulders, my eyes pressed shut, as my chest flushed. I felt my cunt pulse harder and harder around his hard cock, my orgasm building thrust by thrust, before I came hard, sudden release I screamed out, scratching his chest, grinding against him hard.

I threw my head back, laughing, swivelling around on his cock, so I was facing the other way, my feet on the floor. I bounced on his cock, riding him, my arse slamming into his lap, the sound of it slapping against him. He smacked my arse, thrusting in time with me, penetrating me deeper and deeper, hitting the back wall of my cunt – dripping with satisfaction. I held my hair up, turning my head to look at him as I worked him, my legs burning my cunt throbbing, desperate to please him.

He pushed me off suddenly, throwing me onto the sofa, and bending me over the back. I stuck my arse out for him, my glistening cunt spread for him, as he spit down my arse, watching it run over my lips and drip off my cunt.

He ran his cock up and down my slit before pounding into me, his hands on my hips, ramming me onto him. I gripped the back of the sofa, bent forwards, screaming in pleasure, calling his name, my legs shaking. He fucked me hard, fast and brutal, his hands grabbing my hair and wrenching my head backwards, arching my back, his other hand wrapped around my throat choking me. He groaned with me, as I started to tense again, his cock throbbing inside me. He was getting close, I bounced against him, screamed out, cumming on him once more, sweat running down between my breasts, cum drenching my thighs.  Suddenly he pulled out and pulled my head around, taking his cock in his hand and stood over my face. I stuck my tongue out for him, staring up at him, waiting for him to shower me, as he began to cum, spraying me. He came over my tits, my cheeks, on my lips and tongue, I licked his tip hungrily, lapping him up, running my hands over my cum soaked chest and grinning at him.

“Merry Christmas” I grinned. 



It was a hot day. One of those beautiful bright summers days, when the sun dances off the water, with a light breeze, gentle waves lapping the side of the boat, as we cruise amongst the reeds up water ways. She laid out on the front deck of the cruiser as I steered, her bikini barely covering her arse as she lay sprawled, tanning her back, sunglasses on, watching the world go by. Her hair fluttered in the wind, and she rolled over, turning to look at me, her bare breasts standing proud in the morning sun, her nipples erect from the cool breeze. She raise her sunglasses on her head, pushing her hair off her face, “Fancy stopping” She shouted over the engine noise.

We moored up amongst some reeds, tying to them and put the anchor down in the mud. The river was quiet, the only sound ducks somewhere in the reed-bed  I made my way down into the cabin, the stairs were steep and it was dark compared to the bright sun up top. She was laid out on the bed, spread-eagled, grinning at me. I shoved a cup in the sink of the tiny kitchen and walked over to her, pushing her back onto the bed, I kissed her nose, her mouth, biting her bottom lip, running my tongue over it, touching the wetness with my fingers. She laid back closing her eyes as I kissed her neck, and began to nibble her ear; kissing and licking  it lightly, breathing gently and biting softly. She groaned as my hands ran up her sides, making her hairs stand on end and her body tense. The boat rocked gently from the wind whipping the water against the sides, hearing it lap gently in the hull.

I kissed her neck, her chest, her collar bones, my hands running up and over her breasts missing her nipples, circling but never touching. She groaned and writhed under my touch, desperate for my fingers to glance them. I ran them around and around the edge, from one to the other, and then very gently ran m tips over them. She shuddered, her nipples standing tall, desperate to be sucked. I teased her for ages, barely touching her, as her breathing got heavier and heavier underneath me. Finally I reached my tongue out and lapped on. A gentle flick with the tip of my tongue, she moaned and gasped out, my teeth gently teasing them, my lips running over them, finally sucking them gently. I spat on my fingers and squeezed her other nipple between my fingers, rolling the bud over and over as my tongue flicked and sucked, working her hard. My hands gripped her breasts, massaged them, pulling them closer together as I ran my tongue from nipple to the other straight across her chest.

She pushed her hips up into me, desperate for me to touch her. I continued playing as my hand ran down her thigh up the inside, across her stomach and down the other leg, teasing her once again. I sat back, finding the ties at the sides of her bikini bottoms and pulling them fell away, revealing her pink lips dripping with cum. I ran my tongue up the inside of her thigh, over her lips, glancing her arse and her cunt. She smelt musky, tasted sweet, her cum running off my tongue as I made my way to her clit. I pulled her stomach tight, stretching her cunt as my lips wrapped around her clit and I began to suck gently. She groaned, her hands on the back of my head, as I sucked harder and harder, slowly flicking the tip of her tongue over her clit. I flicked harder and faster, rolling my tongue with each glance, feeling her clit swell. She writhed beneath me, panting and groaning, soft whimpers escaping her lips as he legs gently shook. My finger ran up and down her slit beneath my tongue, feeling her dripping cunt, circling her, before sliding deep into her cunt, pressing up onto her g spot. She groaned louder as I did a ‘come hither’ motion, working her g spot hard in time with my tongue, pushing my fingers in deep to the knuckles and rolling my hand, working her hard but slowly. Her cunt tightened and gripped my fingers, gently pulsed as the blood rushed to her pussy.I began to work my fingers faster, and harder, pressing up with more force, working her g spot, she groaned, and groaned, began to pant as my tongue flicked her clit faster and faster up and down, She grabbed my hair, pressing my face into her, legs shaking as she came, the cum running down my hand, screaming out, sweat appearing on her chest.

I eased off her clit, pressed lighter on her spot, and slowly pulled my finger in and out of her, feeling her gush around me, I pressed the tip of one finger against her arse, running my finger around her anus, her cum lubing her up, I pressed gently feeling the muscles relax for me, putting just the tip in and then circling once again. She groaned, complained I was teasing. I laughed, pressing lightly again as my finger easily slipped inside, I slid it slowly all the way in as she moaned, breathing out, pushing herself onto my fingers, and my other deeper back into her cunt. She raised her hips off the bed as I started to hammer her arse and cunt, slamming my hand against her crotch fast and hard, my fingers pounding in and out of her pressing upwards once more. She gripped her tits, squeezing her nipples between her fingers throwing her head back against the bedding she bit the quilt as she began to scream, her cunt and arse tightening and pulsing simultaneously, cum running down from her pussy over her arse, and onto the sheets. She laid back exhausted as I left my fingers inside her, feeling her throb on me, the warm wetness around them. She sat up grinning, her hair stuck to her forehead and neck, her cheeks flushed, as she slowly pulled my hand out, and towards her face. She licked my fingers eagerly, lapping up her cum, tasting her cunt and arse and brushing her teeth along my fingers. She leant forward, biting my bottom lip, her tongue finding mine, tasting her again, she finally pulled away, “Your turn” she smiled, pulling my down on top of her.


I can’t take anymore, you’re driving me mad;

Teasing me senseless, I want it so bad.

I want to feel you, deep inside

To moan and pulse and enjoy the ride.

I’m writhing I’m moaning, please do me now,

Take control and show me how.

Your fingers are drenched, why make me wait;

So undeniably wet, I’ve taken the bait.

Your tongue’s and tips have pleased me so,

And now I’m desperate, as you know.

It’s a matter of time, till you have your way,

Give into me and do as you may.

Enter me deep like you know how to do,

Grind and thrust, long and true;

Satisfy me till I can barely speak,

Work me till my legs go weak.

I’ve been so very patient, you know it’s true,

I just want to finally, make love to you.