by sextails

I can’t take anymore, you’re driving me mad;

Teasing me senseless, I want it so bad.

I want to feel you, deep inside

To moan and pulse and enjoy the ride.

I’m writhing I’m moaning, please do me now,

Take control and show me how.

Your fingers are drenched, why make me wait;

So undeniably wet, I’ve taken the bait.

Your tongue’s and tips have pleased me so,

And now I’m desperate, as you know.

It’s a matter of time, till you have your way,

Give into me and do as you may.

Enter me deep like you know how to do,

Grind and thrust, long and true;

Satisfy me till I can barely speak,

Work me till my legs go weak.

I’ve been so very patient, you know it’s true,

I just want to finally, make love to you.