by sextails

We were only staying a week, a short break away for a holiday. He’d surprised me as a treat, or a desperate attempt to salvage our relationship and show he cared. Prague. It was safe to say I was pleased, at least he was trying. We’d arrived and settled into our room, found our way down to the front entrance and asked the concierge for places to go, eat, the usual. He gave me the eye as I walked over, looking me up and down with his head on the side, in a way that made my skin bristle and my cunt twinge.  He answered his questions politely, staring at me and grinning, asking if I liked the city, what floor we were on, if we wanted dinner reservations. He had a thick accent, Spanish, dark, tall, with those deep eyes. I smiled and blushed, I tried to look away, and listen to my partner, but I was there, he knew he had me.

The first few nights we saw him, he’d smile make pleasant conversation, then my partner was late down for dinner. I sat in the bar having a drink quietly, relaxing to the sound of the piano when he came over. He stood and asked If I was ok. We exchanged polite conversation, his hand brushed my arm, he stared at me longingly, wantingly and told me I was beautiful. My partner appeared and he asked me if I wanted a drink, taking my partners, not his job but, I guess he needed the excuse.

Later that night my partner went out, to the shop, to somewhere, to get something that we needed. It turned out to be flowers; the irony was not lost on me. I walked across the hall to the lift when he came bounding across and joined me. I’ll walk you up, he said simply.

I smiled obligingly, stepping into the lift, my heels clicking against the wooden floor. He pressed the button and the door shut, we were on the move. Suddenly he turned round pushing me up against the mirrored walls and pressing my hands by my sides, he kissed me hard, on the mouth, his tongue searching for mine, straining for me, biting my lip, and kissing my cheek.  I gasped, kissing him back, I felt a rush of need, of want, of passion that I was missing.

He turned around, placed his key in the slot in the lift and it stopped with a jolt. He turned back to me, smiling. I felt nervous, like a teenager, a rush of anticipation, of expectation, of fear – What was I doing, what was happening. He kissed me again, kissed my neck, running his hands up my hold ups to the lace at the top, stroking me. I groaned leaning against the wall as he slowly hitched my skirt up, finding his fingers to my knickers and glancing my crotch. I gasped, I was dripping. He smiled kissing me again, his fingers running over my clit, my lips through my lacy underwear.

My hand went around the back of his neck, I spread my legs wider, I pushed my pelvis forward, I wanted his fingers desperately. He slipped them into my wetness, I felt his fingers warm against my skin, running up and down my slit and deep into my cunt. It responded gripping him back, swelling around his knuckles as he began to work me slowly, a slow come hither motion deep inside me. He glanced my g spot repeatedly, each slow motion bringing me closer. He rolled his hand and fingers, sending a new sensation through me. My cunt felt incredible, better than it ever had. I was dripping wet, it running down my legs. He pulled my straps of my dress down, still expertly fingering me, I pulled my bra down showing him my nipple and he wrapped his lips around them, sucking them gently, rolling the bud between his lips, flicking the head with the tip of his tongue.

My legs felt weak, I could hardly stand, I held onto the rail of the lift, nestled my head into the corner, moaning louder and louder. Then his thumb glanced my clit. I cried out, as he slowly circled it gentle pressure, rolling it under his finger again and again. My cunt throbbed, his fingers full inside me, he slipped a third in and I felt it.

My cunt swelling harder and harder, the rush of head from my knees, everything tighten and suddenly, I came. I cried out, I shook, my legs barely holding me, is other hand pressed against my stomach, trying to prop me up. My whole body came, my nerve endings pricking, the hairs standing on end, my cunt running with sweet cum. He flicked my nipple a few times, kissed my chest, and stood back, pulling my dress back over my breast and my strap up.

His fingers were stil inside me, rocking slowly in and out, enjoying how wet I was I imagine. He slid his fingers out slowly, stroking my cunt as he did, and placed them to my mouth, softly. I licked them gently, looking at him, completely lost in my own pleasure, nothing desperate or hungry, just tasted myself, the sweetness of cum, the silkiness, the way it smelt on my lips.

He turned around stepping away from me. I suddenly felt exposed, the lights were bright, I was flushed and hot. He turned his key and the lift jolted moving. He stood with his back to me, I pulled down my dress, stood up straight not knowing what to do. The lift doors opened, he stood to the side, and gestured to the open door. I went to speak but changed my mind, stepping forward.

He winked at me as I was parallel with him, taking hold of my hand and kissing the back of it, I stepped out of the lift, turning around and watched him step backwards, the lift shutting, his deep eyes staring at me, smiling and glistening. The doors closed. I stood for a second in the corridor. I took a deep breath, I felt the cum running down my leg. I thought of my partner waiting in my room, I hurried down the corridor, trying to sort myself out. I reached the door, paused and smiled. Well,  that was different. I let myself in.