by sextails

It had been a hot day, one of the hottest of the year, if not the. 32 degrees and for an English summer even I had to admit that was warm.  I’d realised early in the day it was too hot for clothes, they stuck to my skin, I felt claustrophobic, overheated, clammy. I ran a cold shower, letting the water run over my skin and through my hair.

The water pricked my skin, goose-bumps raised on my body, the hairs on my arms stood on end, my nipples stuck out proudly. I gasped, panting as the water rushed over my face, my body shuddered under the cool spray, the drips ran over my warm cunt, down my arse, dripping off my lips.

I dried myself off, rubbing my hair roughly and threw on some underwear. I needed to get baking. It was my friend’s birthday, I’d promised her mum I’d do the cake, something fancy and in a few hours I’d need to be getting myself ready, not worrying about my buns rising.

I danced around the kitchen collecting ingredients, bowls and scales, flour and sugar, eggs and all. I put the ingredients together, placed my apron on and started to bake, mixing and folding. I spilt flour over the island in the kitchen, splashed milk on the floor – mum had always told me I was a messy cook.

Sweat ran down my forehead, the kitchen was so hot, I needed something cool. I heard someone walk in the kitchen, I didn’t think much of it, facing away from the door, I glanced over my shoulder and gasped deeply. A cold shock hit the inside of my thigh. I glanced down, arched my arse up in shock; felt his body press hard against mine behind me.

“Need something refreshing?” I leant my head back against his shoulder, as he moved the cold bottle up my stomach, water running off it and down towards my knickers, between my tits as he placed it to my lips. I gulped thirstily, the cold coke sliding down, my lips cold from the glass.

He turned me round, taking the bottle away from me, and ran his fingers over my lips. “Better?” He asked, “Much” I grinned running my cold tongue over them pushing my hair off my face. I leaned back on the counter, staring at him. He glanced at the bowl, “Need a hand?” He stepped in closer. I turned back around ready to bake again when I felt his hand clasp around my waist, his cock press into my arse.

He ran his hands up my stomach, to my breasts, grabbed them hard through my bra and massaged them, rolling my nipples between his fingers through the fabric, I leant my head back, clasping my hands on the edge of the work top, pushing my arse into him. His fingers ran down my back, over my arse, tickling me, dancing against me, down my leg and under, working their way up my thigh.

I panted, breathing heavily, moaning slightly under my breath, desperate for his touch. He glanced his finger across my cunt, I felt the rush of cum, my cunt swelling, throbbing for him. He let go of me, pushed my head forwards, I spread my legs and bent over the island, flour covered my chest. He pulled my knickers off slowly, untied my apron, and lifted it over my head. His hands gripped my arse, his lips kissed my lower back, my butt cheeks, my thighs….

I arched more, pushing my cunt out towards him, feeling his breath on me, knowing he was so close. I felt his tongue lick my lips, glance the side of my cunt. I wriggled, trying to get him to lick my centre, he kissed my cunt, he sucked my lips, before finally glancing his tongue over my clit.

I groaned out loud, spreading my legs further, his arms wrapped around my thighs, his nose pressed against my arse as his tongue found my centre, licked up my sweet wetness, he groaned as he tasted me, shoving his tongue deeper inside my cunt, flicking it over my hole, I was panting, getting wetter and wetter, desperate for him to have me.

His fingers found my clit, glancing it with his thumb his tongue still licking my hole, fucking it gently. My clit swelled, engorged, sensitive to his touch, he grasped it between his two fingers rolling it, I jumped, I wriggled, the feeling so intense, I couldn’t stand still, then his tongue found my arse.

He rimmed me slowly, licking around my anus, feeling the folds of my skin, flicking his tongue over the centre, pressing lightly against it. His fingers slipped inside me easily, my cunt gripped them hard, pulsing around them. He found my g spot and began pressing hard but slow, glancing it with each slow thrust, my cum running down his hand. My arse relaxed, his tongue inserted inside, licking my pretty pink anus.

He leant back and spat on my arse crack, I felt the spit run down over my arse. I was getting close, his fingers working my cunt hard. “Do you want my cock?” he asked. I turned my head, glancing over my shoulder, my face pressed against the cold granite. I nodded meekly, flushed and unable to concentrate, my cunt throbbing harder and harder.

He undid his belt, his trousers, I felt his cock rub against my arse, up and down my centre, from my clit to my arse and above, feeling my wetness, I arched further, pushed against him. Where do you want it he asked, running it down to my cunt, “here?” He pressed slightly so it just slipped the tip inside me, and then pulling it out, moving it up to my anus and pressing lightly.

I spread my legs further, dropping my arse down lower, sticking I up higher to get a better angle, I grinned, “There”, I said as he pressed it harder against my anus. He spat on me again, spat on his hand and rubbed his cock, and then, he entered me. My arse stretched wide, throbbing as his cock filled me, wrapping my tight arse around him. I relaxed, groaning as it stung ever so slightly, the pain welcoming.

He nestled himself deep in my arse, his hands ran down my back, over my bra to my arse and rested on my hips. He grabbed my hands, holding them on the small of my back, I grinned. How do you want it he said, slowly pulling out of my arse, “soft?” he pulled out so just the tip was in, “or hard?” he thrust back into me quickly, thumping his hips against my arse, his cock ramming into me, ”soft?” he pulled out, “or hard?” ramming me again.  “You know” I said.

His hand pressed against the side of my face into the granite, “I want to hear you say it” I smiled again, “Ram my arse” I said loudly, “Fuck it hard” With that he began to pound me, pulling my hands harder behind my back, one grabbing my hair, he fucked me deep, stretching my arse with each thrust, He let go of my hands, I gripped the work top on the other side of the island, bounced against his cock, groaned louder and louder as he pounded me unrelentingly.

His fingers wrapped round my front and down to my clit, he bent over me, fucking me deeper, harder, faster, as he ran his fingers over my clit, rubbing it hard against my pubic bone, I screamed out as his other pulled my head back harder, “Fuck I’m going to cum” I screamed, panting, screaming his name, desperate to cum around him, “Wait” he demanded.

I panted, I screamed, I begged him, “I can’t hold it” he fucked harder, deeper, both hands on my hips, pulling me onto him with each thrust, the worktop digging into my stomach, my arse bouncing with each thwack, “I’m close” he said, “Fuck” I gave in, I felt my muscles throb, feeling my cum run down the inside of my thighs, my cunt and arse throbbing together, screaming louder and louder, shouting at him, “cum in my arse” he groaned with one last thrust and I felt him throb inside me, he gently thrust, as he came in me, my arse taking all his spunk. He exhaled, pulling out of my slowly, I felt his cum running out of my arse, as I stayed bent over. I stood up straight, arched my back, stretched – turning around to look at him.

Think you might have to make another mix, he laughed, I turned, to see the bowl on the floor. “Fuck” I swore, “Fuck we did indeed” he replied. I smiled. It was definitely worth it.