by sextails

It’d been a gorgeous day, glorious in fact. We’d decided to go camping, a few friends and I one weekend. The weather had been great and so off we went, tents, beer and bundles in tow, and made for the nearest spot; a lake on the outskirts of town .

We’d been up drinking most of the day, pratting about talking, swimming and sunbathing, enjoying the good weather. The camp fire was lit in the evening and a BBQ set out, marshmallows on sticks and all for us to enjoy. It was somewhat Idyllic, our tents in a little circle by the lakeside; the water lapping against the shoreline behind us, our faces lit gently by firelight, shadows dancing on the sand.

A walk was decided on and we headed into the dense woodland for a stroll, following stream and mud paths, darting between the trees and boggy marshland, following whatever trail we were on. Suddenly, as is the English weather, the skies had opened and it had began to pour. Not rain, but pour, the rain hurt as it hit our skin and soaked us to the bone.

We ran laughing back along the trail, mud splashing the backs of our legs, our hair dripping water down our faces. At the tent we stripped boots and muddy soaked clothes, diving into the small two man, ‘beach wind protector’ we’d brought as our shelter. Everyone had disappeared inside in the commotion and laughing could be heard all around our little site.

The rain bounced from the roof, water ran down the inside of the thin sheet and we laughed as we curled up close, two wet, naked bodies, panting in our little nest.  I rolled over, my wet breasts pressing against his torso, ‘well that was unexpected’.

His eyes stared at me intently, glanced over my body, looking me all over as I lay on my side, my head on my arm, curled up on the sleeping bag beneath us. I watched as he observed me, ran his hand through my hair, down my cheek, across my lips and kissed me, softly.

I pushed my body into his, wrapping my leg over him, feeling his hardening cock pressing against my stomach. I kissed him eagerly, nibbled his ear, bit his neck; running my hands over his back, his arse, digging my nails into his skin.

He pulled me on top and I rocked gently on him, running my cunt along his hard shaft, feeling his skin roll over his bellend with each thrust. I tried to sit up, my head hitting the top of the tent, water droplets spitting on us both as we laughed, him pulling me back down, his hands on my breasts.

I moved as he held his cock tall and I slid onto him, feeling the whole length of him inside me, pressing against my g spot; filling me entirely. I leant down, kissing his nose, pulling him against me, as I moved slowly up and down his shaft, feeling my wetness run down his balls and my legs.

He moaned and groaned, breathing heavily, whispering fuck as he laid his head back against our bedding, and gripped my arse with his hands, I bounced more enthusiastically, working his whole length, enjoying the feeling of him inside me, rocking my hips back and forth working him hard.

He rolled me onto my back, my legs pressing against the edges of the wet tent, feeling cold against my skin, he pulled my legs over his shoulders and thrust into me deeper, faster, unrelentingly. Gripping my arse, I pulled my legs hard against him, holding him tight to me, gripped his arse with my fingers and rocked on my back to pound his cock into me harder.

We were panting, wet, hot, the tent dripping with rain and condensation. I wanted to scream out, his cock brushing my favourite spot over and over, biting my arm and holding my breath, my eyes stared at hi with longing and horniness, I felt him start to swell more, seeing me enjoying myself, I bit his neck, whispered to him to cum for me, and he pounded me harder and harder,

His cock throbbed, he slid out of me and grabbing his cock in my hand I wanked him hard, a tight grip on his cock, all fingers wrapped around him tightening with each stroke over his bellend and aimed at my tits. He began to shudder, swore and came over me, dripping his juices all over my stomach and tits. He sat back on his haunches panting, I ran my hands over myself, rubbing his cum into me, collecting it on my fingers and licking it off, grinning at him.

The rain had stopped; we heard voices outside swearing at heavens for putting the fire out, people running about trying to find dry firewood, and a few comments about the pile of wet clothes, just outside our tent…