by sextails

The beach was hot, a perfectly clear day; the sun glistening off the water. The boulders and rocks dotted along the beach. The wind was calm and I waded in the water, holding my sun dress high up around my bum and waist, enjoying the cool water on my legs.

I stared at him sat up on the bank amongst the long grasses; his head was on its side. He was giving me that look; Eying me up and down. I walked out of the water towards him, and up the bank to him. I glanced left and right. The beach was deserted. I ran my hands through my hair, down my sides, grabbing the bottom of my sun dress, pulling it over my head. I stood ankle deep in the sea, totally exposed. My breasts bare, the sun on my pale skin. He sat up, looking around, as I walked towards him, up the bank.

I straddled him, pushing him down amongst the grasses, my tits pressed against him. “Let’s have some fun” I grinned, running my hands round the back of his neck. His face lit up, a mix of fear, of exposure, of delight. I kissed him hard, my tongue running gently over his lips, finding his tongue, massaging mine with his. I dug my nails in his neck, pulled him harder towards him, started to grind on his cock. I could feel his hard on through his jeans. I pulled his top up, running my hands over his chest, kissing down his neck, nibbling, sucking gently. My tongue found his nipple. I circled it slowly, feeling it get harder, watched his face as his head fell back against the sand. I took it between my lips, using my teeth to gently nibble, sucking hard. His cock strained against his trousers, against my cunt.

I sat back, undoing his jeans. He went to say something and I kissed him hard on the mouth, as my hands pulled his boxers down releasing his cock. It stood up tall between my legs. I grinned with pleasure, loving seeing him so hot for me – desperate to have me on him.

My hands glanced over him, touching him oh so lightly, feeling his cock straighten and strain. I ran my lips over it, soft and gently, kissing lightly. He gasped, his hands running through my hair. I ran my nipple piercings over it, teasing him, running my fingers over his balls. I sat back, staring at him, leaning over it again and spat hard on his cock – the spit falling from my lips over him. I ran my tongue the length of him, all over, spat on his balls, and using my finger tips, started tickling his balls as my lips wrapped around his bell end. I sucked gently, taking it just inside my mouth, just the very tip. His head was back, his eyes shut, that look of urgency on his face. I slid my tongue over the head, flicked it, ran it over his special spot on the underside, before opening my mouth wide, sticking out my tongue and taking him down my throat. He gasped. I sucked hard, feeling him fill my throat, pressed my tongue against him….

He was so hard. I started to move my head up and down slowly, his whole cock in my mouth, glancing the back of my throat with each stroke. I moved back to his head, sucking harder and began to work him, the length of him, still tickling his balls, my fingers finding the spot between his arse and balls, pressing slightly, tickling him.  I kept the tension in my mouth, flicked my tongue on the underside of his cock with each stroke. His hands pulled my hair, urging me on. I pulled back, moved up towards him, taking him in my hand. I wanked him hard.

Fast, heavy on his head, feeling is foreskin roll over his bell end and back. He gasped, shaking as I worked him harder, gripping tight, kissing him, my tongue working his, staring deep into his eyes. He shut his, he gasped. He shuddered. I could feel him getting close, his balls swelling, his head jerking backwards. I took him once again my mouth, my hand working his shaft in a sharp tight twist as I sucked his bell end, feeling it slip in and out of my mouth, my lips stroking him.

He came hard, harder than I expected; his stomach muscles tensing, raising his cock up. I took his whole cock in my mouth, sucking slowly, milking every last drop from his cock – swallowing each delicious salty drop. I sat up, running my fingers lightly over him, wiping the spit from my lips and chin from the back of hand.

The sun was shining; a dog was nearby, sniffing some grass, his owners walking along the beach, strolling in the afternoon rays. I lay back on the grass, pulling my sun dress over me, covering my bare breasts once more – staring up at the sky. I listened to the waves gently rolling on the shore, felt his heart beating in his chest, the rise and fall of his chest under my head, and smiled – another perfect day.