by sextails

Sextails has been nominated for its first award, The Inspiring blogger award.  As follows I will pay my respects to the gorgeous Deviant Diaries, tell you some sizzling sexual secrets from my life as a lover, and pay my own personal accolades.


Deviant Wench, where to begin. She is by far one of my favourite and most read blogs on wordpress, tales of a subs life, honest and so so hot, I’m a sopping mess at the end. It follows the life of a submissive and kink sex life, as she accepts her submissive state despite her own feminist roots. Check out the likes of, “Please sir can I have some more” and “Sunday night” both recent posts that will say more than I can. Adding humour and honesty to sexual posts stories she always manages to hit the nail on the head, raising my temperature and making me eternally jealous of her antics at once. If I had a blogroll, she’d be on there, as would my nominee’s.  All great blogs that inspire me to write and try to keep up with them.


1. I have anal sex more than vaginal.

2. My favourite sex toy is my vibrating butt plug with a 4 inch diameter.

3. I’m a sub, I like to be made to feel like a slut I am.

4. I orgasm from having my nipple piercings sucked. Regularly.

5. I love sex outside in front of people, I’m an exhibitionist.

6. I once tore out my clit piercing in an energetic shag, hospital and stitches, and re-pierced the week after.

7. I can’t orgasm with my eyes open. Sensory overload if I start darting about.

8. I was once an internet sensation, an ex posting all our videos and images on a website for all to enjoy.

9. I’ve a twenty two inch waist, perfect for a corset.

10. I’m a pain whore. I love to be punched around the face and hurt during sex, but I bruise like a peach.


Some of these guys get alot of nominations, some of them should have them spamming their walls and there’s a reason… They’re the best i’ve found out there. Check them out and see for yourself. Although spare time, its never a quick browse 😉 7, my favourite number.

Vagina Antics, my favourite girls in erotica. Heather and Nikki write with humour, honesty and alot of heat. These girls know how to write and how to entertain in every sense of the world. Cannot recommend them highly enough.

A Sexual Being, the adventures of Kayla Lords, a girl I’d definitely like to get to know. Sex stories and adventures from a girl who knows what she likes.

The Dom Next Door, the life I envy. I’m wet before I’ve opened the blog. The stories of a couples adventures in the deeply arousing world of BDSM.

Sextasy Love, Photo’s I love. Hot shots to turn you on, on cold winters nights, or set you up for a frigg…

Breathtaking portraits, for beautiful girls, sexy poses and pictures guaranteed to wet any pair of panties.

Submizion, for all your submissive and kinky needs. Great photos, greater stories, and great for my alone time pre-read.

Honesty, Not sexual, but I can’t not have her on here! I love her blog –  I love hearing from her, I love finding out what she’s up to. Her blog is refreshing, honest and fun.