Tales to excite, arouse and titillate…

Month: July, 2012




We pulled up the car with a screech. The layby was shaded by trees a few cars parked a way away. My hand had been on his crotch for most of the drive, running down to his balls, stroking his ever hardening shaft.

We’d tried head, the roof down I bent over towards him, the gearbox and handbrake digging into my ribcage, bruising me with every jolt and bump of the car. I’d unzipped his trousers, pulled out his cock and taken him in my mouth, sucking violently. He slid forward in his seat, flattening his pelvis so I could get more of him down my throat. I tickled his balls, my head bouncing up and down, the car swerving round each bend. He moaned, running his hand through my hair. “Eyes on the road” I told him, staring at him as I wanked his shaft. “It’s no sure” he said, “I want you”. We raced round each bend eagerly, he told me what he wanted to do, how he wanted me.

When we found our little spot he pulled me close towards him, kissing me and biting my bottom lip fervently. He demanded I get in and squeezing between the seats I clambered into the back,, pulling off my knickers as he squeezed in beside me.  He bent the seats forward giving us some more room and ducked into the foot well behind the driver’s seat, pulling my arse across the seats and laid me out, hiking up my dress and pulling down the straps, exposing my bra and breasts.

He spread my legs, one up on the parcel shelf, the other between the seats resting on the lever, I rested my head on the window, panting, desperate to feel his touch. The car began steam, sweat and heavy breathing as he licked my cunt, lapping at my clit, spitting on my, sucking me hard till it tingled and swelled. I saw headlights pass the car, the sound of horns and traffics in the distance as I lay back, screaming with pleasure as the car gently rocked with his thrusting fingers.

I opened my eyes, staring down at my lover between my thighs when I saw a figure near the window, a black silhouette moving silently near the car.  I gasped, feeling myself close again staring at the strange shadow through the darkened pain. I relaxed back and came loudly, upping my pitch and screaming out loud, hoping they’d hear.

I saw another person approach from the other side; I pulled my lover from the foot-well and sat him on the seat, straddling his cock and undoing my bra, letting my breasts hang freely. He kissed them, caressed them – held them in his hands. I stretched out, staring out the window into the darkness. Without thinking I hit the light, the inside of the cab lit up to my lover’s surprise. “Someone might see,”

“I don’t care,” I whispered, “I want to see you”.

I slipped his cock inside me, settling into his lap, glancing at the darkness and smiling. I rode him hard, pushing my head back, holding onto the back of the seats ramming onto him, the car rocking and jolting with each hard thrust. I screamed loudly, came harder – enjoyed the thought of someone watching. I performed, grabbed my boobs, bit my finger – cried out for more. I saw my reflection on the glass, saw how I looked; sweating and sexy, fucking as though my life depended on it.

My lover came hard, deep inside me shuddering. I slid off, leaning back  on the bent forward chairs, I stuck my fingers deep inside my clit, scooping his spunk and juices on my fingers, dipping them into my mouth, tasting them, I grinned at my lover, pulling my dress up. We dressed and slipped back into the front seats.

As we drove out, a car flashed, I saw people standing crowded in the lights around a car parked nearer. I smiled at the thought of being watched, of being…exposed. Someone – a stranger – creeping up to the car, watching me fuck, orgasm, cum; wanting me, wishing they were fucking me, wanking over, me. I grabbed the hand of my lover, rubbing his fingers with mine, smiling to myself. We had to go back – Soon.




I’ve been good I’ve done my chores

Now give me your dick, like a good little whore

I really deserve it you know I do,

I want to suck it, really pleasure you,

To swirl my tongue around your tip

Along your shaft, with a gentle lick

Wrap my lips around your head,

Down my throat, now I’m being fed,

Sucking hard taking it deep

Choking slightly my eyes’ll weep,

Faster, deeper, down my throat

Working your shaft with a quick tight stroke

Rubbing your balls and tugging lightly,

Tickling them and squeezing slightly

Leaning back and looking up,

Getting closer, holy fuck

Feeling you start to pulse and throb

Working it harder, my favourite knob

You’ll start to cum I’ve hit the spot

I suck and swallow every last drop…

I’ll lick you clean, and smile and say

What a way to end the day

Now I’ve described it – your hard as rock

So let me have that fucking cock



“Sex between a man and woman can be absolutely wonderful – provided you get between the right man and the right  woman”                         – Woody Allen.




So it wasn’t my smartest move looking back, I feel slightly ashamed now, I wouldn’t mention it in polite conversation put it like that, like many of the common sluts I hate and envy simultaneously, would. But I’d do it again, if the opportunity arose. I liked that feeling. It was so worth it to have that experience, too feel that sensation, another to mark off my tick list of sexual endeavours.

How it came about I can’t quite say, one of those random moments that happens, they’d obviously pre-planned it, had a chat, were up for it, I well, went along with it at the time, far to randy and excited at the prospect to stop.

I’d known him for a while, met at work. We got on well had great Bantar, a bit of flirting, nothing outside of the norm, playful more than anything. He was twenty four, me slip of a girl at nineteen, still experimenting and exploring – hanging onto my tight young figure from my youth. Just.  He was a good looking boy, dressed well, polo and chinos that sort, had a penthouse flat on the outskirts of town – leather sofas, flat screen telly, open plan with factory windows and vaulted ceilings.

We met for a few drinks quite unexpectedly. My parents had gone for dinner and I was bored, bored of their company, bored of sitting. We headed for Lloyds, nothing special, a few cocktails, talked about nothing, rubbish really, until we got around to sex, as ever. He said he wanted to see my skill set, reckoning I was “Quite I one”. I laughed it off, bantering back that he didn’t stand a hope in hell and bristling under his intense gaze. On the way back to the car, he grabbed my hand, pulling me into him hard and planted one on me. I kissed him back aggressively, feeling his tongue find his, my body respond, my cunt getting wetter with each massage his tongue pressed onto mine. “I want you” he said, and I’ll admit. I wanted him too.

Soon enough, and predictably we were back in the flat, laid out on the leather coaches, kissing and laughing together when his housemate appeared; Young athletic, dark hair and topless, standing in a pair of low slung pyjamas pants – his snail trail on show. I looked him up and down, examining him shamelessly, my head on the side as he apologised for interrupting and shoved the kettle on, “Not at all” I cooed.

My beau began kissing my neck again. I laid back into him as his hands ran over my chest, nibbling my throat, turning to face him and kissing him hard. I straddled him on the couch, not caring for his mates audience to proceedings, just wanting him on me, in me, under me. He was laid down, my sat on his crotch grinding against the bulge in his jeans. His hands were nipping my piercings through my bra, massaging them somewhat expertly. I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter when I was aware of his flat mate behind me. I turned my head to look at him, and before I could, he’d started kissing my neck, pressing himself behind me, his chest against my back, licking my ears. I paused for a second, stopped moving, stared into my beau’s eyes underneath me, as he suddenly pulled me towards him, urging me to not think, to give in -, to feel him. His friend’s hands were on my back, running up and down under my top, peeling the cotton from my skin and undoing my bra. His hands came underneath me, his bare skin on mine, his friends crotch had against my under him.

I kissed my beau back, ran my hands up over the guy nestled above me, around the back of his neck digging my fingers in as he caressed my tits, ran his hands over my arse. The beau suddenly pulled my higher, taking my nipple in his mouth. I arched my back, pulling at his top, ripping it off, as he licked and flicked my bars, sucking hard. His friend grabbed my knickers, began to slide them down. I could feel them wet, stuck to my cunt, as he peeled them down, the silky smooth cum touching the inside of my thighs. He grabbed my arse hard, knelt down behind me and kissed my arse, bit me slightly as his hands went over the small of my back and grasped my thighs. His tongue found my slit.

He slid his tongue slowly up my centre, from my clit around to my arse, I arched my back down, pushing my arse towards the ceiling, grabbing the beaus hair and pulling as he sucked harder, his hands undoing his jeans, underneath me.

His friend licked me out, finding all my spots, dipping his tongue inside my centre, his fingers pressing in deep, feeling my body respond, how wet I was, how up for this I was, knowingly or not. The beaus cock was out under me, I turned around, straddling his face and  began to suck him off, looking up into the eyes of his friend, seeing his hard cock through his linen pyjama pants. He grinned as my eyes smiled at him, and my hand reached forward to stroke him. He pulled down his trousers, his cock pinging out from the elastic band, standing tall in front of me.

I reached my hand up, taking hold of him, pulling his foreskin over his head and rubbing him fast and hard, just his bell-end in my hand. He stood back, hands behind his head, grinning and moaning. The cock was deep in my throat; he thrusted into me, as he fingered my cunt. I moaned and hummed, the vibrations going through him, looking at both of them with flirtatious eyes. They could see I was enjoying myself. The beau tongue went up to my arse, began licking it, rimming me, sliding inside my arse, I groaned, sitting up, taking his cock out of my mouth and rubbing his shaft hard, pulling his friends cock towards me and into my mouth. I grabbed his arse with my free hand and pulled him in deep, letting him know he could fuck my face. His hands went to my hair, gripped hard and began to thrust deep, his friends tongue buried inside my arse, his fingers slipping in to join. I moaned with pleasure as two fingers rammed deep in my anus, he spat on my arse, licked my cunt, his other hand on my clit. I bounced on his fingers in time with his flat mates thrusts.

Suddenly the flat mate let go of my hair, I took a deep gasp, the spit rolling down my chin and was turned around, facing my beau. He kissed me hard, nibbled my neck and stood his cock upright, I slid onto him, feeling him deep inside me, rocking my hips backwards so he was to the hilt in my dripping cunt. I didn’t move, letting him thrust up into me, his friend rimming my arse, and spitting on me, his fingers dipping inside me. I was jiffled backwards, my legs standing on the floor, the beau laid out arse off the sofa, when his friend bent over me, rubbing his cock up and down my arse cheeks. I felt him press on my anus, his hands resting on my hips, grasping my love handles and pulling me onto him.

It felt so tight; I could feel their cocks against each other inside me, rubbing up against each other, a thin wall between them. I was so full, they were both so deep, I cried out, gasping, panting with each gentle thrust. They started to go at me, fucking me hard, I stayed still, my legs shaking as cock after cock rammed my holes, the Beau squeezing my tits, his friend spanking my arse. I smiled at the beau, dug my nails into his chest, ran my hand up his friends neck, pulling his hair behind me, “harder” I said without realising, bouncing in time with their cocks. “Harder, harder, fuck me”.

They rammed me unrelentingly, pulling out to spit on in my holes and rub my clit. I felt incredibly, orgasm after violent orgasm rolling over me, my arse and cunt tightening, the guys moaning as I gripped their cocks, my body shaking and sweating between them.  I came hard one last time, and the friend pulled out, he grabbed my shoulders turning around. I swivelled on the beaus cock, facing towards him, squatting above him as he carried on laying into me, and watched as his friend rubbed himself hard in front of my face. I opened my mouth, stuck out my tongue, staring up at him, grabbing my breasts and squeezing my nipples, screaming hard as the beau ravaged my cunt. He came on me, on my cheeks, my tongue, in my hair, gasping and shaking, “fuck… fuck” he whispered, his balls tensing with each squirt. I stood up, turning to his friend, my face covered in his friends juices. Come over me I whispered, kneeling on the floor in front of him. He stood up, somewhat shakily and rubbed himself hard, fast, just the tip, I cupped his balls, massaged them as I sat awaiting his cum, begging for it all over me.

Soon enough I was sat, caked in two men’s spunk, my arse gaping, my cunt dripping on their floor. I laid back on the wooden slats smiling, my eyes closed before hearing one of them chuckle and laughed myself. I sat up, looking at them both, panting and sweating their cocks shrinking and pink, as they smiled at me. I made my way to the bathroom, cleaned up, wiping the juice out of my hair and off my skin before walking back to the living room. They both sat on the sofa, grinning at each other, whispering some conversation, enjoying what had just happened. I sat on the sofa between them, sliding my kickers over my arse and laid back, bare breasted. “Well, that was something” I grinned. And my god, it certainly was.


“The Exhibitionist loves to flirt with shame” – Mason Cooley




What am I doing? I thought to myself, positioning my laptop on my desk and standing just to the side of the webcam. What are you doing? God I’m such a slut. Fuck, Fuck, Fuck I said to myself. Suddenly his face appeared on the screen smiling cheekily, “Where you at” he typed. I stepped in front of the screen nervously, smiling at his cheeky grin on the other side. “There she is, beautiful” I couldn’t help but grin back, he winked at me, and finally said it, “Can I see then”

I took a deep breath, oh god. Stepping away from the screen I tilted it downwards, revealing the top of the black lace on my chest, I walked backwards, standing on tip toes till my whole body was in view of the camera. I had on my lace body. It strapped flat black lace across my breasts, with three strips of black string brushing over my stomach and vulva, and between my legs, two strips running parallel up my back. It was revealing, too revealing, leaving nothing to the eye accept my nipples through the lace and my clit piercing, covered discreetly. His face lit up, leaning closer to the screen. I laughed, suddenly feeling liberated, turning around slowly, bending over and spreading my butt cheeks, spinning back and flirtatiously biting my finger, looking at the camera. He sat back in his chair, exhaling hard. “Damn” He wrote, “Like?” “Like? I goddamn love it…” He suddenly reached up to the camera on his monitor and pointed it downwards. I saw the flash of his dark green t shirt, his desk and then his black boxers, a massive erection sticking through. “See?” he wrote back.

I stared at his massive hard on. I felt so dirty, seeing him so turned on by me, dressed up for him, and on webcam. I could feel myself getting wet, knowing he was looking at me, his attention – all on me. He stared at the camera, resting his hands on his chin, smiling and shaking his head. I hopped back over to the computer, grabbing another of my favourites out of the drawer and walked back to the middle of my room. Undressing myself slowly,  I watched as he took himself in hand, watching my uncover my body slowly and slip into a lace dress, off the shoulders, flattening my breasts and nipples, squashing them, clinging to my curves, my cunt just visible through the material. I rested my leg on the bedstead, rolling on a pair of lace trimmed stockings, my leg muscles flexed, bent over.

I glanced back at the screen. He was rubbing himself slowly, staring wide eyed at me. I gripped my breasts, biting my lip and stared out from under my fringe. I flicked my hair, pulling the lace down to reveal my breasts, started stroking them, nipping them, my nipple piercings glistening in the light. He pulled his cock out from under his boxers. Seeing how hard he was, the veins bulging in the sides of his cock, his head engorged, pink, throbbing – I felt my cunt throb for him.

I walked back to the camera and repositioned it pointing towards the bed. He moved his camera, sitting back further in his chair; I could see his face, strained with angst as he rubbed himself, staring deeply into the screen. I laid back on the bed, my arse pointing towards the camera, propping my head up on a pillow. What are you doing, god oh god, what are you doing? I pushed the thoughts out of my head, running my hands over my breasts, my thighs, and slowly spread my legs, opening them wide for all to see.

I felt exposed, vulnerable, totally open to the world. Feeling the air on my cunt, I opened my eyes and stared at the camera, at the face staring back at me smiling, at his hand working his dick harder. I ran my fingers up my slit, feeling my wet cum running over them, dripping down my arse as I pressed harder, dipping a fingertip inside myself. I shut my eyes, trying to relax, letting my fingers run up to my clit, circling slowly, soaking it, down to my arse, massaging softly.

I rest my head back, giving into the rushes of pleasure, as my cunt opened up to my fingers, pushing deep inside, running over my g spot, slowly but hard. I pressed up, right on it, circling faster, my palm rubbing my clit. I could feel myself getting tighter, wetter, my chest flushing. My hand grabbed the sheets on the bed.  I opened my eyes, staring at the camera. He was working his dick hard, so hard, his eyes half closed, trying to watch not to give in. I propped my head up, staring back at him, as my pussy clenched, tightened and throbbed again and again, crying out pulling my hair, spreading myself wider. I collapsed backwards, staring at the ceiling, feeling the waves rush over my body.

Turning over I jumped onto all fours leaning over and under the bed, searching for my vibe. When I found it, I turned round sucking it, licking it all over, spitting on it, watching his hard pummel his cock, his foreskin rolling back and forth over his bell-end. I bent over, spat on my fingers and rubbed them over my arse, before pushing back onto my vibe. I felt it slip inside, stretching me wide. I pressed the vibration, feeling it swirl inside me, pulse as the vibrations went up the shaft. I rested on my head, my hand between my legs, rubbing my clit, the other ramming the dildo back and forth in my arse. I came hard, not looking at the screen, my arse pressed up to the ceiling, cum running down my fingers, my arse gripping tight. I panted, breathed deep, rubbing the sweat off my brow and pushing my hair off my face.

I turned around, propping myself up on my arms, staring back at the screen. White cum covered his bell-end and stomach, his face was grinning, reaching for tissues he began to mop up. I grinned, opening my legs, and slapping my cunt, dipping my fingers inside me, and licking the sweet scent from them.

I’d never felt so alive, so sexy – so fucking randy. Being watched, so intently, so intensely, someone being that randy over me, and what I was doing. God, what a turn on. I laughed, throwing my head back, my hand ran over my arse, over my cunt, I stared back at the screen.

“Repeatable?” He wrote. I smiled, stared at his face on the screen and felt deliciously naughty. My fingers dipped inside my cunt again, his eyebrows rose. He shook his head smiling and I shrugged laying back on the bed. I was going to make the most of it, of how wet I was, of how randy I was, of teasing him, of knowing he was watching, loving that he watching and loving that he was wanting, me.