by sextails

I’ll be your sub but I must confess, the submissive role is hardly my best

I’m much better when in control, riding on top like a good little ‘ho

Tie me up? Well if you please; only if you promise not to tease

I can’t bare it when I’m all wound up, with your dick out of reach but so close up.

Now there really was no need for that; to smack my arse with a good hard whack

Did I enjoy it? There’s only one way to know, Give me it again, have another go

Shut up? But why am I not pleasing you, I’m sorry this is just all a bit new

I want to sorry, no, yes I’ll stop – You want me to suck on your rock hard cock?

Fucking hell I could hardly breathe; the way your hands were giving my neck a squeeze

I thought I’d choke more, splutter and gag, I guess I make a good little slag

Uh your hands feel so good, glancing the top of clitoris hood

Fuck I really am so wet, Is it time sir for my fun yet?

Oh god that stung, my face is burning.  No need to smack me just for yearning,

To have you cock inside me sir, to make me scream, and moan and purr

Can I have oh please sir please? I’m begging down here on my knees

I want to feel you inside my cunt, to get to taste your silky spunk

Fuck that feels so fucking good, better than I thought it could

Yeah choke me sir do your worst; Make me wait for it, tease me first

Thank you sir, Thank you, for fucking me, for finally letting me have it free

For pounding me so fucking hard, relentlessly ramming me without regard

Oh fuck I think I want to cum, Please sir please sir may I have one?

Sir, Fuck. I cant hold it, no…I’m trying I just want to scream though

Thank you, fuck, Ah my god, feels  so good cumming on your rock hard knob

In my arse oh god no, shit; you’ll stretch me wide with size of your dick

Fuck, shit, its so goddamn tight; ram it, harder, fuck my asshole right.

Yeah squeeze my tits my nipples too, pull my hair, slam me deeper onto you

Fuck why’d you stop, you want me to taste? My cunt, my juices and that, special place

Hmm tastes rather good, as you said, Sir can I, carry on and give you head?

Hmm fuck, give it here *Gargle, Choke, Splutter – near *

*Suck, lick, flick quick* God I love the taste of your prick

So how’d I do as you little sub? Well I told you I’m not one submissive love

I did enjoy the lack of control, of being commanded and fucked in all holes 

Next time I promise I’ll shut my gob, I’ll do anything for a bit of that glorious knob.

Definitely repeatable, we’ll do it again; I really did enjoy the pain,

There is one little thing I definitely prefer…I do rather like calling you sir.