by sextails

We pulled up the car with a screech. The layby was shaded by trees a few cars parked a way away. My hand had been on his crotch for most of the drive, running down to his balls, stroking his ever hardening shaft.

We’d tried head, the roof down I bent over towards him, the gearbox and handbrake digging into my ribcage, bruising me with every jolt and bump of the car. I’d unzipped his trousers, pulled out his cock and taken him in my mouth, sucking violently. He slid forward in his seat, flattening his pelvis so I could get more of him down my throat. I tickled his balls, my head bouncing up and down, the car swerving round each bend. He moaned, running his hand through my hair. “Eyes on the road” I told him, staring at him as I wanked his shaft. “It’s no sure” he said, “I want you”. We raced round each bend eagerly, he told me what he wanted to do, how he wanted me.

When we found our little spot he pulled me close towards him, kissing me and biting my bottom lip fervently. He demanded I get in and squeezing between the seats I clambered into the back,, pulling off my knickers as he squeezed in beside me.  He bent the seats forward giving us some more room and ducked into the foot well behind the driver’s seat, pulling my arse across the seats and laid me out, hiking up my dress and pulling down the straps, exposing my bra and breasts.

He spread my legs, one up on the parcel shelf, the other between the seats resting on the lever, I rested my head on the window, panting, desperate to feel his touch. The car began steam, sweat and heavy breathing as he licked my cunt, lapping at my clit, spitting on my, sucking me hard till it tingled and swelled. I saw headlights pass the car, the sound of horns and traffics in the distance as I lay back, screaming with pleasure as the car gently rocked with his thrusting fingers.

I opened my eyes, staring down at my lover between my thighs when I saw a figure near the window, a black silhouette moving silently near the car.  I gasped, feeling myself close again staring at the strange shadow through the darkened pain. I relaxed back and came loudly, upping my pitch and screaming out loud, hoping they’d hear.

I saw another person approach from the other side; I pulled my lover from the foot-well and sat him on the seat, straddling his cock and undoing my bra, letting my breasts hang freely. He kissed them, caressed them – held them in his hands. I stretched out, staring out the window into the darkness. Without thinking I hit the light, the inside of the cab lit up to my lover’s surprise. “Someone might see,”

“I don’t care,” I whispered, “I want to see you”.

I slipped his cock inside me, settling into his lap, glancing at the darkness and smiling. I rode him hard, pushing my head back, holding onto the back of the seats ramming onto him, the car rocking and jolting with each hard thrust. I screamed loudly, came harder – enjoyed the thought of someone watching. I performed, grabbed my boobs, bit my finger – cried out for more. I saw my reflection on the glass, saw how I looked; sweating and sexy, fucking as though my life depended on it.

My lover came hard, deep inside me shuddering. I slid off, leaning back  on the bent forward chairs, I stuck my fingers deep inside my clit, scooping his spunk and juices on my fingers, dipping them into my mouth, tasting them, I grinned at my lover, pulling my dress up. We dressed and slipped back into the front seats.

As we drove out, a car flashed, I saw people standing crowded in the lights around a car parked nearer. I smiled at the thought of being watched, of being…exposed. Someone – a stranger – creeping up to the car, watching me fuck, orgasm, cum; wanting me, wishing they were fucking me, wanking over, me. I grabbed the hand of my lover, rubbing his fingers with mine, smiling to myself. We had to go back – Soon.