by sextails

I’ve been good I’ve done my chores

Now give me your dick, like a good little whore

I really deserve it you know I do,

I want to suck it, really pleasure you,

To swirl my tongue around your tip

Along your shaft, with a gentle lick

Wrap my lips around your head,

Down my throat, now I’m being fed,

Sucking hard taking it deep

Choking slightly my eyes’ll weep,

Faster, deeper, down my throat

Working your shaft with a quick tight stroke

Rubbing your balls and tugging lightly,

Tickling them and squeezing slightly

Leaning back and looking up,

Getting closer, holy fuck

Feeling you start to pulse and throb

Working it harder, my favourite knob

You’ll start to cum I’ve hit the spot

I suck and swallow every last drop…

I’ll lick you clean, and smile and say

What a way to end the day

Now I’ve described it – your hard as rock

So let me have that fucking cock