by sextails

I’d told him what to do, how I wanted it, what to be like. Not the details the real specifics, I wanted him to take control of that, but how I wanted to feel. Degraded, trapped, helpless… vulnerable. I sat watching telly, the back of the sofa towards the door. He walked in from behind and I put my hands up to touch him behind me, when I felt something slip over my hands, I didn’t struggle or move. It was coarse, thick, tight -rope rubbing against my skin. He pulled hard and I stood up turning around to look at him. Don’t look at me. He grunted.

I stood, and he yanked my arms behind my back, pulling them tight together, before loved my front. It pressed hard against my chest above my breasts, he wrapped it around fastening it at the back, before looping again under my breasts, tight across my ribs, pulling my arms in harder behind my, closer to my sides. He pulled my hair and pushed my towards the bedroom. My arms already began to ache slightly, being pulled, my breathing laboured slightly from the tight ropes across my chest. I stopped in front of the bed. He pushed my over, slamming me down onto the mattress, pulling my head up behind me.

This is what you wanted he said in a deep voice. And now you’ll feel what its like to be fully exposed. The roped was hanging down against my arse, he pulled on it hard, grabbing my feet together by the big toes and holding them, as he wrapped rope and knots around my ankles. My face was rammed into the bed, I turned it to breathe, my hair over my face.

He stopped faffing and  I tried to straighten out, relax my back being arched and pulled by my hands. The rope had secured my feet to my hands, I wriggled, twisted, rolling onto my side looking up at him. He laughed as I struggled to turn to see him before he walked out of my eye line. I heard a snip, a rip of cloth, suddenly he was tearing and cutting my top from me, from under the ropes, he yanked hard pulling me across the bed with it, as they came off, cutting my knickers off me. I squealed trying to get away, feeling ever more exposed, powerless laying on the bed.

He pulled back on my hair, lifting my head off the bed and rolling me onto my front. My legs ached with the strain of the ropes, tight around my skin, bruising me slowly. I yelled as he yanked harder, nibbling my ear, and suddenly a splintering pain on my arse, as his belt came down hard across it.

I screamed out, my skin pricking, sticking as though a razor had gone across, the skin hot and swelling. Whore, he said slamming it down again. My legs tensed, my back, my arms strained, I had no way of getting anything between me and him.

Fuck, I shouted as it came down again, on the other butt cheek. He loosened his grip on my hair and then shoved my head into the bed, my nose hurt slamming into the bed sheets. I laid breathing deeply, trying to hold my breath to hear what was happening, the anticipation burning inside me. My feet were up, facing the ceiling, suddenly something was scratching the bottom of my foot. It made my toes curl, my legs quiver.  I cried, and jiffled as best I could, hearing him laugh behind me.

“Your smiling”, he said, walking around in front of me, he undid his trousers, dropping them down and pulling his cock out of his boxers, “I’ll soon wipe that smile off your face”. He pulled me towards the edge of the bed. “Suck it”, he demanded. I tried to reach my head up I licked the end, straining to get his cock near me. I wanted it so bad.

The air was tickling my cunt, cold against my hot cum between my thighs. I had goosebumps, tense – wanting him. He got hold of my hair. “Open and stick your tongue out.” My mind was racing, I was hogtied, bound. helpless, and all I wanted was his dick in my mouth. To feel it in against my tongue, getting harder, throbbing as I worked it.

I did as he said and he shoved his dick deep into my throat. I gagged, choked, spot running down my chin. He fucked slowly I looked up at him as best I could. “Are you enjoying this?” He asked, I nodded as best I could, a mouthful of cock, slamming the back of my throat as he thrust harder. I felt cheap, being used, fucked in the mouth for his benefit. I could feel his eyes on me, staring at my arse, my muscles reddened from the ropes,  my tits and nipples, the spit running from my chin.

He pulled out, I gasped for breath as he slapped his cock on my cheek, against the flat of my tongue. He walked around behind me, suddenly pulling me towards him. He stood above me again with his cock, and ran his hands, fingernails digging into me, down my stomach. I clenched my teeth, feeling my skin pull and rip under this fingers. He ran his hand down to my cunt, gently flashing over it, I groaned, tried to relax, ignore the aching of my joints, the pull of my muscles.

He stroked gently, caressing my lips running his hand over my arse. Suddenly a sharp sting, he smacked my cunt with the palm of his hand. My cunt throbbed, stung, my legs tried to pull together. He slid his hand behind me under my arse to between my thighs again, slipping his finer into my wet spot. “Fuckkkk” he said, feeling the cum around his fingers, how much I was enjoying it. I smiled, as he shoved two fingers deep inside me, he pushed his cock closer to me, leaning over me so he could reach. I took his bell end in my mouth and suck hard, swirling my tongue over his head, working the tip. He fingered me hand, unrelenting, deeper and deeper, driving his fingers straight into me. I started to shake, felt the cum pool between my legs, moaned with his cock in my mouth – gasped for air. He worked my g spot harder and harder, till I shook, my whole body shaking, my legs spasming – my mouth gripping his cock.

He pulled his fingers out and his cock, suddenly shoving the fingers into my mouth, I sucked them hard, licking all the cum off them, loving the taste of me, as he untied some knots behind me. Suddenly I felt my arms and legs loosen, I stretched my legs forward,s till tied together but no longer to my hands. He pulled me up, stood me, I wobbled my feet tied together, my hands still behind my back. He bent me forward, pulled the ropes around my hands and thrust into me.

I wasn’t expecting it, my cunt tensed around him. He fucked me hard, pounding me till I came, a few times, my legs numbing from standing, my arms sore from being pulled, fucking me, pulling my hair, telling me how dirty I was, what a whore I was, how I was loving this, he could tell by how wet I was… Ruining me properly.

He finished, I collapsed on the bed, panting as he untied me, slowly, kissing the places the ropes had been, I moved and stretched, everything aching, deliciously. My cunt pounded and pulsed, the blood flow strong from my last orgasm. I lay back on the bed and closed my eyes, feeling exhausted. He’d done me proud.