Rim me.

by sextails

I said it once. I didn’t know what I was saying; so consumed by the moment, so engulfed by my own feelings. The sweat ran down between my tits, pointed up towards the ceiling, my back arching them higher. My fingers were tight on the sheets. The cum was running down over my arse, dripping wet. My chest was hot, my cheeks flushed -my lips gasping and wet with anticipation.

He sucked my clit, he spat on me. His fingers went deep, they stroked me. He licked and nuzzled. He cupped and stroked -each movement another shock through my body. I said it again, louder this time. His head moved down. He licked my hole, stuck his tongue deep inside me, glanced his finger across my arse. I stuck my hand on his head, I pushed him down. He moved slowly, licking the skin between my cunt and arse.

Rim me, I cried. He slid his head further down. I lifted my arse off the bed. He cupped my cheeks in his hand, His tongue licked the folds of my arse; Each crevice and crease. I cried out. I pushed my arse into him. He slipped a finger inside my cunt. Worked me. Pushing his tongue against me. Into me slightly. He licked and flicked. He stuck it in my arse.

It was naughty. It was dirty. It was filth. And I loved it.