Harder to Breathe.

by sextails

It was a quickie, a one night stand – A quick, hard fumble in the darkness. Not exactly romance, and roses but who wants that every-time. We’d gone out, me and the girls, bit of an impromptu night. Started in for coffee about four o’clock, some had finished work, few of us had been shopping. We started with lattes and ended on cocktails at Lloyds.

We’d all been dressed inappropriately, ironic as I see every slut as being dressed inappropriately normally. We were in jeans, flats, halter necks or blouses, nothing dressy, nothing ready. Best sort of night in my opinion.

I’d seen this guy in Lloyds, giving us the up and down. Tall, blond, fairly fit. Not my usual type. A flirty glance, a cheeky wink or a seductive smile – Well they don’t cost anything do they? A confidence boost if nothing else.

We left and headed to a few more clubs, most we couldn’t get into, something about dress codes. We headed to a little club off the main strip and as I darted through the door, I his face in a group of lads bobbing up the road towards us. I smiled, pause and darted through the door. Predictably they followed.

We were dancing, dragged into the middle of the floor. The place was empty. The group got drinks, and hung off the bar. Watching. Hips swaying, Singing loud, hair flicking, bit of girl on girl grinding. They were loving it as expected.

He came over, grabbed me from behind and pulled me into his lap. Tight, hips locked, arm clamped. His crotch pressed hard into my arse. I grinded, I swirled, I rocked – hips dancing over his cock.

Soon enough, without any warming, I was pressed up against a cubicle door, the handle digging into the small of my back. He nibbled my shoulders, bit my lip, licked my ear, sucked my neck. I was randy, wet – ready for cock. He pulled down my trousers to my knees. I undid his belt, he pulled down my knickers. I took out his cock, rubbing hard; stroking, playing -tickling.

He turned me round, slammed me into the wall -the toilet basin cold against my calf. Entering me, he pounded me, unrelentingly; my cunt dripping. I screamed out loud, gripped the top of the cubicle wall, pushed back into him, grabbed his arse behind me; so good – Too good to end too quick.

Then he did it. He wrapped his fingers around my throat, arching me back towards his, fucking me harder; his fingers in my neck, his hand on my throat – I could barely breathe. I felt dizzy, drunk, lightheaded…Everything felt far away; The tingling in my cunt, the pain, his cock pounding me. My orgasm came hard, quick, snuck up on me. My eyes rolled back, I gasped for breathe.  My face tingled. He loosened his grip. Instant head-rush; I felt, Incredible.

We left the toilet separately. When I came out they’d gone. The girls were dancing. I joined. I danced. I drank. I sang and laughed. My throat was red. My chest flushed. Slight bruises grazed my neck. And in a quickie, a fumble,  a fuck in a toilet, I’d found something more than I’d expected; Throttle me, Choke me,  Strangle me. ..Suddenly. Sounded. So. Sexy.