Back Door.

by sextails

“Honestly, I want too, I’ve always wanted to” She pleaded, staring up at him from the bed, her naked body exposed, her boobs swollen from him sucking on them hard. The love bite on her neck looked sore, bruised a poppy red and purple already.

He stood in front of her with his erection, standing to attention, he couldn’t believe what she was suggesting, had to be every man’s dream right? She was so goddamned hot. Her tiny waist gave her curves despite her small frame and her arse wobbled and bounced when her from behind.

She slid forwards and sat on the end of the bed, licking the end of his penis. It was sensitive from fucking, she swirled her tongue around it and he ran his hands through her wavy hair, feeling the sweat around the back of her neck.

“Don’t you want too…” she asked, before swallowing his cock into her mouth, licking the sensitive underside near his bell end, sucking lightly, staring up at him. He close his eyes for a second. What man doesn’t want to? He just couldn’t deal with a crying broad, and what if she hated it, that was it then, never again… He looked down at her big hazel eyes staring up at him, her cheeks sucked in, his cock in her mouth, at least he’d get to do it once…

“Of course I do, I’m just worried about you” he said caringly, reaching down and pinching her nipples between his fingers, she took more into her mouth, sucking harder, drooling her spit down her chin; her eyes staring, glistening – cheeky with excitement.

She pulled him out, wanking him slowly, a tight grip around his cock staring up at him, “I’ve got a new toy just for the occasion” She grinned, glancing towards the bedside table. He walked over, removing himself from her grip and opened the bottom draw, there amongst her books, three or four rabbits and bullets was a box, ‘the little pink butt plug’ it read, ‘for all your anal desires’. He felt his cock prick and harden with excitement. She really did want to.

He took out the box and turned to her, shaking the box. She grinned and hopped up on the bed, laying on her back, spread eagled, grasping her boobs and feeling her nipples, “Get over here,” she grinned. He took the plug out of the box and laid it on the bed next to them. It was smooth, silicone, a few inches long and an inch and a half thick. He rubbed his fingers along it as he carried it over, imagining what it was going to look like sliding in her arse…

He pulled her on top, kissing her, biting her lower lip, sucking on it hard, watching her eyes close and hearing her gasp gently, he ran his lips down her neck and began to suck hard near the base of her neck, as his hands ran along and down her back, feeling the curve of the small of her back, her rounded arse, her smooth thighs, and then to her wet cunt. She was sopping, he ran his fingers along her lips, to her clit and back, glancing his fingers across her arse. Her eyes opened and lit up, kissing him back and moving further up so he had better reach.

He began to slowly rim her arse,  tickling his fingers, feeling the tight muscles begin to relax, pressing lightly on her anus, using the cum from her cunt to lube his fingers up. She groaned and sighed, arching her back so her arse stuck up in the air, pushing her tits in his face.

He took her nipple in his mouth, sucking hard, nibbling lightly, digging his teeth in and pinching as he pressed his finger harder on her arse, he felt the muscles give as the tip of his finger slid inside, her arse warm and tight around him. She gasped, pushing her arse back into him, trying to push him in deeper.

He pushed his finger harder, wiggling it slightly as he went, forcing it into her arse, she snuggled her head into his neck, moaning and groaning, tipping her arse even higher, her arse muscles tightening as he forced his way. He pushed until he was deep up to his knuckles, pulling slowly in and out, feeling the sensation of her tight muscles gripping him.

He dipped another finger into her cunt, covering it in cum and pressed it alongside the other, feeling the muscles stretch out once again, pressing. She winced slightly as it began to slide in, alongside the other, two fingers deep in her arse. He moved them slowly, twisting, kissing her neck and nibbling her, his cock so hard.

She sat back onto his fingers and grabbed the butt plug. “What do you reckon” she said, as she stuck it in her mouth, drenching it in spit, swirling it around, looking at him with her big blue eyes, her dark hair falling over her face.

She slid off him and got on all fours in front of him, still sucking on the butt plug. He sat up positioned himself behind her and stared at her glistening cunt, her pink arsehole in front of him. She passed the plug back to him, gripping the quilt and putting her face down into it, he stuck it in her pussy covering it in her sticky cum and then placed the tip just on her anus. He pushed lightly, watching it slide in, her arse stretch, and pulled it back, and again, just pressing and easing the pressure off, she arched her back further, pushed backwards, groaned with anticipation.

Finally he pressed hard, straight into her arse, watching it slide in deeper and deeper, stretching her out, she cried out a long “fuuuuck” as it went in, her arse closing around it, engulfing it. He stared at the end sticking out of her, jiggling it. “How does it feel” he asked, “Tight” she smiled.
She rolled over onto her front, and pulled him down on her.

He positioned himself above and slid into her cunt, feeling the tight plug against her inner walls, making her cunt even tighter than usual. He huffed, it felt amazing. Better than he’d expected. He pushed into her deep, feeling the plug against his arse, she gripped his shoulders, bit them, clawed them, “it feels like your fucking my arse as well” she gasped, rocking her hips in time with his, lifting her arse off the bed, “pound me” she cried.

He fucked her hard and fast, deep as he could, trying not to cum himself, as she gripped him hard, cum gushing round his cock and down his balls, screaming out, “yes, oh fuck yes” digging her nails in till he bled. She laid her head back panting, staring at him with half sleepy eyes, blinking slowly, her chest flushed pink, her cunt glowing.

“Ready?” he asked, and she nodded slowly, rolling over and sticking her arse in the air again. He pulled out and she suddenly reached round and took his cock in her mouth, sucking her cum off it, and spitting all over him, making sure he was really soaked. She turned back round, and laid her head back on the bed.

He grabbed the plug and began to pull slowly, amazed at the grip her arse had on it, tugging harder as it began to give way, her arse stretch again, as it slid out slowly. He pulled it out and watched her arse open, pink and wet the muscles begin to close again. “Uh” he groaned, it looked so fucking hot.

He placed his cock on her anus, and pushed lightly, the muscles began to stretch slowly, the pressure of his hard rod against her tiny hole. He pushed a little harder, pressing his cock down into her, and finally they gave way, as his cock slid into her with ease, all the way to the hilt – her tight muscles wrapping around him as she opened for him. She groaned biting the quilt, feeling her fill her completely.

“Incredible” she sighed, “god I feel so tight”

“You are so tight” he whispered, sliding slowly in and out of her, watching her arse stretch to take him, and his cock disappear deep inside her. She rocked her hips with him, backing up into him, bouncing off his hips, desperate for him to pound her. He wrapped her hands around her waist, the top of her hips, and began to drive into her, right out and hard in. She grabbed a pillow towards her, biting the corner to stop herself shouting to loud, as she groaned, “harder” she squealed.

He fucked her, pounded her like he’d imagined, driving his hard cock deep into her, her arse bouncing and wobbling as his hips smacked into hers, her tits bouncing beneath her, her legs shaking, She groaned and moaned, screaming his name, her fingers gripping the quilt, crying out, “fuck fuck fuck”

He felt the hot cum swell in his balls, driving up his shaft as he shot into her arse. She cried out as he pulsed in her, her arse tightening around him, sweat on the back of her head, her hair matted. He collapsed onto her, as her knees gave out on the bed, and there they lay. He panted and gasped, as she buried her head into the bed, swearing, “fuck me, fuck, fuuuck”.

“How was it” he said, biting the soft nape of her neck, “stunning” she whispered back, turning her head on the side, eyes shut.

He sat back and took hold of his cock, pulling out of her slowly, “careful” she whispered, lifting her head and looking at him, he stared at her arse as it released him, her pink arse hole revealed at last, as he pulled out, his spunk dripping out of her arse, her cunt dripping in her own cum.

“Repeatable?” He asked, lying on the bed next to her, smelling the mix of their spunk and sweat. “Tomorrow, please” she grinned, as he kissed her forehead. He lay on his back, arms behind his head and shut his eyes. He’d just had anal, rammed his cock in a girl’s tight arse, and she’d loved it. She wanted to do it again. He had to be the luckiest cunt on earth.

d to be the luckiest cunt on earth.