Morning Dew.

by sextails

It was a bright morning, surprisingly bright. I woke with a start as my partner opened the curtains and appeared with a cup of tea in bed. The cream bed sheets were draped over my naked body, and I was warm from my mornings snooze.  The sun streamed in, lighting up the room and half of his face as he sat looking at me. I took the tea, thanking him and sat up in bed, my bare breasts just peeking out of the quilt.

He crawled in bed beside me and snuggled in, running his fingers back and forth across my stomach, tickling my skin. “Did you sleep well” he enquired still tickling me, “Hmm like a dream” I replied, taking another sip. I stared out the window at the birds on the birds table, darting about in the blue sky – Such a clear spring day.

I drank my tea sleepily, and placed it back on the bedside table, cuddling down next to him as his hands went higher, skirting around my nipples and down towards my groin, prickling my skin, waking me up, as my pussy began to get wetter, tingling with anticipation. “I know what you’re after” I smiled, running my fingers down his arms, “Good morning” I grinned.

I turned my head and began to kiss him, soft caresses as our lips touched, barely kissing. He pulled my body closer to him, underneath him, pressing his hard erection into my thigh. I kissed him back harder, letting my tongue stroke his lips and find his, massaging it, feeling my body arch and writhe beneath him. He ran his hands down my shoulders to my nipples, brushing them lightly. I gasped out, pushing my head back as he started to kiss my neck, flicking my nipples, squeezing them gently, teasing me. “Hmm” I moaned as my cunt began to ache, I pulled his hair, digging my fingers into his arms, pushing my breasts towards him. I loved having my tits played with. He wrapped his lips around my nipples and sucked hard, putting my perfect pink buds just between his teeth.

His hand rand down my side to my leg, and up the inside of my thigh, finding my wetness. He glided his fingers over my clit, softly nipping the bud, and circling my pussy. I nibbled on his neck, pulling him on top of me, I wanted him inside me. “Hmmm you feel good” I said smoothly…

He wrapped his arms around my neck, under my back pulling me into him as I spread my legs and lifted them higher, wrapping them around his back. He slid inside me, gently and smoothly, my pussy engorging him. He held me tight to him, kissing my neck as he rocked backwards and forwards into me, teasing me with his bell end, barely entering me. I wrapped my legs around him harder, trying to pull him into me, He smiled at me, kissing me back, “not yet…” he whispered, teasing me further, licking my nipples delicately. I threw my head back, still trying to wriggle onto his dick, before he finally entered me to the hilt, slowly grinding me, in and out, in and out, rhythmically fucking me. I rocked my hips back and forth in time, grabbing his arse with my hands and pulling him deeper into me. “I want you deeper” I whispered, pushing him back, putting my legs over his shoulders and pulled him back down onto me, opening up my pussy further, enjoying the extra inch of depth.

We were both sweating, panting, moving together, as we tried to kiss, our mouths glancing each other, kissing each other’s necks, nuzzling each other. The walls of my pussy began to swell, my orgasm building, I rolled on top, and sat up tall, pushing my hair back, off my face, beginning to ride him, rising up and down along his hard shaft, feeling my juices run down him. He reached up, putting his hands on my breasts, nipping my nipples between his fingers, grasping my love handles, watching me ride him. I began to fuck him faster, rocking backwards of forwards, rubbing my clit against him, sweat building on my chest and brow, beginning to flush. “Fuck” I swore as he grabbed my arse pulling me into him harder, before sitting up, and wrapping his body around me.

We rocked backwards and forwards, pulling me onto him as I rode him, my nipple in his mouth, sucking hard. “Uh, I’m so close” I ran my fingers through his hair, down his back, dug my nails into his shoulders as I began to cum, slowly at first, screaming his name, and panting, as I finally exploded, giving into the rising pleasure inside me, throbbing and pulsing around his hard cock, shivering as I came, jiggling around in his lap.

My orgasm tipped him over the edge and I felt him throb and cum hard, squirting his juices deep inside me, panting and squinting with pleasure. We both sat lock limbed together, he nuzzled my neck and steadied his breathing as I rested my chin on his shoulder, eyes closed, enjoying the feeling of our bodies as one.

I stared into his eyes, deep blue, as he stared back, and mouthed, “I love you”, kissing the end of my nose, my cheek, and finally my lips, softly caressing them with his. I smiled back, kissing him harder. “I think I love you too” I replied dozily.