Girl Downstairs.

by sextails

She lived downstairs, in the flat below at Uni. We’d always got on well, we had a foursome thing going on, me and my mate, and her and her flatmate. They were both fit, but not overly good looking, not stunning put it like that. I liked the brunette, my mate the blond, that made life easier at least. She was spunky, in some ways, laddish. She swore, she smoked, she didn’t get overly done up, she went out in shorts and a tank top, no bra. She had a ring through her nose.

Yet despite her hard exterior, she had this air about her. She was kind, considerate, pretty. She carried herself high, not above anyone, just like she knew who she was. Confident, yeah that’s the word.

We spent a lot of time together, she drank like a bloke, pints of lager, shots of Yager, Sambuca, whatever was going, but she came alive on the dance floor. Fuck the girl could dance. Not just bopping like most girls, concerned with looking perfect, she let it all go. She had rhythm, shit loads of it. Her arse and hips swayed in time, her legs spread out, bopping, her hands ran through her hair, waved above. She lost control when some dirty Dubstep or grimy house came on. She didn’t care who was there, she just wanted to dance.

We were close together, dancing in time, when she turned and backed up into my lap, grinding with me in time to the music, she bent over forwards, working her arse into my, like she was being fucked, head back, arms up, grinding in my lap, circling her hips rubbing herself up against me, she turned round, straddling my leg, pressing her tits into me, her arms up around my neck, her crotch danced on my leg, her thigh rubbing my cock through my jeans. I stared at her, grasping her arse, her hips, she didn’t seem to notice. She just kept dancing, singing, smiling – totally dazed.

I hadn’t seen her in a few weeks, she’d been out, I’d heard the music downstairs, but I’d fallen out with my mate, nothing serious, just a bit of Lad Bantar got out of hand. My phone went, I was busy watching Kate Beckinsale, in underworld, clad in a rubber, maybe leather, cat suit.

It was her, she just said I’m coming up, so I got up, and put the front door on the latch, walking back down the hall. I heard her come in, banging the front door and the door adjacent to the hallway, nothing quiet or discreet for half two in the early hours.

She knocked on my door, I barely said come in before she was there, sitting on the end of my bed, cross legged in slouchy pyjamas bottoms that showed off her tattoo on her hip, and a tank top, skin tight accentuating her pert A cups.

“Where’ve you been” she grinned, “it’s been ages mate, I’ve missed you”

“I know,” I said, “Just had stuff on…”

“Not good enough, she said, clambering up the bed beside me, “what you watching” she snuggled up next to me and stared at the screen, watching Kate kill yet another unwanted creature, “Ah underworld, so fucking hot” I smiled to myself, “don’t you think?” she asked

“Pretty much” I replied. We sat next to each other like that for ages, just watching the film, she snuggled down leaning on my shoulder, the moonlight streamed through the windows – it was freezing in my room. I could see my breath in front of me, hers and mine mixing in front of the screen. She got under the quilt, “get in” she said, “I’m freezing my tits off” in the light screen I could see her hardened nipples through her top, sticking out like bullets, I put my arm out for her to look in and rested the laptop back down on us both.

She laid her arm across my stomach, running her fingers across the top of my boxer line. I hadn’t any trousers on. She slid hers off, wrapping her leg over mine, her warm skin against my cold legs, smooth and shaven. I lost interest in the film, looking down at her big dark eyes, still clad in mascara, her nose ring glinting in the light, her tits perfectly pointed.

She moved her hand to my cock, and the bulge that was appearing, resting her hand over it. I breathed in, trying to stay relaxed; she stared at the screen concentrating on the action as her hand glanced backwards and forwards over me, stroking me. It went round to my balls, began stroking them, tugging them lightly through my pants. She suddenly got up, moving the laptop and hitting the sound button louder. She stood up beside the bed, pulled off her trousers, and pants and stood in front of me, her hips and bare legs, shaven cunt exposed. She walked back to the bed, pulling back the duvet and started running her lips over my hard cock through my boxers. I gasped, putting my arms back behind my head, giving in to whatever this was. She peeled my boxers back and pulled out my cock, stroking it gently with her fingertips, her hair tickling my balls, she licked me from the base of my balls all the way to the tip, all the way round, making sure I was covered in her spit, before spitting on my balls.

She moved round so she was straddling my legs, and took my balls in her heart shaped mouth, sucking them gently, grabbing my shaft in her hand and rubbing it slowly, gripping it hard, twisting her hand over my bell end as she went. She stared up at me with her dark eyes, I looked at the ceiling and shut my eyes. She licked me all over, before taking my bell end just inside her lips. I groaned out loud, as she sucked hard, taking it in and out expertly, before taking me all down her throat, swallowing me entirely, straight down her throat, so deep I thought I’d shoot straight away.

She sucked hard, working it deep, slowly, keeping it deep down her throat, she hummed and groaned with it stuff down her throat, the vibrations making my cock tingle. She pulled back, and twisted round, holding my cock. Her bare arse and cunt were facing me, as she bent over to suck me off, I could see her cunt glistening with cum, seeing how much she was enjoying it. I laid my hand on her arse and gripped slightly as she took me back in her mouth, sucking hard taking my cock in and out and working my shaft with her hand. She swirled her tongue around my bell end and spat repeatedly on me, the spit running down my cock. She groaned and moaned as she went, working me harder faster, gripping the base of my cock hard, tickling my balls. I panted and squirmed, my stomach muscles shaking, I groaned out “fuck” occasionally, desperate not to interrupt her, I wanted to run my hands through her hair, stick my finger inside her, but I couldn’t do anything except concentrate on her and the way she swirled my cock in her mouth.

I was getting close and she took me deeper again, flicking her tongue over my bell end tugging my balls, I felt them swell, and my cock begin to pulse, she groaned more, as I swelled in her throat and shot straight into her mouth. She eased off and sucked gently, milking my spunk from my cock, before swirling her tongue all over me. She licked a drop off my stomach and balls, before wiping her mouth and looking back at me. She sat back on her haunches and turned to me, eyes watering the moonlight just catching her dark hair.

I wanted to say something, thanks, or cheers, what the fuck was that for, but it didn’t feel right. She nodded at me, and disappeared into my bathroom, gargling water in her throat, before coming back. She shoved on her pyjama bottoms, and climbed back in bed, grabbing the laptop and positioning it on our laps. Her eye liner had run and her lips were flushed pink. “You got the second one of these, she looks even hotter in that” she said breaking the silence, “Fuck its cold in here”, she skipped the film back a bit to where we left off, and laid back on my arm, lighting a cigarette, pulling the quilt higher round her. I tried to get back into the film but my cock ached and all I could picture was her wet cunt poised in front of me. I had to repay the favour….