Friends with Benefits.

by sextails

We’d been friends for a few months, meeting on a work related course, IT I think it was. We’d spent much of the first morning bonding with the rest of the group, talking about work, flowcharts and software, exchanging boring details of our equally pathetic lives, when he turned to me mid conversation and said, “Why don’t we get a coffee?”

It was a simple question but from that we’d formed a strong friendship. He was 11 years my senior, but despite the difference we got on, as naturally as you can get on with someone – we were virtually inseparable for the rest of the week inseparable. We spent no more time with the group, with the daily chit chat or the snobbery, instead choosing every minute to leave and sit and talk to each other, out of the way.

The course finished shortly after a week, and we met for regular coffees, film nights, workshops. He was thirty or so, messy brown hair and studious glasses. Tall and robust, I always felt safe around him, a not so innocent blond 20 year old that’d found a companion in the most unlikely place. He was immature and amusing, knowledgeable beyond belief teaching me about current affairs and history, I was too mature for my age, and surprised him with my cultured background.

One evening sat on the floor or his flat, back against the sofa watching the daily film on Film4 we were both restless. He turned to me suddenly; “My back is giving me some jip today, an old cycling injury, came off and twisted my spine…” he stood up twisting and turning.

“Why don’t we try and stretch it out?” I said, jumping up, pushing the domino’s pizza boxes onto the floor. I was glad of something to do so, stood in front of him spreading my legs out into a straddle and bent forwards, “let’s try bending” I laughed. He did the same behind and soon we were doing improvised yoga moves on the floor.

Me being the younger and more flexible these seemed perfectly simple, but watching as he flailed around hopelessly behind, falling over whenever he was required to move had me in fits, “Oh for god sakes” I said collapsing to the floor laughing, “maybe we should give it a rest”.

We were both warm, I’d worked up a slight sweat and whipped off my top. I lay on the floor, back flat with my knees up, grabbing a spare chip. He lay next to me, in the same position, “that’s what I needed, a solid floor” he smiled. I rolled over onto my side, my arms falling together, my breasts being squashed in the middle, showing a neat cleavage. He looked at me and I smiled, “Did I make it worse?” I asked

“Quite possibly”, he replied staring at my bra and cleavage. “You look hot” he said randomly, taking him and I both by surprise. He stared at me harder, with a more intense look, I stared back trying to read his expression, glancing down at my cleavage and shifting to accentuate it further.

My nipple peeked out of my bra and I tried to relax, breathing heavily under his gaze. He got up and pulled me up, picking me up so I was around his waist and sat on the sofa, me straddling his lap. I looked over his kind face, felt the frown lines on his forehead, staring deep into his eyes.

He unclipped my bra and pulled it off slowly, peeling it away from my pale skin to reveal my young pert B cups. “Oh my…” he exclaimed, running his hands up and down my back. I began to swoon, his soft touch tickling me, sending shivers down my spine, my skin covered in goose pimples. He traced the line of my sternum and under my breasts, down the sides along the soft curves and down my stomach. I arched trying not to laugh as it tickled.

He moved his face closer to me, kissing my collar bones, and chest, down towards my nipples and then, with a soft tongue, flicked it, lapping it gently. I felt my body tense, my pussy swell, suddenly cold from the shivers and anticipation. He sucked them expertly, flicking his tongue over the soft buds, getting them hard, nibbling them with his teeth, I couldn’t breathe, couldn’t think, could only concentrate on how good it felt. He grabbed my boobs, pulling them together, running his tongue from one nipple to the other, groaning with enjoyment, “god, they are perrrfect” he moaned, as I could feel his erection underneath me.

Suddenly he stopped, pushing me off, and grabbed my hand, leading me towards his bedroom. He pushed me onto the bed, and laid back in wait, as he slowly pulled off my skinny jeans and peeled my thong from legs. He laid on the end of the bed, slowly spreading my legs and gasping at my young pink cunt, “Gorgeous” he said as licked around my flaps, down my arse and up my centre, tasting we sweet hot cum, “you taste delicious”.

I couldn’t reply, couldn’t do anything, couldn’t move let alone speak. I was so horny, everything throbbed with an intensity I wasn’t used to, desperate for climax. He wrapped his lips around my clit and with the same expert motion, began to flick my clit with the flat of his tongue, lapping me, as his hands weaved up my flat stomach back to my breasts, and nipped my pretty buds between his fingers.
I wriggled groaning, feeling oversensitive as his tongue worked me, the cum running down my butt and soaking the bed beneath me, I yelled out, a primeval desperate yearning, panting heavily, unable to see. His fingers tickled my hole, circled it, ran down to my arse and back before two slipped deep inside me, pressing on the upper wall of my pussy, massaging my G spot slowly.

I clawed the sheets with my hands, buried my head in the pillow, gasping, beginning to shake. He twisted his fingers around slowly, dipping them in and out, right up to his knuckles, caressing my G spot with each stroke, as he sucked hard on my clit, suddenly I was close, It came out of the blue, I cried out, “god don’t stop” it built slowly, somewhere in the middle of groin, a hot heat, an intense fire burning, and then rushing up my stomach, and down my legs, I screamed out, shaking, louder than I’d ever been, grabbing his head with my hands and holding him in place, throwing my head back and screaming out my orgasm.

It subsided slowly, trailing off but still so intense. He kept his fingers still, relaxing the sucking on my clit, before moving his head and resting it on my stomach. My cunt still pulsing around his fingers, he pulled his fingers out slowly, looking at me, sucking the cum off them. “Stunning” he said, collapsing on the bed next to me, joining me in staring at the yellow crack across the ceiling.  I laid there stunned, a shivering wreck on his bed, controlling my breathing, secretly praying, desperately hoping, that was not the first or last time.