First Time.

by sextails

She invited him round with one thing in mind. Sex. She was young, too young some might say, not literally but emotionally, psychologically. She’d always been, forward – even here mother would tell you that. A flirtatious and vivacious young girl, oozing confidence and a strident attitude. It was a quality her parents had encouraged, one they’d cultivated,  to make her a confident woman one day. And that, she had finally become.

The call had been brief, an ex boyfriend, no one special, She’d always had chemistry with him, she’d nearly done it with him at fourteen or fifteen, so he seemed like a good choice. There was no flirting, or gimmicks, no niceties or politeness. Just simple.

“Hi, it’s me”

“Oh Hi, long time”

“Too long. Come round”

“Now? It’s a bit out of the blue”

“I know but I just thought…why not. Fuck it.”

“Guess so. How soon”

“Whenever, I’ll be in. You know the way?”

“Enough… See you soon then. I’ll have to…” She cut him off.

She wasn’t concerned with the trivialities of his life, what his commitments were; Whether he had to wash his car, or take his mother out, see his sister, or do a chore, whether his girlfriend was waiting for him, whether he was busy with college. He wanted to see her, and that was all that mattered. That was all it needed, she’d get her own way…  Too bad she knew it.

She’d made sure she was prepared. A quick shower and a definite shave, she wanted to feel right. The door went and she opened quickly, trying to look relaxed. The small talk was irrelevant, pointless. She dragged him upstairs at last.

Before he was in the door she kissed him, a sensual wet kiss that said it all. She took the cup, pushed him towards the bed and smiled. He tried to protest, but she held him down, kissed him harder, straddled him, grinded in his lap.

She could feel herself getting wet, she pulled off her top, and untied her hair, she knew she looked hot. Her underwear was black lace, he seemed to approve. He pushed her off and rolled on top, sliding his hands down her jeans to her wet cunt, feeling her clit, sliding his fingers just inside her, as she squirmed beneath him.  His fingers pushed deep inside her, feeling for her g spot, making her groan. She started to rub his hard cock through his jeans, before sitting up. I want to suck you, she said, pushing him back and undoing his jeans and belt. She unzipped him, and pulled his cock out, keeping his trousers on, licking the length of him and covering his cock in spit. She started to suck him sensually, taking him in her throat, feeling his bellend hit the back of her throat, she gagged gently, spit running down his shaft. She sat up wiping her mouth and looked at him.

Fuck me. She demanded. You sure? He asked, looking at her carefully. So it wasn’t how you may have done it, or how she should do it, in a loving relationship, like every sex ed video had ever said, but it was how she wanted to do it, and she damn well would get her own way. It wasn’t just damned ignorance, although partially just wanting it out the way, she wanted to, to know what all the fuss was about.

Fuck me, she repeated, pulling off her jeans and pulling down his trousers, positioning herself above him. She bent over him, getting the condom from beside the bed and chucked it at him. Fingering her wet cunt as she watched him put it on, she smiled at his worried expression. He pushed her onto her back, and positioned himself above.

She was tight. Tighter than either of them had expected. She’d hoped she broken herself in with a dildo she bought a few months back, and used most days. He slid just inside her, she winced, feeling her cunt stretch and fill with him, as he slid deeper and deeper inside her, she backed up, arching her back, before he stopped, up to the hilt in her, and she laid back relaxing.

She nodded at him, showing she was alright, she could feel him so deep, see him through her flat stomach as she sat half up right. He began to move within her, gentle thrusts, she winced, pulling him towards her, feeling herself getting wetter despite the ache, getting used to the sensation. She began to rock with him, pulling her legs up higher, and arching her back, working in rhythm, beginning to enjoy it, wanting to get the most out of it.

He started to fuck her harder, deeper, still slowly, but feeling her cunt tighten around him, the walls of her pussy, pulse, as she let herself relax, lay back and give in to the vibrations reverberating through her. He pulled down her bra and sucked her nipples, fucking her harder and harder. She began to moan, half in pain, half enjoying herself, enjoying how it hurt.

Her chest began to flush as she felt herself getting close, biting his shoulders as he thrust harder, digging her nails into his back, hurting him as he hurt her, loving the pain. She came hard, feeling the cum run down her arse, and his dick throb inside her, she grabbed his arse and held him in place. He sat back, and slid out of her, pulling the condom off and walking into the bathroom to throw it. She pulled up her pants, and stared at the ceiling waiting for him to come back.

He came back and sat on the bed, unsure what to do now, You alright? He asked, tentatively,

Wanna watch a film? She asked, getting up and switching on the telly.

It hadn’t been a life changing experience, or an earthshattering shag, but it was as she expected, going to be at least memorable. She sat  back next to him and he tried to cuddle her, she pulled away, and leant simply on his arm, as much affection as she wanted. It wasn’t about making love, or cuddles, or kisses. It was just sex, and it was done.